Reviews of the Best Sex Lubricants – 2018 Buyers Guide

Sex is almost a staple to every happy couple. It allows partners to enjoy their sexualities and express a sense of belongingness by being one. While not a requirement, it can keep a relationship exciting and inspiring.

Over time though, such familiarity with your partner can become a bit boring. Various sex positions and toys can be temporary solutions but then again, all these can once again become tedious. Identifying the real reasons for the lack of interest can uncover pain and discomfort brought about the dryness of the vagina when making love. This is where the best sex lubricant can help, big time.

There is no shame in admitting that you need a sex lubricant to keep you wet and thus wild with every thrust. It happens, especially with females who want ultimate sexual pleasure and men who get too excited early on than their partner.

Lubes are not just for the olds or those with kinky bed antics, as a matter of fact, they should be left handy on the nightstand or in the bag – right next to condoms. These little personal saviors will help keep the vagina wet even in the lack of foreplay and the penis can pump hard and rough without causing pain or discomfort, and hence, improved climax for both.

ShibariWater Base
UberlubeSilicone Base
Lulu LubeWater Base
AstroglideWater Base
Swiss NavySilicone Base
Pjur ErosSilicone Base
LushWater Base
KY His and HersWater Base
SliquidWater Base

Women know it for a fact that without foreplay, or lack of caress when they reach the “plateau phase” of intercourse, their vaginas can stop lubricating and thus went dry on even the hardest of penises.

This may also be due to anxiety, dehydration, medication, and a lot more. With the right lube though, all of these are immaterial and total sexual pleasure can be assured. Men are sometimes oblivious to these conditions, though. When they get excited, they tend to thrust not just harder but faster not knowing they could be actually hurting their partners. Some men also go for the hardcore, enjoying more in the backdoor entry.

We all know that the anus, its walls, and tissues, cannot produce lubrication on their own unlike the vagina but it is way tighter which is why men go overboard by entering this way. 

This means that however play and caress done on this part of the body, the hardened penis will definitely go into dry territory. If partners think that the wetness of the penis totally takes care of the needed lubrication, then that is the wrong way to think of pleasurable anal play and sex.

This is why it is very important to keep a sex lube, specifically an anal lube, in the bag or on the nightstand. Applying a generous amount on the penis and on and inside the anus will definitely make each thrust a painless experience to either a woman or a gay partner, as well as the most hygienic thing than spit.

Sex lubricants, in general, are not new in the world of sexual fantasies. These have been used back to time immemorial by our forefathers in their search for erotic satisfaction in the confines of their bedrooms.

Back in the days though, these lubes are naturally prepared and the results are not conclusively positive. Some natural active ingredients also have side effects like with mint extracts that can increase numbing and thus tearing of tissues when the sexual action gets too rough or that of Glycerine which can increase the risk of yeast infection. Those that have used oils like those of coconuts and olive have known to overuse.

Enter sex lubes of the modern days. Anyone can find more than enough natural ingredients in these lubes, which can truly offer the best solutions to dryness during sex and anal play. 

There are brands that are designed to aid in painless anal sex and plays while there are also those that are manufactured to match the texture and even the flavors of sex protections like condoms.

Whatever you are up to, married, in an exclusive relationship, or just having fun, there is a specially formulated sex lube to match your preference. And it gets better by the day with the identified best water-based lube and silicone based lube products in the market these days.

The importance of choosing the right lube for your erotic fantasies is imperative. Remember that whether water-based or silicone, you are applying something to your very sensitive mucosal membranes and thus, you would want something so thin so it won’t actuate any unfavorable reaction in there.

As you probably know by now, these parts of your body are not only among the most sensitive but also the most absorbent to everything you may apply there. The same is true to the membranes, tissues, and walls of the anus which is why spitting and the use of just any lube during play is not recommended.

Water-Based vs Silicone Lubricants

The type of sex lubricant is also an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect and best sex lubricant for you and your partner. You want something that does not have any of the ingredients enumerated above that cannot only react badly to you and your partner but also effective.

Generally, whether it is a water based lube or a silicone kind, it will still be effective. Choosing what is perfect for your desires and comfortable for your preferences is the daunting part. Between the two, you’ll find water based lubes to lack the sticky and tacky properties noticed on silicone lubes, therefore much more comfortable. Also, it won’t leave stains on the sheets so you both can go for all the positions that you like all day or night long.

Silicone lubes are very effective for women on menopausal stage, though, as well as those who are experiencing general vaginal dryness during intercourse. They are thick enough than water-based to keep the vagina wet during the entire play as well as during penetration.

They also stick longer and not easily washed out so are very effective sex tools when in a shower together for a nice sex. The same applies for those who fantasize about having sex underwater and just about anywhere there is a presence of water.

Just like you, I am more than excited to try out the best sex lubricant products available on the market these days. Listed below are three each of the best water-based lube and silicone based lube that makes up the Best Sex Lubricants of 2018.

Top 3 Water Based Lubricants

1) Shibari

Listed as Shibari Intimate Lubricant on Amazon, this water based personal or sex lubricant is designed for women's soft skin. It has been rated with good stars by actual buyers and users who found the product very effective at a low price.

Available in a 16-ounce bottle, the item comes with active ingredients of Carboxymethylcellulose, Glycerin, Glycol, Pentylene, Potassium Sorbate glycerin, parabens and water (Aqua). This product is considered as one of the most inexpensive sex lube in the market these days.

Dubbed as a sex wonder in a bottle, the Shibari product is increasingly becoming a favorite and domestic name. It is thin as it is water-based and does not cause any tacky or sticky feel when applied to either the dry vagina or the hard penis as well as during the penetration of the penis to vagina and/or the anus.

What I so love about this product is that it doesn’t dry out fast, allowing me and my partner to have multiple climaxes in just one application. I guess a drop goes a long way and that bottle has been used for a great part of the year, it was totally awesome

At first, it stole the limelight as it offered a cheaper version of the expensive lubes with the same or even better effects to couples who love longer plays. Many users admitted being adamant in trying this product just like me because of the possible waste of money.

Eventually, the cost got the better of a good number of us who are sensitive enough to ensure not only our pleasure in bed but also that of our partners. Many can attest to the effectiveness of the product and the lack of any negative side effects.

These factors plus the non-sticky feel and no-stains effect throughout a long play are the reasons why Shibari made it to the top water-based lubricant products on this list. Read Full Review

2) Astroglide

Like Shibari, Astroglide comes in different sizes and types of lubes to cater different consumers with different taste and preference. From gel to oil, there is surely something that will perk the requirement of everyone.

Our personal favorite is the Astroglide water-based formula that is a guaranteed condom-compatible lube. This one comes in a 2.5-ounce bottle, just perfectly handy for those who are always on the go like me.

This thicker formula, water-soluble product is surely compatible to any condom, which I definitely and personally can recommend to those who are getting less from their regular lube and newbies.

This miracle sex lube in a smallish bottle is also an increasingly favorite of wet and wild lovers. This is exemplified with its strong rating on Amazon. Users noticed the same reasons I have to continue keeping this product on my nightstand and/or in my bag,

  • So slick but not the kind that sticks or tacks in action
  • Lasts long even when exposed to air
  • No disturbing smell
  • Does not tastes gross like other sex lubes I have and obviously others tried
  • Compatible with all condoms I have and others using it has used.

It is therefore clear that Astroglide truly delivers whatever it says on its pack – effective, safe, and inexpensive. It is definitely worth a try and once you do, I am pretty sure you may not go back to whatever it is that you been using now – which apparently kept you looking for better alternative.

Whatever use you want this sex magic bottle for, anal or vaginal penetration and play, you are surely in for the long haul. This will surely take you far with all the comforts you need.

3) Lush Personal Lubricant

Another super important in feeding your sexual fantasies is the Lush Personal lubricant. This one comes in different kinds, packaging, sizes, and types. You can have water-based or silicone in easy open or pumped bottles.

My personal favorite is the Lush Personal Lubricant water-based sex lube, the white bottle. It comes in three different sizes – 4, 8.5, and 17-ounce bottles. It promises of a long-lasting effect of natural feel sensation on dry vagina and anus. It guarantees dramatic reduced friction but not losing any of that sensual feel during foreplay and actual penetration on both the vagina and the anus.

I love the honesty of the product. It is plain and simple and surely does the job it is made for – multiple climaxes across couples of different sexual preferences. Also, it is guaranteed safe with doctors recommended formulation. It is thin but slippery and lasts very long that you don’t need to reapply or add some more to ensure long plays and multiple penetrations.

It is water based and thus non-irritating. It is unflavored, but without the gross taste that usually comes with other more expensive lubes. It is also fragrance-free, but not with an annoying odor that some of us have already encountered with other lubes.

As with other water-based lubes, this one delivers the promise of no-stain formula. Wet and wild all night and there’s no trace of use which is definitely great for me and my maid.

The Water Based Personal Lubricant comes in a nice and discreet packaging including a lock spill free pump mechanism on top. That allows and all those who rated this excellent sex lube high stars to use it efficiently.

A very important factor too is that it is truly safe with clinical tests to prove its compatibility with different condom materials like Latex and Polyurethane. Safe, effective, and FDA approved US facilities – what more can you ask for a personal lube?

Top 3 Silicone Based Lubricants

1) Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant

Available in 8-ounce bottles, the Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant is among the best silicone lubricants available in the market these days. It is proven to be very effective at a price that won’t hurt your sex life. With almost perfect rating on Amazon, the personal lube is found to be long-lasting, slick to the end, and very practical to use. For more comfortable and even better control of its use, a launcher is recommended to go along every buy of this personal lube.

 Personally, I recommend this silicone based personal lube – although I also love the water-based counterpart – because it delivers every inch of its promise. A little amount goes a long way, slippery and slick that doesn’t easily go tacky or sticky on longer sex and plays. It doesn’t leave stains too like another regular silicone personal lubes.

There is no unpleasant odor and doesn’t even taste gross so licking even after applying it all over the vagina and or the penis is still as good as before application. It is super fast to use, especially with the launcher included with the purchase, and can be kept handy on the nightstand or the drawer.

When my partner calls for some erotic action, I just grab it as soon as we’re ready and baam – we’re good to go. We definitely lived up to our sexual fantasies without guilt or discomfort of any kind.

The Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant is not just effective but safe even for those who are amateurs in relationships and having sex or those who have kinky bed antics. Its active ingredients include Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, and Tocopheryl Acetate – all known to have no negative side effects of any kind. So when I think of getting laid, I think Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant.

2) Uberlube

A go-to name in personal lube industry, Uberlube comes in different kinds and sizes of effective products. My personal favorite though is the Uberlube Luxury Lubricant in 50 ml size because it is super effective and handy. It is uber cheap too as a very little amount goes a very long way. I and my partner love this product so much that we always keep it handy in the drawer and on the nightstand along with our favorite condoms, sex toys and other brands and types of personal lubes. There are a few water-based products from the same brands which I also love and personally recommend but this luxury version is definitely unbeatable.

There are a lot of reasons why this product is a favorite by not only yours truly but all the ones who have rated it high on Amazon, thereby declaring it a top choice when looking for inexpensive and ultra-effective personal lube. Did I forget to mention that when using this product, entering the vagina or the backdoor is a not only a breeze but also sensationally fun? It’s like a magical potion that transfers that wonderful sensation to our bodies, starting from the penis and the vagina, while at the same time effectively reducing all the friction and any tension that can cause any discomfort or pain to me or my lover.

With Überlube, making love feels amazingly wonderful as it turns even the driest of dried vaginas and anuses ultra silky. What more, a little goes a long way! it performs just as long as you are on the job and when you stop, it dissipates and leave the skin, supple and not sticky or wet. If that’s already awesome, wait when you lick the clitoris and the vagina or the penis and you will know that it doesn’t taste anything annoying nor smell foul. Truly, it simply allows my erotic fantasies to life and that of my partner and there is no reason why you shouldn’t as well.

3) Pjur Eros Bodyglide

The brand name has been among the biggies in the industry of personal lubes and care for decades. It has opened the eyes of every sex enthusiast to taking care of their most sensitive organs. From chafing prevention sticks to silicone lubricants, there is no other way to go but using the Pjur products. My choice has always been the Pjur original silicone personal lubricant that comes in an 8.5-ounce bottle. Its effectiveness is truly off the table. And use, safety, and compatibility with any sex toy and protection are definitely guaranteed.

I have used too many personal lubes to know which one is average and which is truly excellent, and I know that this Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant definitely needs to be on my nightstand or in my bag all the time for, you know, any surprise big bang.

What I super love about this product is that it is very effective – slick and slipper – and goes a long way without drying out as long as I’m in action. And once I’m done, it just dissipates like magic without the trace of the wetness that was there just seconds ago or any sticky feel. It’s like a moisturizer but won’t stain the sheets so there is no need to choose positions, I just go where I want to go and keep my lover coming.

The Pjur Original Silicone Personal Lubricant is also very safe to use as it is hypoallergenic and tested to be excellent with condoms. It is even perfect for everyday use so there is truly no dull moments for me and my lover since day one of its discovery.

At that price, there is no other way to pleasurable and never-ending happiness in sex fantasies but its use time and time again. Its rating on amazon is a definite deserved rating.

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