The Best Black Dildos of 2018

There are hundreds of different dildos on the market. They range from being modeled after the real-deal to being crafted with fun colors and materials for ultimate pleasure. We thought you might be interested in the best black dildos on the market; here’s what we found out.

Comparison Chart of the Best Black Dildos


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Mr. Marcus's 9 Incher

Bam Realistic Dildo

BASICS Slimline Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo 18 Inch

Black Dildo Role Playing

Most black dildos are constructed to be realistic in shape, form, and feel. Black dildos can bring added excitement in various ways while you are masturbating. If you have ever fantasized about having a black cock inside of you, then you will be thrilled with a black dildo.

Many people fantasize about athletes, musician and celebrities of color and a black dildo can help these fantasies seem more realistic. Other people are interested in role playing and a strapon black dildo can be the perfect match.

Black dildos also bring to life the realistic feel of someone with a huge cock. With realistic styling from length, girth, pronounced veins and huge ball sacks, you are bound to find that perfect orgasm with a black dildo.

Quick Take - The Best Black Dildos

Reviews of the Best Black Dildos

Mr. Marcus’s 9 Incher

Mr. Marcus’s 9 Incher by Doc Johnson is a realistic dildo that offers the perfect length and girth. This dildo is sure to reach all the right spots with its special curvature for maximum G-spot and vaginal wall stimulation.

The veined 9” shaft is insertable to 6.75” and the girth, at almost 6”, will fill you up in the most satisfying way. The R5 material is flexible on the outside yet firm in the center, adding to the intensity of your orgasms.

Hidden beneath the realistic ball sack is a suction cup, so the dildo can be used in a variety of places and positions. However, its ability to stay in place while suctioned to a surface could be improved.

This black dildo is compatible with harness systems. One downside is a chemical smell that will usually dissipate after several cleanings.

Positive Things

  • Harness compatible
  • Perfect length and girth
  • Curved for G-spot pleasure
  • Realistic to touch and visually pleasing
  • Flexible and comfortable with a firm inner core

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • The suction cup needs work

Bottom Line

Mr. Marcus’s 9 Incher by Doc Johnson is perfectly satisfying for those craving a large black cock. It has very few faults, but some users did say that the suction cup doesn’t adhere well to many surfaces and it is slightly on the pricey side. The curvature of the black dildo helps intensify G-spot orgasms and is sure to send you to the moon.

Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo 18”

The Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo 18” works well for couples who want to play at the same time as well as for users who love a good double penetration experience.

This black dildo has lots of ribbed veins that pleasure the vaginal and anal walls. The detailed head is easily inserted whether you are looking for anal or vaginal satisfaction.

The 18” length and 5.5” girth is ideal for those who love length during solo play. The only real drawbacks of this product are the chemical smell and stickiness of the material.

You will need a good lubricant and definitely a good toy cleaner to ensure this dildo will last as long as possible.

Positive Things

  • Flexible for double penetration
  • Ribbed veins added stimulation
  • Sufficient length and girth for couple play
  • Can be used for both vaginal and anal masturbation

Things to Improve

  • Sticky texture
  • Hard to clean
  • Chemical smell

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson Classic Veined Double Header Dildo 18” is great for couples looking to masturbate together, whether you are seeking anal or vaginal stimulation. This black dildo is flexible enough to use for double penetration stimulation which makes the product highly versatile. Overall, this product is a great choice for a double ended dildo to help fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Bam Realistic Dildo by Doc Johnson

The Bam Realistic Dildo by Doc Johnson is ideal for more advanced users who are seeking a realistic texture, and extra length and girth.

This black dildo is fashioned after the black porn star, Bam, and matches his insertable length of almost 10”. The shaft has beautifully realistic veins and the large head offers a width of 2.5”, making for an overall, incredible 8” of girth.

The realistic shaved ball sack is a pleasant surprise for those who want something to grab while thrusting inward.

The shaft, although detailed, is not molded with curvature to help G-spot pleasure, but the girth and length make up for this, leaving users satisfied after intense climaxes.

The Sil-a-Gel material is realistic to the touch and is flexible for comfort, but maintains its shape when in use.

The suction cup sticks well to most surfaces and it is harness compatible. There can be a chemical smell that goes away after several cleanings.

Positive Things

  • Flexible yet firm
  • Harness compatible
  • Realistic texture and pleasing to the eye
  • Large head and shaved ball sack to add pleasure
  • Length and girth perfect for more advanced users

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Size can be intimidating initially
  • Straight shaft, not curved for g-spot pleasure
  • Suction cup could be stronger for the size of the dildo

Bottom Line

The Bam Realistic Dildo by Doc Johnson holds its own for those looking to fulfill their fantasies with a black dildo. This dildo is perfect for fulfilling any of your vaginal and anal pleasures. Overall if you like length and girth, this is the perfect dildo for you, and it may even feel like you are having sex with Bam himself.

Basics Slimline Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8”

If you’re looking for more stimulation from a black dildo, the Basics Slimline Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8” may be the just the one for you.

The 8” insertable shaft it detailed with realistic veins and is curved just enough for excellent G-spot stimulation.

The 6.25” girth is perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Made of Jelly Rubber, this black dildo has a realistic feel.

This model also offers a multi-speed vibrator, which will send earthquakes through your body while inserted.

One of the only negative features of this dildo is that it is not waterproof with the added vibrator feature.

Positive Things

  • Curved for G-spot stimulation
  • Best suited for advanced users
  • Multi-speed vibrator for intense orgasms
  • Realistic texture to the touch and pleasing to the eye

Things to Improve

  • No ball sack
  • Not waterproof
  • Chemical smell
  • Twist base control for vibrator

Bottom Line

The Basics Slimline Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8” will give you endless satisfaction, from intense vibrations to incredible G-spot stimulation. This black dildo is a favorite among more advanced users who crave extra length and girth. The only downside to this black dildo was that it is not waterproof, so don’t take a bath with this product.


Overall, we have found that more advanced users enjoy many types of play with these black dildos. People rave about the added length and girth on all models. People also love the realistic look and feel of these black dildos, which intensifies their sexual fantasies.

Whether you are looking for G-spot orgasms, more stimulation of your vaginal or anal walls, or a mixture of both sensations, you are surely going to enjoy messing around with any of these black dildos. We hope you enjoy!

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