2018 Buyers Guide: Best Double Dildos

We started looking at double dildos to find out which are the best on the market today. There are a wide variety of double dildos to choose from that can help bring your sexual pleasure to a new level. While we were searching for the best double dildo, we also felt the need to help explain any questions that might worry you before you buy one of your own.

Comparison Chart of the Best Double Dildos


Our Rating


Smoothie 18"

Double Dong

Ripple 18" Double Dildo

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double Dildo 12 Inch

Jelly Double Dildo

18 Inch

What is a Double Dildo?

There are basically two types of double dildos that you need to understand. All double dildos are made with two tips or heads that are generally shaped like the head of a penis.

Double dildos come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and you can even find one that vibrates.

Double dildos that are used primarily for double penetration are U-shaped, or you can also find a more versatile straight double dildo that is flexible enough to form a U-shape.

A double dildo that is used for dual play with your partner is generally straight as well as longer in length.

How Does a Double Dildo Work? 

A double dildo can help increase your sexual pleasure during sex or solo play. There are a variety of reasons a double dildo provides double the bliss, including double penetration which pleasures your ass and pussy at the same time or you can simply stick both tips together into any thrill spot.

Other double dildos provide excitement for two people who wish to experience sexual orgasms with the same dildo. This is generally done either doggie-style or lying on your back facing your partner. Either way a double dildo will help bring added excitement to your orgasms.

Things to Consider When Buying a Double Dildo

There are numerous important factors you should think about before you determine which double dildo best fits your needs. Before purchasing, you should think about the size of the double dildo. This would include the total length, insertable length, and overall girth.

Are you more comfortable with a larger cock in your ass or pussy? This is a question you must consider based on personal experience and types of pleasure you enjoy.

Another feature you should think about before purchasing is the material the double dildo is made from such as TPE, PVC or a Silicone based product.

Make sure the item is phthalates free and your body is not allergic to any specific form of silicone-based products. Texture is important to think about as well.

Do you want something that is realistic to the touch, something that is very hard or would you prefer a double dildo that includes veined shafts?

Lastly examine the flexibility of the product. You will need a product that can form a U-shape if you are interested in double penetration or a harder, straight product if dual play is more your style.

Quick Take - The Best Double Dildos

Review of the Best Double Dildos

Let's see what models made our list and why. We're going to discuss the main features of each, then take a look at some pros and cons according to recent customers. 

The Doc Johnson Smoothie 18” Double Dong tested well and features great flexibility, length, and tapered heads which make for easy insertion. The Double Dong has enough length at 18” to make couple play and deeper penetration possible without problems. The girth at 1.5” is ideal for all types of users from beginners to experts.

The smooth shaft is good for anal insertion but there are not many veins to help with stimulation once inside. Couples found the length of the Double Dong ideal for scissoring from a distance or adding deeper penetration while bumping butts.

The phthalates free PVC material is flexible enough to form a U-shape for solo double penetration and is easy to handle when used for solo masturbation.

This product has shown that it does not retract from holes while in use even during times when movement reaches high levels. Some customers reported a chemical smell that lingered, but after continued use the smell dissipated. This product works best with a water-based lubricant and is generally easy to clean after use.

Positive Things

  • Length and girth
  • Great for all types of users
  • Available in different colors
  • Flexible for double penetration
  • Smooth shaft makes for easy anal penetration

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • More enhanced veins
  • Girth is better for beginners

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson Smoothie 18” Double Dong delivers on all accounts. The realistic heads are pleasing when inserted and the girth is ideal for beginners who want to experience the pleasure of double penetration. The shaft could be more detailed with enhanced veins but the smoothness makes for easy anal insertion.

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double Dildo 12” has proved to be quite enjoyable on many levels. From deep solo masturbation with extra length, to solo double penetration, to couple play - this double dildo does it all.

The overall length of 12” and girth of 1.5” allows for couples to get close to one another during any type of bumping and grinding. Solo play is enhanced by the length of the product, which makes for easy control while in use.

The Crystal Jellies Realistic Double Dildo is flexible enough to form a U-shape for double penetration and the two rounded tips make for pleasant and gentle insertion. The shaft is detailed with numerous veins and a life-like feel for enhanced pleasure.

The product is made from a phthalates free PVC material which makes for easy cleanup. The only problem encountered by recent customers was a chemical smell after unboxing, but that went away after a few uses.

Positive Things

  • Flexibility
  • Realistic feel
  • Available in several colors
  • Nicely veined shaft with rounded tips

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson really hit high marks in all areas. If you are searching for a realistic feel while masturbating or playing between the sheets with your significant other, then this is an ideal double ended dildo for you.

The Jelly Double Dildo sheathed with their special Jelly Rubber proves to be a winner in solo masturbation, double penetration, and couple play. The length of this double dildo is ideal at 18” and the girth is manageable at around 1.5”.

The Jelly Double Dildo is flexible enough to bend into a U-shape for anal and pussy penetration. The detailed, textured veins along the shaft and tapered heads feel realistic when inserted.

The overall length also makes regular masturbation easy with plenty of cock to grab and is ideal for the person looking for more length to insert. Grinding against your partner is not a problem due to the amount of length to keep the double dildo inserted even during times of rapid movement. The product is most compatible with a water-based lubricant and cleanup is very straightforward.

Positive Things

  • Not overly stiff
  • Length and girth
  • Detailed shaft and realistic heads
  • Can be used for double penetration or couple play

Things to Improve

  • Not recommended for beginners or inexperienced users

Bottom Line

Overall, the Jelly Double Dildo is perfect for solo double penetration as well as regular masturbation. Couples reportedly enjoy the length which makes couple play easy without the double ended dildo escaping when things get hot and heavy. With a detailed shaft and easily insertable heads, this double ended dildo proves to be a must have in your toy box.

The Doc Johnson Ripple Double Dildo is certainly a winner among pleasure-seekers. The supreme length of 18” and a girth of 1.75” makes using this double dildo one for the books. The shaft has deep veins from one tip to the other.

The realistic bulb-shaped tips feel like a real penis wherever you put it. The texture of the 100% phthalates free PVC material is nothing short of realistic. The shaft is flexible, making double penetration a breeze. Couples enjoy the extra length and girth while scissoring.

The Doc Johnson Ripple Double Dildo is not for beginners. The extra girth can be difficult for first time double penetration. The product moves super-fast once a water-based lubricant is applied.

Being that it works best with water-based lubes, cleanup is hassle-free. Some found a slight chemical smell upon opening the package but this smell faded with time.

Positive Things

  • Heavily veined shaft
  • Extra length and girth
  • Good for advanced users
  • Flexible for double penetration
  • Bulb shaped heads are easy to insert

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Added girth can be painful during anal insertion

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson Ripple Double Dildo is a good find. The vein-ribbed shaft adds an extra element of pleasure. This double dildo is a good choice for experienced users who crave double penetration with added girth and for couples that want extra length to play with.


In the end these four double dildos perform well for all types of users and sexual endeavors whether they are used for solo double penetration, couple play or when added length is needed.

Each of these four has unique characteristics that set them apart from one another. We think you will be pleased no matter which model you choose. Whether you are looking for a realistic feel, enhanced veins, softer heads or more girth, we are sure you will be left lusting for more.

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