The Best Dildos For Beginners – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Buying your first dildo can be a fun and challenging experience. The excitement that runs through your mind of countless future orgasms can sometimes cloud your judgment. 

There are thousands of dildos on the market today available for purchase, each constructed with their own unique style. We thought a quick rundown on some of the best beginner dildos would help you iron out the details of your next purchase.

Comparison Chart of the Best Dildos for Beginners


Our Rating


Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes

Crystal Jellies

Anal Starter

Beginner Ding Dong

Eden's 8.5" Realistic Vaginal and Anal

Long Dildo

What Makes for a Good First Dildo?

When you're considering buying your first dildo, there are a few things you should think about before you make your final purchase.

Length and size are probably the most critical factors to consider. Dildos are made to please, and you should think about what size cock you're most comfortable with.

If you want to feel fuller while using your dildo, then you should consider a width of 1.5”. This width is the equivalent of two fingers and is the average size of a cock.  Another aspect to consider is the material.

Silicone dildos are the safest with no phthalates and are non-porous, which can help with cleanup and preventing the accumulation of bacteria. Materials also affect whether the dildo will be flexible or stiff. 

Things to Avoid in Your First Dildo

There are a few items you should avoid when purchasing your first dildo. The first is buying a dildo designed for vaginal play if you plan to use it to please your ass.

Vaginal dildos are designed fill the depth of the vagina which stops at the cervix, so depth of insertion isn’t a concern.

Anal dildos, on the other hand, are designed for safe removal if you happen to insert the dildo too far.

Anal and vaginal dildos should not be used interchangeably. Also, anal and vaginal dildos will be more pleasing if they are used for the correct areas -- you will be able to take more advantage of natural curvatures of your body.

Lastly, beginners should keep in mind that their first dildo needs to be one they're comfortable using.

Typically, dildos with a lot of features are intended for those who are more experienced. Keep your purchase simple and enjoy the sexual satisfaction of your first dildo.

How Will You be Using Your Dildo? 

Dildos are designed with a variety of characteristics such as ribbing, nubs, a special curvature, or a realistic head. These features aim to enhance pleasure and fulfill your sexual cravings.

When you're considering purchasing your first dildo, you should ask yourself what type of fun you're after most. Is your first dildo to please your G-spot, your ass, your vagina, or to help with an oral fixation?

A G-spot dildo has a unique curve that reaches your G-spot with ease. A broader, textured dildo will help create more friction along your anal and vaginal walls if that’s more your style.

If you're interested in achieving oral pleasure, then a dildo with a realistic head tip is best for you. One other item to consider is which lube will match your toy best.

Some dildos require a water-based lubricant, while others can be used with a silicone-based lubricant. 

Quick Take - The Best Dildos for Beginners

Here are our top picks for the best dildos for beginners: 

  1. Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes
  2. Crystal Jellies Anal Starter
  3. Beginner Ding Dong

Review of the Best Dildos for Beginners

Now we're going to review the models that made our list and outline their top features. With this, we'll also go over some of the main pros and cons according to recent users. Let's begin!

1. Beginner Ding Dong by Blush Novelties

The Beginner Ding Dong by Blush Novelties is perfect for beginners who are looking for a more realistic dildo that can also hit their G-spot in just the right way. This durable PVC-constructed pink dildo has a 4” insertable shaft that is highly detailed with veins, and features a slight curvature which proves ideal reach for the G-spot.

The 1" realistic head is also easy for first-time users to insert and the 2.5” ball sack helps with grasping the dildo during various positions. The Beginner Ding Dong is also a favorite among those who love indulging in anal play due to its delivery of increased pleasure. With this toy, you'll want only to use water-based lubes. Cleanup is easy with soap and water, which also helps eliminate the slight chemical smell you may receive upon opening.

Positive Things

  • Easy to clean
  • Detailed veined shaft
  • Realistic head tip and ball sack
  • Perfect for G-spot and anal climaxes

Things to Improve

  • The slight chemical smell upon unboxing
  • Only to be used with water-based lubricants
  • Lacks size and girth for more experienced users

Bottom Line

The Beginner Ding Dong by Blush Novelties is an excellent choice for beginners looking for something easy to insert and hold onto while masturbating. The size and curvature increase both anal and G-spot stimulation. The color is vibrant which many users e, and the dildo has a realistic to look and feel. Overall, an excellent choice for those on the hunt for their first dildo.

2. Crystal Jellies Anal Starter by Doc Johnson

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter by Doc Johnson is sure to bring you an intense anal orgasm. This anal dildo is crafted from Jelly, which makes the product firm yet flexible. The detailed 5” insertable shaft is the perfect length for most users, and the ribbed shaft with veins proves to be a crowd-pleaser.

The 1" width is ideal for pleasure without stretching an asshole too far, and the authentic head is easy to insert with a water-based lube. The base is flared to ensure users do not push the dildo too far into their ass during use. There is a slight chemical smell upon opening the dildo for the first time, but this dissipates after cleaning.

Positive Things

  • Realistic feel and textured shaft
  • Width and length are ideal for beginners

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Only to be used with water-based lubricants
  • Flexible, but some users complained it was too soft

Bottom Line

The Crystal Jellies Anal Starter by Doc Johnson is perfect for users searching for their first anal dildo. The product proves to be ideal for beginners with only a few things to work on based on customer reviews. Overall, the price is appropriate, and you can expect the most pleasing sensations from this anal dildo.

3. Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes (Pink 5.5”)

The Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes (Pink 5.5”) is a good choice for beginners who are seeking additional pleasure without the discomfort of an extra large cock. This dildo is made from TPR, which is phthalates free, and has an insertable length of 5.5”. The straight shaft has a realistic look with ribbed veins and features a 1” wide head, which is easy to insert.

The dildo proves to be good for anal play too, and the flexible shaft makes both G-spot and prostate orgasms more intense. The sweet, pink color is satisfying to users who are looking for a dildo that's easy on the eye. The flared base helps with safety and grip, while the bottom is also harness-friendly. Cleanup is easy with a quality toy cleaner too.

Positive Things

  • Easy to clean
  • Harness compatible
  • Textured shaft increases pleasure
  • Flexible for G-spot and prostate stimulation
  • Perfect size for beginners who enjoy vaginal or anal play

Things to Improve

  • Width and length are not desirable for experienced users

Bottom Line

The Slim Beginner Dildo by Healthy Vibes (Pink 5.5”) is a crowd pleaser on many levels. The design is attractive to the eye, and the flexibility of the dildo makes for intense orgasms. Price is perfect for a multipurpose dildo, and overall, this is a must have for beginners.

4. Eden’s 8.5” Realistic Vaginal and Anal Long Dildo

The Eden’s 8.5” Realistic Vaginal and Anal Long Dildo has been recognized as an outstanding toy by those who are looking for a longer and wider dildo. The slightly curved shaft is insertable up to 8” and is easy to use for G-spot stimulation as well, so it is good for both vaginal and anal play. The width, at 2”, is slightly larger than an average-sized man’s cock.

The realistic head helps with easy insertion, and the dildo is bendable, but still remains very firm during use. The detailed shaft is complete with a sturdy suction cup, which also makes the product harness friendly. Cleanup tends to be very straightforward, even with silicone-based lubricants.

Positive Things

  • Harness-friendly
  • Realistic head for easy insertion
  • Suitable for both anal and vaginal play
  • Length and girth are great for those who are less experienced

Things to Improve

  • The dildo is firm, but not flexible
  • Not very realistic texture to the touch
  • The suction cup is medium grade quality

Bottom Line

The Eden’s 8.5” Realistic Vaginal and Anal Long Dildo is an excellent choice for users looking for a little more length and girth. The dildo can be used for both anal and vaginal masturbation, although the PVC material is somewhat stiff. The suction cup could, but it's also harness compatible, which is a massive benefit.


In the end, these dildos are perfect for beginners who are seeking out amazing toys for both vaginal and anal play. These dildos are flexible, and will deliver immense pleasure no matter what you crave. Each dildo is highly detailed, and several are crafted with visually appealing colors.

Overall, any beginner would be extremely satisfied with any of the dildos reviewed. If this review was helpful, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know what stood out to you! We love hearing from our readers and can't wait to know which one you chose. Have fun, everyone!

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