2019 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Jelly Dildos

Everyone's searching for a better or more intense orgasm during sex or while masturbating and many people turn to dildos or vibrators to help achieve that sought after orgasm.

There are thousands of styles of dildos that you can purchase and they each come with their own unique size, material, texture, shape, and color. 

We know that people want to purchase the right dildo or vibrator to play with, but sometimes shoppers don’t know enough about the differences between each model.

We decided to take a look at jelly dildos and help answer some questions that may be on your mind.

With this, we're going to review a few of the best jelly dildos and go over their main features, pros, and cons. Believe us when we say that you won't want to miss out on this!

Comparison Chart of the Best Jelly Dildos


Our Rating


Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies

​Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 6 Inch Dildo 

Perfect Violet Realistic Dildo By Healthy Vibes

​Doc JohnsonRaging Hard-ons

Jelly Slim Anal Starter Dildo

Types of Dildo Materials  

Dildos come in a variety of textures, including silicone, plastic, glass, stainless steel, wood, jelly or elastomer, and realistic materials such as TPE or Cyberskin.

Naturally, there are pros and cons regarding each material.

Dildos made with a jelly material are some of the more popular models on the market for many reasons such as flexibility, texture, and cost.

Jelly dildos are work best when used with a condom because of the porous nature of the material causing bacteria to build up if not properly washed.

The great thing about jelly dildos though is that they're affordable and can quickly be thrown away if needed.

Glass dildos are a beautiful piece of artwork, though some can be rigid and too stiff for beginners. The same is said about stainless steel and wood toys.

Realistic materials, such as Cyberskin, offer an excellent lifelike look and feel while masturbating.

Silicone is typically the safest option for dildos and toys. Some silicone dildos have a soft outer core with a firm center for users to enjoy.

They're also easy to clean and are long-lasting. Just be sure to avoid silicone based lubricants when using a silicone toy.

How to Choose a Good Jelly Dildo 

A good jelly dildo can provide a fantastic orgasm. Jelly dildos come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to stimulate numerous erogenous areas of your body.

They can be uniquely shaped to help pleasure the G-spot, as well as P-spot, and can be girthy to satisfy those who love to be filled up.

When purchasing a dildo, you should think about your preference in cock size or the specific area you want to stimulate.

Jelly dildos can help couples increase sexual stimulation either with a harness or via a double dildo.

Solo play with a jelly dildo can intensify vaginal, as well as anal stimulation. Many may also perform oral on their toy. 

Jelly dildos are also ideal for someone who's looking for a toy that's pliable, but not too rigid or firm. This criterion may be suitable for first-timers who want something soft. When used with lube or a condom, these toys can provide tons of pleasure.

A significant benefit to jelly dildos are their price; most often you won't end up breaking your bank account after purchasing one.

Review of the Best Jelly Dildos

Next, we're going to move onto the review portion of our article and cover the best jelly dildos. Let's begin!

1. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Double Dong

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies-Double Dong proves to be a very versatile toy for couples and solo double penetration.

The shaft is almost 18 inches long with beautiful veins, and a width of 1.8 inches which is ideal for stimulating users.

The dildo is very pliable, and users can find both their G-spot and P-spot with ease. It's also firm, yet flexible enough to bend for double penetration.

Couples love the length, which allows for vaginal and anal play at the same time. This jelly dildo is available in several colors too.

Some recent buyers reported a slight chemical smell upon opening it for the first time, but this dissipated after a few good washes.



  • Length and girth
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • G-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • Bendable for double penetration


  • Slight chemical odor that fades after a few washes

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies-Double Dong is affordable, and an ideal choice for those looking for length and girth in a flexible double headed dildo.

Buyers report that the dildo is perfect for couple play and solo masturbation when the added size or double penetration is in demand.

Vibrant colors are also available to add some life to your toy chest. Additionally, the affordable price is a selling point for many. 

2. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 6-Inch Dildo

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 6 inch dildo is a winner with users who are looking for length, girth, and flexibility. 

The 6 inch insertable shaft has nice detailed veins and a 1.7 inch curved head.

The dildo has a realistic feel to the touch and is firm yet flexible. The curvature is ideal for G-spot play, while the girth is ideal for anal stretching or training.

The realistic ball sack is also a plus and adds clitoral stimulation upon rapid insertion. The suction cup works well, but may not adhere well to all surfaces.

If you find yourself having troubles getting it to stick, just apply a small amount of lube to the cup and try again. 

This jelly dildo is harness compatible and available in several colors. The "fresh-out-of-the-box" chemical smell was a big turn off for some users, but this has been known to disappear after a few washes.



  • Firm yet flexible
  • Harness compatible
  • Available in several colors
  • Realistic texture to the touch
  • Curved shaft for G-spot stimulation
  • Perfect length and girth for advanced users


  • Suction cup may not always adhere to all surfaces
  • There's a definite chemical smell upon opening it for the first time

Bottom Line

The Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Dildo is perfect for more advanced users who crave length and girth.

The dildo proves to be worthy of G-spot stimulation and stimulating the vaginal walls.

The texture is pleasant to the touch and feels real. The only downside is that the 'new' chemical smell is a major turn off for some. The price tag is right for most and in the end, it's a great addition to any collection.

3. Perfect Violet Realistic Dildo by Healthy Vibes

The Perfect Violet Realistic Dildo by Healthy Vibes pleases nearly all who take it on and offers excellent anal play, length and eye appeal.

The 7 inch insertable shaft is highly veined for added stimulation of both the vaginal and anal walls.

Users report that the width is ideal for anal insertion, and the curvature of the shaft increases G-spot and P-spot orgasms.

Advanced users may want more girth for a more fulfilled sexual experience, but overall said that the dildo is perfect for all types of play.

The dildo is realistic and offers a soft, yet firm texture. The ball sack is lifelike and helps stimulate the clitoral region with rapid movements.

With this, the dildo is harness compatible to help couples spice things up.

The suction cup works well in the shower, but not so well on textured surfaces such as tile.

There is a chemical smell that often goes away after a few good cleanings, which is common for dildos of this material.


  • Harness compatible
  • Great for beginners
  • Curved for G-spot and P-spot pleasure
  • Lifelike look and texture is appealing to the eye
  • Advanced users prefer the toy for anal stimulation


  • Strong chemical smell
  • The suction cup does not work well on textured surfaces

Bottom Line

The Perfect Violet Realistic Dildo by Healthy Vibes is ideal for advanced users looking for length during anal.

The slim design is perfect for beginners looking for vaginal stimulation while the curved shaft is a winner for stimulating the G-spot and P-spot.

Overall, the price is right for this style of toy, but be sure to wash it a few times to get rid of the chemical smell quickly.

4. Doc Johnson Raging Hard-ons

The Doc Johnson Raging Hard-Ons is superb for users looking for length with plenty of ribbed features along the shaft.

The jelly dildo has 10 inches of insertable length with a heavily textured pole. The width of 1.2 inches is ideal for beginners who are still experimenting.

The firm yet flexible jelly dildo can provide G-spot stimulation while the slim width proves to be superb for anal play.

The dildo is not harness-compatible and does not have a suction cup. Users reported a strong chemical smell that eventually went away after using a good toy cleaner.


  • Ribbed shaft added stimulation
  • Width is perfect for beginners during vaginal and anal play
  • Length is ideal for all users wanting a deeper penetrating toy


  • Chemical Odor
  • Flimsy and not firm enough for some

Bottom Line

This Doc Johnson dildo works well for many types of users, from vaginal to advanced anal.

Buyers say that the heavily veined shaft provides sufficient pleasure and the width is easy to insert into any user.

There may be a strong chemical smell that many don't enjoy, but for the price, this jelly dildo is without a doubt a winner.

5. Jelly Slim Anal Starter Dildo

The Adam & Eve Jelly Slim Anal Starter Dildo pleases many who are looking to experiment. The 5.5 inch insertable shaft has plenty of satisfying details and a realistic 1 inch full head.

The TPR jelly material is firm yet flexible enough to help with rapid insertion which is a significant advantage for some, though some advanced users crave more girth for a satisfying stretching experience.

The flared base helps ensure the dildo can't wholly be inserted into the anal cavity and allows for the toy to be harness compatible.


  • Realistic feel and look
  • Flared base for harness compatibility
  • Flexible yet firm enough for penetration
  • Perfect size for beginners experimenting with anal


  • Strong chemical smell that fades after washing
  • Not great  for advanced users

Bottom Line

The Adam & Eve Jelly Slim Anal Starter Dildo makes numerous buyers happy. Advanced users report this dildo is best used as an anal plug during vaginal sex.

The firm yet flexible tip is ideal any type of play while the veined shaft provides enough stimulation to the P-spot when used with rapid motions.

Overall, it's a perfect sex toy for beginners who are looking to experience anal and start out with a modestly sized toy.


In the end, there are excellent choices for couples, solo play, and advanced users who are looking a model to provide double penetration.

Jelly dildos prove to come in a variety of sizes with sufficient length and girth to please G-spot and P-spot areas.

When it comes to jelly dildos, the price tag is fitting for most as they're a great way to experiment on a budget.

Whether you crave anal or vaginal stimulation, each of these dildos has something for everyone.

We hope this review has contributed toward your next purchase and we can't wait to hear about which one you chose. Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know. Have fun!

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