Buyers Guide: The Best Realistic Dildos

You might have thought in the past of buying a realistic dildo, but perhaps you knew very little about various types and their performance.

A realistic dildo is just how the name sounds. They’re made to act and feel like the real deal once you slide them in.

Now of course, in real life there are millions of different cocks that Mother Nature has created. You won’t be surprised to find that manufacturers have tried to mimic as many variations as possible.

In this article, we're going to review our top picks for the best realistic dildos and cover all the major details as to why they made our list. With this, we'll also be discussing the pros and and cons according to recent buyers. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Realistic Dildos


Our Rating


Adam’s True Feel Dildo

All American


Bust It Squirting Dildo

 KingCock Double Trouble Dildo

What Makes for a Good Realistic Dildo?

With the many different shapes, as well as sizes available, we are sure you’ll find one that fits your fancy - whether it vibrates, ejaculates, has that perfect shape or has a double head.

Easy to Clean

Another question you should ask yourself before buying is how easy is this product to clean? With a softer outer shell, many of the products are hard to clean and tend to be more porous than a traditional silicone dildo. 

Therefore, you should be aware of the maintenance factors involved in keeping your realistic dildo in tip top condition.


Size is a different story. As with the millions of men in the real world, manufacturers of these toys take the many different shapes and sizes into consideration when producing them.

You can find a realistic cock that’s shaped after a specific porn star, as well as one that’s small in length or girth.

When it comes to making your final decision, you have a wide variety of length, girth, skin color, and shapes to choose from

Do Realistic Dildos Actually Feel Real?

The amazing mixture of materials that manufacturers use today, certainly do their best to make a dildo feel like the real deal.

One that aims to be more realistic is soft to the touch, pliable when it’s ridden, and yet firm to help give you increased pleasure.

Most realistic models have a hard inner core made of silicone and an outer surface material that varies based on the manufacturer.

Producers of realistic dildos like clever names such as UR3, Cyberskin, PleasureSkin, TPE, Soft-Touch and Loveclone because they don’t want to give up the secret of their trademarked material.

When you’re searching for a great dildo with realistic features, there are some things you should educate yourself about such as range of material, size, suction cup, shape, and durability.

We found during testing that the four models below were superior choices for their realistic dildo subset.

Quick Take - The Best Realistic Dildos

Here are our top picks for the best realistic dildos: 

  1. Adam’s True Feel Dildo
  2. All American Whopper
  3. Bust It Squirting Dildo

Review of the Best Realistic Dildos

Lets take a look at the best products that made our list and outline why!

The Adam’s True Feel Dildo is one of the most realistic dildos on the market. Handcrafted and painted, no details were left out. The shaft has pleasant veins and the tapered head feels natural when inserted. We found the ball sack to be proportional in size and helped with harness capabilities. 

The outer TPE shell is very soft to the touch and the inside features a firm silicone core that has just enough flexibility; this also helps the dildo remain stiff during use. The size of this is 7” with an insertable length of 5.5”; the girth is 1.5” which makes this perfect for someone who has more experience.

This can also be ordered in a XL size for those searching for something bigger. The suction cup tended to be a problem after continued use and the item is not very easy to clean. We also found that continual maintenance was needed to keep this model in top notch shape.

Positive Things

  • Harness compatible
  • Inner core is firm and hard
  • Available in different skin colors
  • Feels soft like skin when touched
  • Moderately sized - great for various experience levels and anal play
  • Can be ordered in an XL for people searching for more length and girth
  • Features life-like features such as a veined shaft, natural shaped head, and ball sack

Things to Improve

  • Suction cup is small and tends to come apart after continued usage
  • Hard to clean. The rubber is porous and can become dirty after prolonged use - constant maintenance is needed

The Bust It Squirting Dildo by Doc Johnson scored high marks for several reasons including size, shape, and the overall squirting feature. This dildo is constructed out of PVC which has a life-like feel on the outside yet remains stiff while in use. The overall size is just over 9” with an insertable length of 7”; the girth is close to 2”. 

The biggest drawback to this dildo was cleaning the inside of the ejaculation tube, as well as the syringe. There's an irritating chemical smell when the package was first opened, but that disappeared over time.

Positive Things

  • Realistic ejaculation feel
  • Available in a variety of skin colors
  • Nut Butter Ejaculation Cream is edible
  • Natural feeling texture, a long veined shaft with a nice tapered head, and great girth

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Not for beginners
  • Small suction cup base
  • Squirting feature is hard to clean

This realistic squirting dildo is available in a variety of skin colors too. Because of the overall size and length, this model was not recommended for beginners. Aside from that, the squirting feature was a big hit and turn on among users. We found the item to be compatible with the O-ring and Vac-U-Lock harness systems. Another plus we liked was that the Nut Butter Ejaculation Cream is edible.

The All American Whopper Vibrator turned out to be a great choice for a realistic vibrating dildo. Made by Nasstoys, this model is constructed with TPE RealSkin which has a soft natural feel to the touch and stays extremely firm during use. 

The veined shaft is available in a wide assortment of styles and lengths, which we found to be ideal for nearly all users. Sizes ranged from a 4.5” model - perfect for anal play, to a whopper that has 8” of insertable length.

Each model has a natural head which was easy to insert, but some don’t feature a ball sack. The suction cup is good and secures firmly in place on many surfaces too.

This style of realistic vibrating dildo also was Universal harness compatible. The vibrator offered 3-speeds of pleasure. The added excitement of a vibrating bullet helped the overall experience, although at times the attached cord and motor noise is troublesome.

Drawbacks to this product included a chemical smell that is not pleasant and a desire for the heavily veined shaft to be more flexible.

Positive Things

  • Three vibration speeds
  • Bullet vibrator included
  • Universal harness compatibility
  • Dual jack for bullet vibrator and dildo vibration
  • Variations available in size and shape to please users

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Motor can be loud
  • Ridged and not very flexible
  • Vibration was not that strong

The KingCock Double Trouble Dildo by Pipedream is our choice for the best realistic double ended dildo. The PVC texture of this realistic double ended dildo feels like a real cock with hand painted details that includes large veins along the shaft as well.

The tapered heads on both ends are ideal for insertion - one being slightly smaller than the other and perfect for anal play. 

The KingCock Double Trouble Dildo is available in different skin colors and three sizes. This is ideal for any user regardless of experience. This realistic double ended dildo was pliable enough to stretch apart for dual play with a partner, but the U-shape is truly beneficial for double penetration.

At times, this product people expressed this could have been firmer when rapidly inserting the item into both holes. Another drawback was the chemical smell which goes away after a few cleanings.

Positive Things

  • Can be stretched for dual play
  • Realistic feel and large veins along the shaft
  • Tapered ends and the U-shape was nice for double penetration

Things to Improve

  • Chemical smell
  • Can be flimsy during rapid insertion


In the end, we think these realistic dildos hit all the right spots for pleasure and play. The realistic feel of these are fantastic and feature an assortment of details that stand out.

The top qualities include hand painted veins, unique tapered heads for easy insertion, and the fact that most are complete with nicely proportioned ball sacks. Many were also compatible with several types of harnesses which is great for a number of reasons and user needs.

One of the major drawbacks for many was the chemical smell associated with the product when first removed from the package. In most cases we found that this smell was minimized after a few cleanings.

Overall we think you will be pleased with your newly found best friend and hope this has helped you in your journey to finding a new toy. Have fun and let us know which one you ultimately decide on; we love hearing from our readers!

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