The Best Lube for Male Masturbation | 2019 Buyer’s Guide

In this article we will be exploring several different lubes in pursuit of the best lube for male masturbation.

Lube is a fantastic way to enhance an already pleasurable activity, but does require a bit more effort.

We're about to get an in depth look at what makes a particular lube ideal, beyond just what feels good.

Now of course, there is a plethora of lubes to choose from, but the group we have selected for this article have distinguishing features that make them the cream of the crop!

Comparison Chart of the Best Lubes for Masturbation


Our Rating


​Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant

Boy Butter Original Formula

Doc Johnson Mood - Warming Glide - Gets Warmer with Motion

What to Look For in a Lubricant

What makes for a good masturbation session? Well of course ideally, it is one that ends in orgasm. However, when choosing the best lube for you, there is a lot to take into account.

Of course the sensation plays a large role, but we have yet to encounter a lube that doesn’t enhance the experience. The effort required to clean up afterwards is often overlooked. With some lubes, you may need to shower afterwards to properly get rid of the feeling you used it.

It’s also good to consider things like ease of application. Different lubes will perform better based on the situation: in bed, the shower, with a pocket pussy or other toys.

Also important, is the amount required for that ultimate experience, as this will vary based on the type of lube you’re using. Personally, we prefer water based lubricants for a (big surprise) wetter experience.

Review of the Best Lubes for Masturbation

Let's take a look at some of our top options for the best lube for masturbating. 

1. Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant, Cherry Cordial

Looking to add a little flavor to your sex life? Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant-Cherry Cordial will satisfy your needs; it also goes well with some post-sex ice cream!

The name is a bit of a mouthful, and you’ll want a mouthful of this product! This delectable water based lube is fantastic in any scenario. 

While well suited for masturbation, the Cherry Cordial translates well from foreplay to sex. Cherry Cordial comes with a few unique features and is one of the highest rated lubes on the market.

We have compiled the most consistent comments about Cherry Cordial, let’s hear what the fans have to say.

Features of Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant-Cherry Cordial include:

  • Special locking feature to avoid spills
  • Water based and Paraben free
  • Variety of flavors within the brand
  • Handy pump feature
  • Mild, pleasant smell


  • No sticky texture
  • Realistic, delicious cherry flavor
  • Water based means easy to clean
  • Drink a lot of pineapple juice and use this, your partner will thank you


  • Can spill if not locked
  • Wouldn’t recommend consuming in large amounts

2. Boy Butter Original Formula

To start our list off, we have Boy Butter Original Formula. Right away we can say if this were based on name only, Boy Butter would top the list.

This oil based product comes in a variety of sizes (and so will you), and is well suited for an array of activities.

Every product has its ups and downs, and Boy Butter is no different.

Here are a few examples from on of our team member’s personal experience and reviews of other frequent users, along with some of the standout features.

Main features of Boy Butter Original Formula include:

  • Wide range of sizes, even down to travel sized
  • Pairs well with non-latex toys
  • Incredibly long lasting with proper application
  • Mess free packaging
  • Other size are available
  • Even looks a bit like butter!


  • Slick and long lasting
  • No odor hanging around during or after
  • Good for masturbation and use with toys
  • The company sells T-shirts with their name on it!


  • Doesn’t actually taste like butter
  • Does require more than just a little water to clean off
  • Need to apply a bit more than you usually would with other lubes

​​​​3. Doc Johnson Mood - Warming Glide - Gets Warmer with Motion

Next up is Doc Johnson Mood-Warming Glide. As the name indicates, the highlight of this water based lube is the wonderful warming sensation users feel during use.

Doc Johnson goes on smoothly and the warming effect hits that sweet spot, without causing any irritation.

There is no better way to beat your meat, than with a little bit of heat, but let’s take a look at the other features of Doc Johnson Mood-Warming Glide, and see what frequent users had to say.

The main features of Doc Johnson Mood-Warming Glide are:

  • A pleasant warming sensation
  • Great for self-pleasure, sex, or use with toys
  • Water based
  • Convenient, no mess pump
  • One bottle lasts quite a long time


  • No funky smell
  • Hassle free clean up
  • Stays slick for a long time
  • Creamier texture that provides better grip


  • Reapplying can leave you a bit over-saturated
  • Warming sensation seems to fade over longer sessions
  • Side effect of the texture is a sticky feeling if not cleaned quickly

The Bottom Line

Of the products reviewed, our favorite was Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Lubricant, Cherry Cordial hands down. The wet sensation made us consistently cum quicker than any of the other lubes tested. 

Additionally, the cleanup is simple, and the slightly noticeable cherry smell, pleasant. We found no benefit to the flavor, (although some might) and it wasn’t by any means a negative.

We appreciate the fact that it didn’t take much lube to get the job done, so we know that there are plenty of experiences to look forward to with just one bottle.


In this article we covered a few of the best products for that peak (male) masturbation experience. No matter what sensation satisfies your temptation, there is a lube for you!

Hopefully the search for the best lube for masturbation never truly comes to an end, it’s hard to think of an adventure more invigorating.

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