Buyers Guide: The Best Anal Dildos of 2018

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to dildos, but sometimes you want one specifically for anal. This guide will help you pick out the best dildo for anal sex.

Comparison Chart of the Best Anal Dildos


Our Rating


BASICS Anal Prober

7 Inch

Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit

(4 Piece)

Jollipops Smooth

Anal Dildo

Beaded Glass Anal Slider

Things To Consider About Anal Dildos

Before you use this sort of dildo, anal sex should something you’re comfortable with. Talk about it with your partner before you decide to it with one. It’s important to start with a smaller size dildo until your comfortable with one a bit bigger.

Use Lube

The main reason for this is that this area is more sensitive than the vagina and is more prone to damage. Make sure you use plenty of lubrication with the dildo, as this will allow things to go a lot smoother.

Lube is critically important, so use a lot of it. You should put the lube on both the toy and the anus  prior to sex. Do not rush anal sex, you must go slow.


Another point to keep in mind is that you need to clean the toy thoroughly after use. This area can hold a lot of bacteria, so the toy needs to be cleaned well. You should use a specially-made toy cleaner for cleaning, because soaps may damage surfaces.

Another way to keep the toy clean is to put a condom over it prior to sex, as you can just throw the condom away.

Make sure you use lubricants designed for sexual activity with the toy. You should avoid household items like moisturizer, oils, and other lubricants because they may damage the other material.

Sh** Happens

One more thing to consider is that discharge like small amounts of fecal matter or a bit of blood is normal.

Clean the area and the toy well after sex. If you have problems in the anal area like hemorrhoids, talk to your doctor prior to anal sex to see it’s safe for you. Anal sex may cause hemorrhoids to bleed more or be uncomfortable.

What Is The Most Popular Sized Dildo For Anal Sex?

The size of dildo you get will all depend upon what you prefer. If you have a lot of anal sex experience, then a larger dildo won’t be much of a problem. For beginners, go with a smaller size dildo for anal sex until you get used to the practice.

The reason for this is that anal sex can be very intense, and you need to get comfortable before you decide to go larger. For beginners. a dildo size of 4-6” is ideal. Once you’re more comfortable, add in a larger size if you prefer.

Quick Take - The Best Anal Dildos

Review of the Products

Now we are going to move into the product review and take a look at some of the best models to make our list. Let's begin!

This glass anal dildo is ideal for beginners. It features a solid 5” that you can insert and has a glass bead stick design. Insert one bead at a time for more pleasure. In the base is a retrieval hoop, so this dildo is easy to pull out. The glass can be cooled or warmed for more pleasure and it’s designed to last. This toy can be used with all your favorite lubes and it’s waterproof.


  • Beads allow for more arousal
  • Hoop for easier retrieval of dildo
  • Glass can be heated or cooled for more pleasure
  • 7" x 1' to 1.5" long with 5” insertable for beginners


  • Some found the dildo too narrow
  • Might be too big, even for beginners
  • Advanced users may need one a bit bigger
  • Glass design maybe break if dropped on hard surface or crack

Bottom Line

The beaded Glass Anal Dildo is the perfect toy for beginners to anal sex. It’s features a 5” insertable bead design. It has a hoop, so it’s easy to withdraw the dildo after sex. This product would be a good choice for those just getting into anal sex but may not satisfy more advanced users.

Jollipops offers a dildo that’s easy to insert and stays inserted in the rectum. The TPE material is very smooth so it works well with all your favorite lubes. There’s a desirable width of 1/2" to 1" and the tapered tip allows for easier insertion. The toy is curved so it can hit the male prostate. The toy has 5” insertable length and a suction cup for hands free use.


  • Tapered top for easy insertion
  • Suction cup for hands free use
  • 5” insertable makes it easier for beginners
  • Curved design will hit prostate for more pleasure
  • Made with TPE material so it’s very smooth and easy cleaning


  • Some had problems with suction cup
  • Might not offer enough thickness for some
  • Smaller size might not be enough for advanced users

Bottom Line

Jollipops Smooth Anal Dildo is the perfect toy for beginners. It’s not too long and the material is very smooth. The tapered top means it’s easy to insert and it can be used for solo play with the suction cup base.

This kit is the ultimate in anal play, offering four toys for your pleasure. Here’s what your kit includes:

Butt Plug

The kit comes with a slim butt plug and it’s shaped so you can use it hands free. Its small size means it great for beginners.

Vibrating Butt Plug

This plug has the added feature of vibration. It has a T-bar, so it stays in place. The vibration unit offers multiple speeds for even more fun.

Vibrating Anal Beads

These beads offer various sizes, so you have more pleasure when insetting as well as removal. There’s an included vibration system so you have even more control over your pleasure.


The probe offers beads on one end and smooth bulb on the other, so it can be used two ways. This toy offers even more anal pleasure.

Pros of Kit

  • Great kit for beginners
  • 4 toys for great variety in your anal sex play
  • Toys won’t slip easily and are flared to prevent over insertion

Cons of Kit

  • Some toys require batteries
  • Toys might be too small for more advanced users
  • Some indicated toys don’t offer as much pleasure as they had hoped for

Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit offers tons of options for beginners. There’s an array of toys for your enjoyment, no matter what you’re in the mood for. On the downside, you need batteries for a couple of them and they might be too small for more advanced users.

4. BASICS Anal Prober 7 Inch

This dildo is made with firm jelly and features beads at one end and a probe at the other end of the toy. This two-sided toy offers varied stimulation and more pleasure than other toys. The tapered side offers 4” of girth so you have a better anal experience with this toy.


  • Has ergonomic grip
  • Smooth and easy to insert
  • Allows for more sexual variety
  • 7” double ended with beads and a probe end


  • Requires a lot of lube
  • May be too big for absolute beginners
  • Toy has no handle so could slip when used with lube

Bottom Line

BASICS Anal Prober 7 Inch is a great toy for beginners and those that want a bit more. It features both beads as well as a tapered end for more pleasure. On the downside, it requires a lot of lube and may slip for some users.


There’s a lot of variety in anal sex dildos. It’s important to start slow if you’re new to anal sex and use a dildo that’s comfortable. Beginners should try a smaller size at first, go slow and use a lot of lube. These dildos should help you get started and make anal sex more enjoyable for you.

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