Reviews of the Best Large Dildos – 2018 Guide

There are many dildos available, and sometimes you crave something that’s bigger than average. If you’ve been searching for one that stands apart from others and is a little heftier, either in length or girth, this review will cover some of the best large dildos on the market and their main features. Additionally, we'll be taking a look at some top pros and cons. Believe us when we say you won't want to miss out on this review.

How to Use a Large Dildo

Before buying a large dildo, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that you need to be ready for a larger than “normal” dildo, meaning you you'll want to work up in size if you're new to using toys. You should take your time to become familiar with larger ones as they can be uncomfortable at first.

When using one, make sure you apply plenty of lube both to yourself and the toy. Start off gentle and keep in mind the position of the dildo, it can be easy to be careless and end up hurting yourself. If you feel pain, stop and allow your body to adjust, or refer back to a smaller dildo. The critical point with this is to let your body to adapt and ease into one that may be more adept for experienced users.

Best Lube for Larger Dildo Play

The type of lube you use is essential, but be sure your dildo is lube-friendly. Some lubricants can clash with a toy's material and leave damage. Here’s a breakdown of how to use lube with your toy.

  • Water-Based Lube – Fine with all dildo toys and materials
  • Oil Lubes – Don’t use with dildos made from latex, rubber, or PVC
  • Silicone Lube – Keep away from silicone-based sex toys
  • Silicone / Water Lube – The compatibility will vary

They key things to keep in mind are the material of your dildo and what lube is most suitable. Some manufacturers may even give you recommendations regarding this subject. When in doubt, water-based lubes are always a safe choice. Water might not be as silky as silicone lubes, but you’ll save your toy from damage.

Can a Dildo be Too Big?

You may be wondering if how big is too big?

Of course, this is subjective, but if the dildo feels too big, it probably is. Your body needs time to adjust, so be sure to work your way up in size and lube up - practice makes perfect.

When you buy your dildo, consider all your options. If you want something that’s big, are you looking for length or girth? Once you decide on one, enjoy yourself and have fun practicing. If you use a model for some time and feel it’s too big or is not pleasurable, go to a smaller size. You should always use what feels comfortable for you and your body, not what someone else says.

Reviews of the Best Large Dildos

Next, we're going to dive into a few of the best large dildos. Be sure to read carefully and find out which is best for you. We're going to dive into the main features of each then take a look at some pros and cons based of recent customer reviews. Let's begin!

Crystal Jellies 12" Big Boy Dildo

The Crystal Jellies 12” dildo is for serious users. The total insertable length is 9.8" and features a 2.3" diameter and 7.22" girth. The base is narrow which allows customers to grip the toy with ease while in use. As with all toys, this dildo should be cleaned with soap and hot water after each to ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene. One downside is that it's constructed from PVC material compared to silicone, which some prefer.


  • Easy grip
  • Large size for more pleasure
  • pro 3


  • Too big if inexperienced
  • No suction cup so sex play is limited
  • Users complained of bad chemical smell
  • Need to be careful with lubes as some will deteriorate the toy

This toy is for experienced users that want something a little bigger. The lack of a suction cup base is a bit of a problem and some complained about the smell. Use this toy if you’re comfortable with the larger size and want a bit more than the average toy.

Realistic 9" Big Boy Dildo with Balls

This toy is 9.5” long and 2.25” wide. You get over nine inches of pleasure with this toy. It’s firm, thick and ready to go when you are. This toy isn’t for beginners so have some experience before you try it. 

The toy has a realistic penis shape with the balls attached. The suction cup allows you to take part in many sexual positions for added pleasure. It’s made with a pliable latex material and water proof.


  • Realistic look with balls
  • Huge size for plenty of pleasure
  • Suction cup base for more sexual variety


  • Not for beginners due to huge size
  • Some found it way too big to be of much use

The Realistic 9" Big Boy Dildo with Balls is a large dildo designed for experienced users. You may find it’s too big if you’re not ready for this sort of toy. Many that tried this toy and were ready for the larger size had tons of fun with it. This is a good pick for those looking to take their next step up in sex toys.

Master Cock, The 16.25 Inch Colossus Dildo

This dildo is not for the faint of heart. It features 16.5” with 13” insertable. It has a 9” circumference and 2.85” shaft diameter. The toy has a suction cup base for more sexual variety and has a realistic look. The toy is flexible yet firm. The material is PVC.


  • Realistic look with balls
  • Suction cup for more sexual variety
  • Very large for those wanting the ultimate dildo experience


  • Heavy toy
  • Some found it flimsy
  • Way too big for many users

The Master Cock, 16.25 Inch Colossus Dildo is a huge toy and designed for only the most experienced. You’ll need to take your time if you decide to use this toy. The main drawback is that it’s quite heavy and the huge size isn’t for everyone.

Big Dildo,12 Inches G-Spot Liquid Silicone Dong with Suction Cup

This toy is 12” of fun with 9.9” of insertable length. The diameter is 2.3.” This dildo is curved so it can stimulate the female G-spot. The toy has a realistic look with balls and it features a suction cup for more sexual variety. It’s made from medical silicone.


  • Realistic look
  • Huge size for more fun
  • Curved to hit the female G-spot
  • Suction cup for more sexual variety


  • Too big for some users
  • Weight of toy an issue for some
  • Suction cup had problems for some

The Big Dildo,12 Inches G-Spot Liquid Silicone Dong with Suction Cup is a huge dildo for experienced users. It features a suction cup and its curved, so it will hit the female G-spot. The downside is it may be too big for some users and the weight of the toy was also an issue for some users of the product.

Eden 14" Extra Long Thick Realistic Dildo - Monster Cock and Balls Dong - Suction Cup Harness Cup

This dildo features 14” with 12” of insertable length. It’s 2.5” wide and has a realistic look with balls. The toy is designed for experienced users who want the ultimate in dildo size. The toy features a suction cup for more sexual variety. It can be applied to any flat surface via the suction cup. This toy is made from PVC materials.


  • Realistic look with balls
  • Huge size for the adventurous
  • Suction cup for more sexual variety


  • Way too big for some users
  • Material had a smell for some
  • Need to use lot of lube due to size of toy

The Eden 14" Extra Long Thick Realistic Dildo is a massive toy for only the most experienced or adventurous. It has a suction cup, so it can be used on flat surfaces. The main drawback is that the size of the toy is not for everyone, but if you’re craving extra length, get ready for some serious pleasure.


There are plenty of larger size dildos on the market for your pleasure. The main thing to keep in mind is to be ready for a larger size before you buy or be willing to work up to these huge toys.

These toys aren’t for everyone and you need to experiment to figure out what works for you. Make sure you start slowly of you’re new to large dildos and always use plenty of lubrication with your toy no matter what. Enjoy!

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