Learning the Ropes: Best Beginner Butt Plugs for 2019

Are you ready to spice the things up a bit with your partner? Well, we might have some suggestions for you.

There are various things that you can try, and as you may know, whenever you try something new, things often become more interesting.

In this review, we will talk about some of the most interesting things in the sex world: butt plugs. First of all, let’s check out what you should look for before buying a butt plug and aspects you should definitely avoid as a beginner.

Comparison Chart of the Best Beginner Butt Plugs


Our Rating


BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Plug

Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit

Lovehoney Classic Silicone Beginner's Butt Plug

BASICS Beaded Anal Prober with Finger Loop

Considerations When Buying a New Beginner Butt Plug

As a beginner, there are a couple of things you should consider when buying a new butt plug.

First of all, you need to decide what size is the perfect one for you. It all depends on how flexible you are, but keep in mind that the smallest one can do the job just fine.

Furthermore, you should find out what material accommodates you best. In most cases, people will go with silicone, but this depends on whether you’re tolerant with that type of material.

In any case, make sure you use a lot of lube. Lube is often preferred when using these kinds of toys, but is not a necessity. It can drastically increase your overall experience too.

Make sure to clean the butt plug after every use so it’s ready for the next round when you are.

Keep in mind that butt plugs shouldn’t be used continuously for more than 2-3 hours. All in all, follow these precautionary measures as they can prevent some unnecessary health problems.

Finally, choose the right shape! There are several different shapes and some of them are better stimulators, while others are better fillers. For more info, stay with us!

What to Look for in a Beginner Butt Plug


Simply speaking, if you’re a beginner to the world of butt plugs, then you should go slow. You might think that you're flexible, but no matter if that’s true or false, you should start with a normal size.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need a monstrous size to launch you to the stars. Even the smallest ones can do provide intense orgasms.


Secondly, of great importance is material. Not every material will fit your preferences. So, make sure that you avoid chemicals that increase the plasticity of the but plug (phthalates). Believe it or not, but these chemicals can sometimes cause some unwanted health irritations.


There are curvier toys and some that are rounder that others. Now, whether you wish to have better prostate stimulation or the feeling of being filled-up, you should choose a model that fits you best - no pun intended.

Curved plugs are better for P-spot stimulation, while rounder ones are designed to provide that ‘full’ feeling.

Qualities to Stay Away from When Buying Your First Butt Plug

There are some qualities that are good, but some you should try and avoid too. Let’s see what aspects you should keep an eye out for when shopping for a new, or your first butt plug.  

Monstrous Size

If you’re a fan of the old phrase, “size does matter” then you’ll probably find big butt plugs tempting. However, we do not suggest dealing with these as a beginner. Go slow and get used to it step by step. In no time, you will find yourself achieving your larger sizes and feats.


If you have a latex allergy, using butt plugs with phthalates might cause unwanted problems at unexpected moments. Therefore, we suggest going with a safer method and avoid these kinds of materials.

Also, if you have some other allergies, make sure that to avoid these and safeguard against harm.

Review of the Best Beginner Butt Plugs

Here are some of the best beginner butt plugs that made our list. Be sure to check them out. They are our top recommendations considering all the aforementioned.

1. BASICS Slimline Butt Plug

This amazing, enchanting toy is for masturbation, foreplay, and sex - and might be everything needed to make your world go around. The size is perfect for beginners, so you shouldn’t have any unwanted pain or inconveniences. It’s 4.5’’ and features a tapered tip for easy insertion.

Furthermore, it has a flared base and narrow neck. This drastically improves the comfort and prolongs any harm of extended use.

As you can see, it has a unique shape; hence, it’s a great stimulator that’s sure to cause toe curling orgasms. For the best possible experience, use plenty of lube. It will go in smoothly and decrease any unwanted pain.



  • Small size: As a beginner, small sized butt plugs are all that you need. 4.5’’ will do the job just fine.
  • Compatible with water-based lubricants: This is a great advantage as it will not damage the toy.
  • No latex or phthalates: This is a great advantage of butt plugs at it may decrease the chance of some allergic unwanted reactions to latex.
  • No latex or phthalates: This is a great advantage of butt plugs at it may decrease the chance of some allergic unwanted reactions to latex.


  • None thus far

Bottom Line

All in all, we conclude that this product offers great value. It features an affordable price point, and the quality received is supreme. Definitely our top pick for the best beginner butt plug.

2. Cupid's Itty Bitty Beginner's Plug

This smaller butt plug is made of silicone mostly and a top option for novice users. Cupid’s Itty Bitty is a round butt plug with a bulb center for even more pleasure. It's sure to provide stimulating massages and crazy orgasms.

The silicone is flexible, yet firm, and offers a well-rounded mix of comfort. On the bottom of the plug is a finger-pull, which is for safety. It prevents the butt plug from accidently going too far inside users. With this, you can easily pull it out with ease.

It has a slim 0.5” neck and a 1.25’’ flared base. It is extremely easy to use and clean afterward too.



  • Great size: This butt plug has the perfect size for beginners at 3.75’’. It’s neither too small nor too big.
  • User friendly: The ease of use behind this butt plug will simply amaze you. It has a tapered tip and a finger-pull which will drastically ease your experience.
  • Great materials and lube-friendly: There are no latex or phthalates materials used. Cupid’s Itty Bitty is lube-friendly, so make sure to have some extra slippery fun.


  • Sticky silicone material feeling: Sometimes, you just can’t ignore its sticky feeling. Some may find it annoying, while others don’t.

Bottom Line

Taking into consideration all of the aforementioned, there’s no doubt Cupid’s Itty Bitty is our runner-up for the best beginner butt plug. It’s a rounder model that will offer a nice, full feeling. Moreover, it is extremely safe to use and not that expensive as well.

3. Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit (4 Pieces)

Now, we have a full set of toys with the Lovehoney Get Started Anal Kit. Purchasing this one for yourself guarantees a lot of joy and zero boredom in the bedroom. This set contains a probe, vibrating plug, butt plug, and vibrating anal beads.

Moreover, the kit can be used by more experienced people as well. With each of the toys, there are tapered tips to ease the overall process. The price is also extremely affordable considering all the toys received with your purchase. The set also includes (3) batteries for immediate use.



  • Great options: Inside this kit there are several toys to choose from which will thrill you non-stop.
  • Vibrating toys will shake your world: The kit includes 2 vibrating toys and batteries, so you can enjoy them straight out of the box.
  • Safe to use: Flared bases, tapered tips, and great materials ensure safe use. They help prevent uncontrolled over-insertion and allergies from materials.
  • Amazing value: The kit contains 4 different toys and the price is more than fair. The price of this kit should probably be a bit higher considering everything included.


  • None found

Bottom Line

Hands down, the most impressive aspect with this option is its value. All toys are safety based, as tapered tips will ensure better slip in. All in all, this is a great way of entering the world of butt plugs as a beginner.

4. Lovehoney Classic Silicone Beginner's Butt Plug

This 3’’ butt plug offers everything we discussed in the section, “what to look for in a butt plug”. It's small, perfect for a beginners, and is flexible, yet firm, and features a tapered tip.

It has a flared base to protect against unwanted mishaps and insertion that may be too deep. Moreover, with a flared base, users can effortlessly pull it out.

Additionally, it’s made from waterproof and hypoallergenic silicone, which will suit those with sensitive skin. You can use it alone or with your partner and it’s lube friendly.

Once you get used to its size, there are several different sizes of the same design.



  • Flexible but firm: There’s no better feeling than a simultaneously flexible and firm butt plug. It will make your eyes go behind the nape until orgasm.
  • Overall performance: Considering all its features and benefits, this butt plug definitely excels. It’s easy to use and clean, and provides unmatched joy.
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic silicone: One of the best silicone materials is used for this one, hence, it offers one of the best qualities amongst models.


  • Nothing unlikable

Bottom Line

There’s a good reason this butt plug's one of our top recommendations. It’s extremely durable and made from exceptional materials that work well with lubricants. All in all, this is an amazing toy to add to start of your collection.

5. BASICS Beaded Anal Prober with Finger Loop 5.25"

This is the biggest beginner’s butt plug from our recommendations as it reaches 5.25’’ of pure fun. 

This model is slim with a bead shape (total amount of 6 beads), and offers immense pleasure to users.

The great benefit of being waterproof ensures it can be used in the shower or bath tub. Also, since it’s water friendly, it will be great using this one along with water-based lubes for an even better experience.

This butt plug has a finger-pull feature too so that you can control its depth and easily pull it out.



  • 6 beads for Pleasure: These beads are there to stimulate you more than usual.
  • Affordable: Being one of the most inexpensive in our list, there's no doubt that this model is a great, top-notch value.
  • Ring-pull: This feature allows you to use it quite easier than you would do without finger-pull: You can control the inserting and prevent any unnecessary pain.


  • Finger-pull wideness: The only thing that may be a downfall is that the finger-pull is a bit small for some users.

Bottom Line

Considering the overall quality received with this option, and that this butt plug is very affordable, the BASICS Beaded Anal Prober offers great value for the price you pay.


In light of everything previously said, we may conclude that these are some of the best beginners butt plugs on the market.

Please, keep in mind all aforementioned precautionary measures in order to avoid any unexpected health concerns.

These are some of the best butt plugs available and they may drastically spice things up in the bedroom. All in all, we hope that this article made your choice a bit easier.

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