The Best G-Spot Vibrators – Buyer’s Guide for 2018

All women deserve an amazing climax. Although the clitoris is often the point of focus, there is another area that deserves some love, the g-spot. This erogenous zone can lead to intense orgasms and, in some cases, squirting if stimulated just the right way.

Although the existence of the g-spot has been hotly debated in the past, many women can attest to its power and pleasure. There are several vibrators that are made explicitly for g-spot stimulation.

If you’re looking for a new toy to overwhelm you with waves of pleasure, a g-spot vibrator may do the trick. We wanted to introduce you to some of the most highly rated g-spot vibrators out there. Let’s jump in.

Comparison Chart of the Best G-spot Vibrators


Our Rating


Adam & Eve Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator

Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibe

Where is the G-Spot?

The elusive g-spot is located toward the front wall of the vagina. This means, if you are trying to find yours, insert your finger while it is curved into a hook-shape. Then, move your finger in a “come hither” or figure-8 motion against the front wall.

You’ll find a spot that feels extra good and may experience some tingling or added arousal. Focus solely on that area. If you start to feel the pressure build, there’s a good chance you’ve found your g-spot.

The benefit of finding your g-spot is a whole new world of sexual satisfaction. Some women report more intense and emotional orgasms through g-spot stimulation. If you’re among the women who are unable to climax through penetration alone, but you find that the g-spot sends extra tingles of pleasure down your spine, it can still be a fun way to play around.

People often associate the g-spot with the enigma of female ejaculation or “squirting.” Squirting is not well understood, but some women will release fluid during their climax. G-spot stimulation is one of the best ways to experiment with your potential to squirt.

How to Use a G-spot Vibrator?

With a little bit of practice, a g-spot vibrator can become your best friend. G-spot vibrators come in many forms, but most of them are curved towards the tip to assist you in reaching your g-spot.

It is usually a bit easier to warm up with your fingers and locate your g-spot prior to use. Then, depending on how you like it, you can either hold the vibrator to your g-spot and play with the different vibration settings, move the vibrator itself in a circular motion, or stimulate your clit simultaneously.

Any or all of these things combined may be just the ticket to an amazing orgasm. Some g-spot vibrators are even adorned with a clitoral stimulator to give you the best of both worlds.

Review of the Products

Now, we're going to review the best g-spot vibrators and give you an in-depth overview on some of the best models available. With this, we're going to cover the main features of each, then dive into the pros and cons shared among recent customers. We're excited to share this with you, let's begin!

Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator

The Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator is the first on our list. This perfectly curved and sized vibrator is equipped with two motors, one in the tip of the main shaft for your g-spot and the other in the clitoral stimulator.

The main advantage of this system is that you can control the dual motors independently of one another depending on what you’re in the mood for.

The Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator is made with quality silicone and is rechargeable, for over an hour of fun on a full charge. This model is also 100% waterproof for any of your underwater adventures. 


  • Silicone is smooth and soft
  • Great for playing alone or with a partners
  • Waterproof feature is great for those who can only find peace and quiet in the shower
  • Up to 24 combinations of powerful vibration settings, so you can keep playing as long as you want
  • The 5” insertable length and bulge near the top of the shaft are perfect for g-spot stimulation


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • May be too noisy for discreet use
  • Can be difficult to change vibration settings when inserted
  • Limited to use with a water-based lube do to the silicone material
  • Some experienced troubles with the motors going out intermittently

Bottom Line

Overall, the Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator is a great option for those who love dual g-spot and clit stimulation. With its flexible clitoral stimulator and curvy shaft, this powerful, multi-speed vibrator will give you the ultimate bang for your buck.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Next, let’s chat about the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. This sweet, sultry, black vibrator is curved to give you the perfect G-spot stimulation and has an attached rabbit stimulator to tease your clit at the same time.

Both the G-spot and clitoral stimulators have independent motors, for up to 36 tantalizing vibration combinations.

There are low, medium, and high vibrations speeds, and the option to experiment with pulsing, escalating, and continuous vibration patterns.

This vibrator has 5” of insertable length, with a 1.5” inch tip, and is crafted from silky silicone for the most comfortable, satisfying experience. To top it all off, it is rechargeable and comes with a satin storage bag.


  • Very little noise with impressive power
  • Dual clit and g-spot stimulation leads to overwhelming orgasms
  • Just enough girth to give you the pleasant sensation of complete fullness
  • Full charge provides enough battery life to have multiple self-love sessions
  • With the countless vibration patterns and combinations, there is something for everyone


  • On the expensive side
  • May be slightly bigger than some people desire
  • Difficult to turn on and off and predict vibration patterns
  • Can be slightly stiff at first, so use plenty of lube. Water-based is best
  • Some of the vibrations may be too intense for some, so be sure to work your way up to the stronger vibrations

Bottom Line

The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator has thousands of women wanting more. This larger model offers several different vibration patterns with a flexible clitoral stimulator to give you just what you need. Although, it is slightly on the intense side, if you warm up to it, this g-spot vibrator will not let you down.

Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibe

Now, we’re going to talk about a slightly different model, the Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibe. This g-spot vibrator is made primarily for climaxing through penetration, but can also be used directly on your clit for extra fun.

It is modeled with a specially designed, curved tip and a flexible shaft that bends to the curve of your body. Featuring two motors in the tip and shaft, you can play with 8 different vibration patterns which can each be customized with 12 different intensity levels.

The Fifty Shades Darker g-spot dildo is crafted from velvety-soft silicone, which is body-safe for long-term use. Additionally, this g-spot dildo is conveniently waterproof for aquatic play.

Finally, it is also rechargeable via USB and comes with a handy storage bag. Wash the vibrator in warm, soapy water after each use and rinse it clean. Dry it off with a lint-free cloth before placing it in storage bag.


  • Long-lasting battery life with each charge
  • Easy to clean and care for with warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Multiple vibration settings make for a memorable orgasm
  • Sexy, midnight-blue, silky silicone is pleasing to the eye and body
  • Flexible for a bit of bounce, but firm enough to reach and please your g-spot


  • No clitoral stimulator
  • Control buttons can be difficult to manipulate when inserted
  • With a lot of power behind the vibrations comes a lot of noise
  • Vibrations may be too intense for some, even on the lowest setting
  • Slightly too large for some, with 5.5” insertable length and 1.25” width. Just be sure to work your way up to it

Bottom Line

For those that solely want to focus on discovering the power of their g-spot, the Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibe is a great option. It is curved with the shape of a woman’s body in mind, but does not include the extra clitoral stimulator that some crave. So, why not give your g-spot a little extra love with this fun addition to your pleasure chest?

Adam & Eve Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator

Last, but certainly not least, is the Adam & Eve Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator. Different than the previous silicone models we’ve discussed, this vibrator is made from a smooth, flexible jelly material and is available in both clear and pink.

Measuring at 6” long and 1” wide, this vibrator is completed by nubs at the base to tickle and tease your clit.

One exciting feature about the Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator is the external dial controller which is lit for easier use in the dark.

Instead of messing around with buttons, you are able to simply turn the dial to adjust the intensity of the vibrations to suit your mood.


  • Flexible for ultimate comfort
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Powerful vibrations despite the compact size
  • Hits all the right spots with the tip curved for g-spot stimulation and the nub-like clitoral stimulators
  • Has a fairly long battery life compared to other non-rechargeable models, which can be further extended by removing the batteries prior to storing


  • A little loud
  • Not waterproof
  • Not rechargeable, takes 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Some wish the shaft was slightly longer for extra reach
  • May leave more experienced individuals wanting more - better for beginners

Bottom Line

The Adam & Eve Intimates Personal Pleasurizer G-Spot Vibrator is one of the more affordable models and is great for beginners who are learning how to unlock the power of their G-spot.

Although it is not quite as sleek as some of the g-spot vibrators mentioned above, its multi-speed vibrations and clitoral stimulation may be just the right combination to make your toes curl.


Every woman is different, and as most people know, hitting that perfect spot can be a challenge. However, when stimulated just right, the g-spot is a magical area that can open up a whole new world of play, either solo or with a partner. With the help of any of these g-spot vibrators you may be on your way to a sensational orgasm.

We hope that this article has been helpful as you choose the perfect vibrator for you. Let us know in the comments below which one you decided on and your favorite thing about it. Have fun!

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