Astroglide Personal Lubricant Review

Astroglide is a name that is delivered straight to the mind of millions of men and women when they look for wetness and extra lubrication during intimate moments in their bedrooms. This company has been helping Americans to wriggle out of tight situations with the help of its products for the last two decades.

Astroglide liquid is one the top lubrication products manufactured and sold by the company. It is a unique water based formula that is silky smooth and allows for more fun and enjoyment for both the partners whether it is an anal play or anal sex. It is so natural that users do not feel a thing after applying this liquid over their genitals and inside the anus. Let us find out what makes this product so popular among people across the country.

Why is Astroglide liquid loved so much by the people?

Astroglide liquid is a product that is sold in a small bottle weighing only 4.6 Oz. It is one hell of personal lubricant that not only feels wet and slippery when applied over the penis and inside anus but also feels absolutely natural as if it mimics liquids secreted by the body itself.

Millions of men and women prefer this product over competing lubes due to its natural feel and ability to enhance pleasure. This feature of Astroglide is a result of years of research and hard work done by the company to make a liquid that mimics the action and feel of natural body fluids.

Main features of Astroglide

  • An odorless formulation that is easy to apply
  • Non-staining and very easy to remove after use
  • Long lasting lubrication gives more fun and enjoyment per application
  • The formula is pH adjusted to suit all skin types
  • Free from petroleum
  • A water based lubricant that also works as a moisturizer

Astroglide Pros

1. It is extremely slippery

It goes without saying that the primary reason for buying a lubricant is to increase fun during sex by making it smooth and silky. Astroglide scores very high regarding this aspect among recent customers, making individuals feel silky smooth when applied.

  1. Feels 100% natural

Astroglide liquid is a result of years of research by the scientists who are dedicated to ensuring every experience is one to remember. The reason why people become disappointed with some of the other lubricants on the market is that they cause irritations or discomfort.

  1. Easy to clean

Though Astroglide is very, very slippery, it does not pose a problem for its removal. One can quickly wipe off the lubricant after a session by using any cotton cloth or towel. This benefit is a big plus as many good quality lubricants disappoint users and can often leave you with a sticky residue.

  1. Works great with condoms

Safe sex is smart sex, and a massive advantage of using Astroglide is its ability to be used with condoms. A few drops of Astroglide over the condom after it on allows men to carry on when things get hot and heavy without causing any discomfort or pain.

  1. Enhanced sensitivity and pleasure

This is another significant advantage of using Astroglide liquid as a lubricant. Application of this liquid during anal sex has reportedly enhanced the sensation of the tissues in the anus. Thus, this lubricant is perfect for those looking to spice things up in the bedroom and add extra sensation during sex.


There doesn’t seem to be any major disadvantage of this lubricant. Thousands of men and women have continued to use it and rave about how amazing it is day-in-and-day-out. However, some users have reported that they wish it had a thicker consistency. This aspect would help ensure it wasn't so runny when applying. Other have said that the bottle tends to leak if not properly sealed - be sure to keep it upright and closed.


In the end, Astroglide is one of the best lubricants available on the market. It is highly rated by recent customers and a product you won't regret purchasing. Be sure to buy yours today and start enjoying the fun as soon as possible.

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