The Best Silicone Dildos: Buyer’s Guide for 2019

There are many different materials that can be used to make a dildo. One of the most common, smooth, and durable materials out there is silicone.

It’s popular because it gives a realistic feel, with just enough bend and bounce during any type of play.

There are countless silicone dildos currently on the market, but it can be quite difficult to find one that perfectly fits your needs and desires.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the best silicone dildos out there.

Comparison Chart of the Best Silicone Dildos


Our Rating


Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Dildo

Tantus Charmer G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo

Colours 5 Inch Silicone Realistic Dildo

​Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup 

​​The Big Blue 8 Inch Dildo

​Maia Porpora Swirly Silicone Dildo

Adam's Silicone Dildo

Benefits of Silicone Dildos

There are many advantages to silicone dildos.

One of the main reasons they are so popular is that they are made with high grade silicone, so they tend to be a better quality than other dildos made with materials like PVC or jelly.

Silicone toys also tend to give a more realistic feel, so you can truly lose yourself in the moment with your favorite toy.

Silicone toys also usually don’t have phthalates which are toxic and should be avoided if at all possible.

Silicone dildos have several benefits that set them apart from their jelly or PVC counterparts, including that they are odorless, non-toxic, easy to clean, can be heated or cooled, and are flexible yet firm enough for all kinds of fun. 

Downsides to Using a Silicone Dildo

Although the downsides to silicone dildos are far and few between, they do tend to be more expensive than other sex toys.

You will have to spend a little more if you choose silicone as your material of choice.

Another factor to keep in mind is the type of lubricant you use with your silicone toy.

Silicone based lubricants are not compatible with silicone dildos and will break down them down over time. It’s best to use a water-based lubricant when you use these toys.

Because of their realistic appearance, silicone dildos are a little more difficult to transport discreetly.

For example, if you’re looking for a toy to take with you on the go, a silicone dildo probably won’t fit easily into a purse or bag.

Finally, just as with any other toy, wash it well after each use to ensure the toy lasts a long time.

Review of the Best Silicone Dildos

Now we're going to move onto the review section of our article and take a look at some of the top models that made our list for the best silicone dildos.

Here, we're going to discuss their main features, then review the pros and cons according to recent buyers. Let's get started. 

1. Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Dildo

The Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Silicone Dildo is designed to elicit screams of pleasure from a G-spot orgasm provided by a pretty, hot pink dildo.

If you like dildos that are less realistic in appearance, but can still get you off quickly and fantastically, this model will hit the spot (literally!) for you.  

Both ends of this toy have slightly different shapes and sizes, so this dildo automatically provides some variety in angles and sensations for you to explore.



  • Good for both solo and partner play.
  • Provides stimulation both vaginally and anally.
  • Curve is specifically designed to tickle the G-spot.
  • Easy to use, comes with helpful instructional leaflet.
  • Smooth, with some ridges for additional stimulation.


  • Large size can be intimidating and painful for some users who may be built on the smaller side.
  • Orgasms take longer to accomplish than with other toys (although this could also be a pro, depending on what type of experience you are looking for).

Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Satisfy Me G-Spot Silicone Dildo is an excellent toy for those looking to explore the use of dildos for the first time, as well as those who want to take their dildo game to the next level.

This toy requires a bit more patience than other models, but the G-spot orgasms are worth the wait.

2. Lifelike Love Luxe Realistic Dildo

If you are interested in a silicone dildo that looks almost exactly like the real thing, and can give you earth-shattering orgasms, look no further than the Lifelike Love Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo from Lovehoney!

This 8 inch dildo is hot pink, but beyond the fun, sexy color, it otherwise looks and feels just like a real penis would (perhaps even better!).

If you find realistic sex toys that are flesh-colored a little off-putting, but still want the experience of a toy that resembles a penis, this toy will be just perfect for you.



  • Easy to clean.
  • No rubbery smell.
  • Good for G-spot stimulation.
  • Suction cup allows for a variety of different positions and angles.
  • Suction cup can be used on wet surfaces as well as dry, so dildo can be used in the bath and shower as well.


  • Requires a lot of lube.
  • So large that extensive warming up is necessary before insertion.
  • Does not come with its own storage bag.

Bottom Line

The Lifelike Love Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo from Lovehoney is an excellent toy for those looking for some solid, lifelike silicone.

It will give you some fantastic orgasms once you get used to it, as this toy does take a little bit of warming up beforehand.

3. Tantus Charmer G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo

The 6 inch Tantus Charmer Silicone G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo is a dildo like none other.

Its appearance may be a little intimidating at first, as it is a rather large dildo with notches up and down its length.

But never fear – this nodules lead to pleasure like you have never experienced before!

This silicone dildo will provide excellent G-spot stimulation and a whole new realm of pleasure.



  • One-of-a-kind shape and appearance.
  • Unique G-spot stimulation.
  • Smooth and firm.
  • Good for both male/female and female/female partnerships, as well as solo play.
  • Fun purple color.


  • Silicone is not as high quality and has a rubbery feeling and smell.

Bottom Line

The Tantus Charmer Silicone G-Spot and P-Spot Dildo is a great time for anyone looking to take their G-spot stimulation game to the next level.

The notches up and down the sides will create new feelings of pleasure you have never before experienced, although it may take a few tries for the rubbery smell to dissipate.

4. Colours 5-Inch Silicone Realistic Dildo

The Colours Silicone Realistic Dildo is durable and authentic to fulfill all of your erotic fantasies.

This dildo is made from sexy, smooth purple silicone, so it cleans up quickly and will last you a long time.

This toy is perfect for beginners as it gives you 5 inches of length and a 1.5 inch wide shaft for pure bliss. 

It's firm, yet it bends just like a real penis. To top it all off, it is complete with a set of realistic balls.

There’s a suction cup base, so you can put the toy in various sexual positions for more fun.

Finally, it’s waterproof to satisfy all of your underwater adventures and is compatible with your favorite water based lube. 


  • Dildo size is perfect for beginners
  • Has a realistic look with balls attached
  • Has a suction cup base so it can add variety to your play


  • Toy might not be big enough for more advanced dildo users

Bottom Line

This is the perfect sex toy for beginner who are excited to delve into the world of dildos. It has impressive detail and a suction cup for more sexual variety.

On the downside, it’s a little small for advanced users. The deep purple color isn’t fooling anyone who’s looking for realistic appearance, but it’s definitely a fun way to spice things up.

5. Lovehoney Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

The Lovehoney Curved Silicone Dildo is perfect for many types of play, but it’s best for anal with its perfect curve and flared base.

This dildo is designed to reach both the P-spot and G-spot.

The toy has a suction cup, so you can attach it to various surfaces with a flared base for safe anal play. This toy offers you 7 inch of pleasure and is harness-compatible to top it all off.



  • 7 whopping inches of length
  • Suction cup for more sexual variety
  • Flared base for safety during anal play


  • Might be too big for some users

Bottom Line

For those that want a versatile toy with plenty of length, the Lovehoney Curved Silicone Dildo is the ideal choice.

It has a flared base so it’s safe for anal play, with the perfect curve for P-spot or G-spot stimulation. 

On the downside, this toy doesn’t have a lot of detail, but despite that, it still makes our list of the top silicone dildos.

6. The Big Blue Dildo

The Big Blue Dildo offers waves of pleasure with its 2 inch wide and 7.25 inches long detailed shaft.

The toy has a suction cup, so you can enjoy this big boy in a variety of positions and settings.

Despite its blue color, the toy is crafted with realistic ridged veins and balls. Because it is made of quality silicone, Big Blue is sure to last you a long time.


  • This toy is great for those seeking impressive size
  • Has a suction cup so it can be used in many positions
  • Detailed appearance and realistic feel with balls attached


  • Might be a little to large for beginners

Bottom Line

This toy has it all, with a a suction cup, authentic details, and silky, smooth, quality silicone.

The Big Blue 8 inch dildo might be too big for beginners, but will suit anyone more experienced. This silicone dildo is a great choice for anyone seeking size.  

7. Maia Porpora Swirly Silicone Dildo

Last but certainly not least is the Maia Porpora Swirly Silicone Dildo.

This dildo is ribbed for extra pleasure during anal or vaginal play. Additionally, it is built to stimulate both the G-spot and P-spot depending on what you like.

There’s a bulbous head and suction cup base for no shortage of stimulation or variety. This toy is 7.5 inches in length and it’s 5.5 inches in girth.

It’s firm, yet flexible to give you just enough bounce, and can be easily cleaned if you used a water-based lubricant. The Maia Porpora is sure to leave your legs trembling.


  • Good sized toy
  • Flared base and ribs for anal play
  • Suction cup so it can be used for different sex acts


  • Might be too big for some users

Bottom Line

This toy is a great silicone dildo for those who are just getting into anal. It has a flared base with a suction cup, so it can be used in various positions.

The toy might be too big for some users, so you’ll want to go slow if you’re just getting started.

8. Adam's Silicone Dildo

Adam’s Silicone Dildo is made to last, with quality, hypoallergenic silicone and compatibility with many different types of lubes.

The toy is a whopping 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. The entire insertable length of this toy is 7.5 inches.

This toy is very realistic in appearance and feel, with ridged veins, skin coloration, and bouncy balls for external.

It also has a suction cup base and it can be used in many different sexual positions for even more fun.


  • Realistic look and feel with balls attached
  • Has a suction cup for no shortage of variety
  • Big size for those that want more than average


  • Requires a lot of lube
  • The toy is slightly on the large size for those just starting out

Bottom Line

Adam’s Silicone Dildo will not let you down. With its genuine cock-like appearance and feel, coupled with its impressive insertable length, you may never want to leave your bedroom again.

How to Clean a Silicone Dildo

The best way to clean a silicone-based dildo is with soap and water. Make sure you clean it well and allow it to dry.

It’s not advised that you use just any silicone-based toy cleaner as they can ruin some silicone sex toys.

Any water-based toy cleaner is a good choice for cleaning your new silicone toy.

Your toy should be cleaned after each use and it’s a good idea to give it a quick wash prior to use as well to ensure it’s free of dust and other debris that might have accumulated during storage.

What Types of Lube are Best for Silicone Dildos?

The best type of lubricant for a silicone-based sex toy is a water-based lube. These lubes clean easily and they won’t damage the toy.

Silicone lubes or those made with oils may break down the silicone material overtime.

If in doubt, ask the manufacturer of your dildo what the best lubricant is for your silicone dildo.

Water based lubricant can be used with most sex toys, so this should be your first choice as you look for the perfect lube.


Silicone dildos are popular among dildo-lovers, and its clear why. With all the different styles to browse, from ones with suction cups and balls attached to flared with a pop of color, there’s something for everyone.

We hope this review has been helpful as you shop for your own silicone dildo. Let us know which one you ended up with and your favorite part about it. We love hearing from our readers!

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