The Best Chin Strap Dildos – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2019

If you are the type of person that loves oral sex and getting your G-spot stimulated at the same time then you need to buy a chin strap dildo.

There are many fascinating uses for this type of dildo and you shouldn’t count it out just because it’s on the kinkier side.

We decided do some research for the oral sex lovers of the world out there and this is what we found exciting about several chin strap dildos.

What is a Chin Strap Dildo?

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a chin strap dildo and would this dildo be something I want to try?

First, a chin dildo is a versatile sex toy that allows a person to receive incredible oral sex as well as the pleasure of having your ass, clitoris or G-spot played with at the same time.

It is designed to keep a person’s mouth free, and allows their tongue to continue pleasuring you while you get the satisfaction of simultaneous insertion.

I scream, you scream, we all scream... for ice cream.

This type of dildo has a strap that is firmly situated around your chin, usually with a comfortable latex strap.

You can easily adjust it to fit all chin sizes. The average size of a chin dildo is around 7”-8” with a width of 1.5”, which is similar to inserting two fingers into your ass or vagina.

These dildos come in many forms which are perfect for anal or vaginal insertion, and many are curved to increase G-spot as well as prostate stimulation.

How to Use a Chin Strap Dildo

It is designed to be worn by both men and women.

This type of dildo is ideal for people who enjoy the pleasures of oral sex. Once the dildo is in place, your partner’s tongue is free to explore your body.

You can further increase pleasure by inserting the dildo into your partner's butt or vagina. Partners also have hands that are free to add intensity to your orgasms.

As you can imagine, a chin strap dildo has many advantages over a traditional hand held model and allows for greater experimentation which can produce higher level climaxes.

A chin strap dildo is best used without a lubricant because, ideally enough natural lubricant will be produced during oral sex. If not, an edible water-based lubricant will do the trick.

Review of the Best Chin Dildos

Below are reviews of the top options that we have found. Read the full review below.

The Accommodator by Cal Exotics is a classic chin strap dildo which exceeds expectations.

This latex chin strap dildo has a length of 5.5” and a width of 1.25”, which is perfect for anal insertion. The straps are comfortable to wear and allow for sufficient room for tongue-action.

The rounded tip helps with smooth insertion and gives additional pleasure when used to rub the clitoris.

The veined shaft adds extra stimulation when used for vaginal or anal sex and the tip is easy to insert with a water-based lubricant.

Cleanup is simple, although one drawback is a plastic taste which tends to fade over time.

Positive Things

  • Easy to wear
  • Sized to fit men and women
  • Good size for anal penetration
  • Leaves sufficient space for oral sex

Things to Improve

  • Plastic taste
  • Not firm enough

Bottom Line

The Accommodator by Cal Exotics has a classic chin strap dildo design and is easy for all users to wear.

The dildo is flexible for comfort, but at times may not be stiff enough to meet all needs.

This is a great buy for someone who likes the pleasure of oral sex with simultaneous anal penetration.

The Master Series Face Fuk Strap On Mouth Gag does wonders for people who crave a little extra something during oral sex.

The 5.5” latex shaft is smooth and ideal for G-spot, vaginal, anal, and prostate stimulation. The width, at 1.5,” may be slightly small for vaginal play, but perfect for anal.

This chin strap dildo allows for more pleasure and intense climaxes by leaving fingers available for extra stimulation. The round head is just the cherry on top, allowing for pleasant anal insertion.

The straps can be a little tight and the shaft may have the slight taste of plastic. Another drawback was is that the straps aren’t too durable, and may break after extended use.

Positive Things

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible design
  • Life-like texture
  • Perfect for G-spot, anal, vaginal and prostate stimulation

Things to Improve

  • Plastic taste
  • Chemical smell
  • Straps may to pinch at times
  • Straps may break after long-term use
  • Smooth shaft with no details or grooves

Bottom Line

The Master Series Face Fuk Strap On Mouth Gag allows users to experiment with different types of orgasms -- from anal, to vaginal, to G-spot.

The smooth shaft has a life-like texture when touched but the plastic taste of latex may linger in your mouth.

Overall, this is a good product to have in your toy chest when you want a whole new orgasmic experience during oral sex.


A chin strap dildo can provide more excitement during oral sex by allowing for simultaneous stimulation of many areas at once.

Many people love receiving oral sex while having a dildo inserted into their ass or vagina, especially with the added benefit of G-spot stimulation.

We found the straps on most models to be comfortable but the latex material can leave a plastic aftertaste.

Overall, we believe that no sex toy chest is complete without a chin strap dildo. Let us know which one you try but be sure to use our exclusive discount code from our affiliate Betty's Toy Box

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  1. My wife is allergic to latex, and I was surprised at how common a condition this is. I am looking for this type of toy in silicone. Does anyone make one? If not, why? I am sure there is a sufficient market for one. I can’t be the ONLY man who has used this in the past looking to give this experience to someone who has latex allergies!


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