Best Bullet Vibrators | 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Vibrators have been around for a long time and were originally created to help women during the Victorian era with what Sigmund Freud called, “hysteria.” Everyone wants to have better orgasms and thankfully, vibrators help thousands of people have pleasurable orgasms.

If you’re searching for an intense orgasm, or more sexual pleasure, then a bullet vibrator is a great option. We know you crave a more satisfying orgasm, so we took a look at several bullet vibrators.

In this review, we’re going to outline the main features of each, then dive into the pros and cons shared by recent customers.

Comparison Chart of the Best Bullet Vibrators


Our Rating


Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

Pocket Exotics Double Bullet Vibrators

Cocolicious Remote Control Bullet

Best Wireless

Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

​Lelo Mia 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Waterproof Double Silver Bullets

First Time Mini Vibrator

Best Mini Vibrator for Beginners

What Can I Do With a Bullet Vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is often a popular purchase for first time buyers. Bullet vibrators are a unique sex toy for many reasons; they’re discreet, powerful, easy to use, and can give pleasure to any user.

Bullet vibrators are perfect due to their size and discreteness -- giving you the option to masturbate just about anywhere and anytime the mood strikes. Men can find pleasure with a bullet vibrator too by stimulating the area between their ass and penis.

Women can direct a bullet vibrator to a specific erogenous zone on their body to increase stimulation. Couples often use a bullet vibrator to spice up their love life and satisfying each other. These toys are incredibly fun to use by yourself, or with a partner.

Review of the Best Bullet Vibrators

Now we’re going to review the bullet vibrators on our list and review the main features of each. With this, we’re also going to take a look at some of the main pros and cons shared by recent buyers. Let’s take a look!

1. Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator

Positive Things

  • Submersible
  • Very discreet
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Push button control for easy use
  • 10 speeds and vibrating motions

Things to Improve

  • Does not come with protective carrying case

The Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator is an outstanding model for people looking for something discreet, powerful, and easy to use. This bullet vibrator has 2.75” of insertable length and 0.5” width.

The slim design and silent motor let’s users masturbate nearly anywhere -- from the office, to bedroom, to even the movie theater. The powerful motor has 10 functions that include numerous speeds and vibration settings. 

The bullet vibrator has a push button control which makes this vibrator easy control and use. The vibrator is submersible and adds a ton of fun during every bath or shower. Cleanup is simple and easy to care for.

Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Silver Bullet Vibrator is a great choice for any person looking to add stimulation with a fun little sexy toy. Users love the discreteness and powerful motor, this bullet vibrator is a must have in your toy collection.

2. BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

Positive Things

  • Discreet
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple attachments
  • Multi-speed vibrations

Things to Improve

  • Plastic
  • Not waterproof

The BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator is nothing less than impressive, with a variety of attachments and intense overall performance. The mini vibrator has a length of 4” and a 1” width for easy handling.

The tip is constructed with three metal balls that vibrate for mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. The rigid plastic material allows you to apply different varieties of pressure on your clit depending on what you’re in the mood for.

There are several attachments which have various formations of clit ticklers, as well as a rounded tip for improved comfort.

The multi-speed motor is powerful and can easily be controlled with a twist dial base. The one major downfall is that this one isn’t waterproof, so keep it dry if you want to enjoy all of its power.

Bottom Line

The BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator is sure to deliver every time. The powerful motor may just surprise you.

That, with the variety of attachments, are sure to bring you intense orgasms. Everything falls into place with this mini vibrator and it is a must by for the price.

3. Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet

Positive Things

  • Waterproof
  • Quiet motor
  • Multiple speeds
  • Easy to use push button control

Things to Improve

  • Wire remote control
  • Motor lacked power at times

The Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet is a crowd pleaser for many reasons. For starters, many buyers love it’s ease of use and added length for stimulating more than just the clitoris. The 1.5” shaft has a width of 0.75”, which is ideal for spreading the labia and circling nipples before clitoral stimulation.

The wired remote control is easy to use with push button controls and let’s users easily adjust the speeds through all four settings. The motor is quiet, but at times may lack in power for some users.

This bullet vibrator is waterproof and perfect for magnifying orgasms during water play. Cleaning is easy with a good toy cleaner.

Bottom Line

The Tickle Me Baby Mini Bullet has found to be a nice choice for most users. Buyers can easily find their desired speed.

The motor may lack power according to some, but the waterproof feature is an added bonus. The wired remote control has sufficient length to assist during partner play and some users reported this bullet vibrator to be compatible with some cock rings.

4. Pocket Exotics Double Bullet Vibrator

Positive Things

  • You get two bullets! And you can use them anywhere you like.
  • It is multi-speed so you can decide how intense you want it to be.
  • Having a remote control means that you don’t need to fumble around with the toy while it’s in use.

Things to Improve

  • The silver coating over the bullets makes them super slippery once you add lubricant.
  • If you use lube, you pretty much won’t be able to use this toy externally. It will be way too slippery to hold on to.
  • It’s noisy. This seems to be a running theme amongst this type of vibrator and this one is no different.

The Pocket Exotics Double Bullet Vibrator looks pretty different from most Pocket Vibrators because this one actually has two vibrators attached to a remote control. And you know what double the vibrators mean right? Double the fun!

This type of pocket vibrator can actually be used internally or externally. You control the bullets using the remote and they are both multi-speed so you can really use this toy in all sorts of different ways.

The two bullets are also waterproof but do you need to be careful how you use them because the remote part is not. I recommend keeping the toy away from water unless you are cleaning it, just to be on the safe side.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty cool idea but overall it is just too tricky to use. If you want to use it solely as an internal toy, then it should work for you though.

5. Cocolicious Remote Control Bullet

Positive Things

  • Waterproof
  • Slim and discreet design
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Perfect for all users especially couples
  • Three speeds and seven vibrating patterns

Things to Improve

  • Little on the pricier side

The Cocolicious Remote Control Bullet proves to be an ideal wireless bullet vibrator. It’s powerful, is packed with a variety of vibrating motions, and is discreet. The 2.5” insertable shaft and 1.25” width is perfect for play.

10 functions include three speeds and seven vibrating patterns. The wireless remote control stole the show among recent customers. Users reported that the wireless connectivity lasted even at 30’.

This wireless remote control bullet vibrator is waterproof and is amazing for fun in the hot tub, shower, or tub. Couples really enjoy using this bullet vibrator in a variety of places. Cleanup is a snap with a good toy cleaner or warm water and soap.

Bottom Line

The Cocolicious Remote Control Bullet is a nice choice for users looking to have a little control over their partner’s orgasms. Couples often report that the wireless remote control is one of, if not, the biggest advantage of this model. 

The construction is sound and the motor is quiet yet powerful. Some users found the price point to be a little higher though.

6. Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Positive Things

  • Plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Push button control
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Perfect for clitoris and breast stimulation
  • Powerful motor

Things to Improve

Next on our list is the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator, which is a winner in power, discreetness and durability.

The smooth 2.5” insertable shaft is ideal for those who crave insertion after external, clitoral stimulation. The smooth, 1” wide tip allows for intense internal stimulation and can also be used for stimulation of the breasts and nipples.

The power, single speed motor can be easily activated by the push of a button. The stiffness of the material applies the perfect pressure on the clitoris for leg-shaking orgasms. The waterproof design helps make underwater play even more fun.

Bottom Line

The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is an ideal addition to anyone’s toy chest. The motor is powerful and quiet enough to use on the go. This mini vibrator might not be big, but it sure packs a punch.

7. Lelo Mia 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Positive Things

  • Multi-speed and multi-pattern so you can use it exactly the way you like it.
  • USB rechargeable. You can literally charge it with your laptop and never have to replace batteries.
  • Storage pouch. In my opinion, too few sex toys come with a storage option for it, so I love it when they do.

Things to Improve

  • The buttons are a little hard to push when in use and it is difficult to get to the mode you want.
  • The USB cap isn’t as secure as I would like. If it pops off, it will no longer be waterproof.
  • The vibrations are quite shallow so it is more of a buzzy vibration than a rumbly one.

The Lelo Mia 2 is one of the higher end Pocket Vibrators on the market, so will cost you quite a bit more, but you really get what you pay for with this one.

This is a USB rechargeable vibrator so you don’t need to worry about batteries. For that reason, it will also be more powerful than a battery operated option.

This one is made of hard plastic and is completely waterproof so you can use it anywhere you like. Being a Lelo product it also comes with an antibacterial storage pouch and a 1-year warranty, so you know its designed to last. The Mia is also multi-speed and has 6 different vibration patterns so you can explore the levels and find the one that is perfect for you.

Bottom Line

This is a great quality Lelo product for those that have some experience with clitoral vibes. Just beware if you love rumbly toys, this likely won’t cut it for you.

8. Waterproof Double Silver Bullets

Positive Things

  • Waterproof
  • Dual bullets
  • Multiple speeds
  • Great for couple play
  • Powerful and quiet motor

Things to Improve

  • The twist dial speed control is cumbersome for solo play

Recent customers reported that the Waterproof Double Silver Bullets are a great option, especially while stimulating other parts of the body at the same time.

This vibrator is 2” long and 1” wide - ideal for discreteness. The bullet vibrators have a wired remote control that has multi-speed twist dial for easy use and the motor was quiet. Users said that stimulating their breasts while using the vibrator on their clitoris increases pleasure.

The dual bullets are also good for couples who masturbate at the same time. The waterproof feature is excellent for bath time too. Cleanup is easy with a good toy cleaner or warm soap and water.

Bottom Line

The Waterproof Double Silver Bullets prove to be an excellent choice for partner play and stimulating multiple parts of your body at once. The wired remote control is difficult to use during solo play, but users reported that this dual waterproof bullet vibrator is a great choice for all users.

10. First Time Mini Vibrator

Positive Things

  • ABS plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Small and discreet
  • Great for first time users
  • Soft material, yet firm where it counts
  • Multiple Speeds

Things to Improve

  • Loud
  • Not very powerful
  • Twist dial controller hard to use

Last but certainly not lease is the First Time Mini Vibrator, This little number is an excellent choice for users looking to experiment with a vibrator for the first time.

The smooth shaft has an insertable length of 4.5” and a width of 1” which is perfect for easy insertion. The plastic material is soft to the touch, but maintains its stiffness when in use. This vibrator works well clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The multiple speeds are controlled by a twist dial base.

Although it is usually convenient, in certain positions it can be difficult to manipulate and turn off. The motor is also a little noisy, so if you are worried about being discreet this might not be the best choice. Finally, the First Time Mini Vibrator is waterproof, so you can explore wherever you want without worrying about water damage.

Bottom Line

The First Time Mini Vibrator is a great choice for beginners with its slender appearance and fun color. The motor is not very powerful by design, so that users can start of slow while still providing enough stimulation for intense orgasms.

Overall this is a perfect fit for first time users.

Are Mini Vibrators Just For Beginners?

Some people might think that mini vibrators are only for beginners, but mini vibrators can be perfect for those with all levels of experience. Mini vibrators are a great choice for more advanced users of vibrators who are also looking to intensify their orgasms.

This type of vibrator can be very versatile for users searching for enhanced pleasure. Mini vibrators can facilitate foreplay, and can also be used during sex and after sex by adding that little something to the action that might be missing.

These vibrators can be used almost anywhere you want to pleasure yourself or your partner. Manufacturers have been able to increase motor speed over the years making today’s mini vibrators more powerful than ever before. 

Another plus is that they are pretty discreet and easy to keep away from children or animals.

What Makes a Great Pocket Vibrator?

Why are these vibrators so popular you ask? Well, there are a bunch of features that set them apart from other vibes.


Firstly, their size. In general, Pocket Vibrators are about 4-inch-long and 1-inch-wide which makes them perfect for popping in your pocket and taking them with when you travel, or if you are just going to visit a lover. This is actually a bit bigger than a bullet vibrator but that means that it can accommodate a larger motor and is typically more powerful. So if you are after something with a lot of power then go for a slightly larger option.


Another feature that makes these vibrators so popular is that many of the styles available actually come with interchangeable heads. This means that you can remove one head and replace it with something slightly different.

In most cases, it will be a different texture or material so that you can feel a different sensation but there are also heads available that can change the toy entirely. 

You can get bunny eared heads which sit around the clitoris rather than flat against it, or you can even get a longer G-spot stimulator attachment which turns the toy into an external vibe.


The toy's material is another feature that sets this toy apart, as most of them are made from plastic.

While hard plastic might not seem so appealing for an internal toy, they remain hugely popular for clitoral toys as they carry vibration much better than softer materials do. 

While materials like silicone and TPE will absorb some of the vibrations, hard plastic retains power throughout so you will feel the full force of the motor.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

There are a variety of sensual ways to use a bullet vibrator to achieve that ‘perfect’ orgasm. If you’re a beginner, you should start out slow, gently stimulating your nipples first before moving onto your clit.

Other portions of your body like your neck and inner thighs are super sensitive areas that are perfect vibration motions.

Start by first using your fingers to trace your labia area around your clit. At this point, adding a lube into the equation may enhance your overall experience.

Once you’ve sufficiently aroused your labia, place the bullet vibrator directly on clitoris.

At this point, you may want to increase the speed or vibrating motion of your bullet vibrator. Slowly slide two or three fingers into your vagina while stimulating your clitoris. You can also use a dildo or other vibrator to add length a bullet vibrator can’t.


Overall, any of these bullet vibrators mentioned are sure to deliver hours of fun. Some models feature different aspects that may be better suited for some, the key part is narrowing down which is best for you.

Some are more suited for couple play with two bullets, or those who want a memorable solo adventure.

We hope this review has contributed toward your next bullet vibrator purchase and your next orgasm.

If something stood out, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know. We love hearing from customers and would love to hear which model you chose. Have fun, everyone!

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