The Best Strapless Dildos of 2018 – Buyers Guide

There are a lot of ways couples can please each other during sexual play, and there are a variety of sex toys available. When you are looking for something that's easy to use and provides sexual pleasure for you and your partner, then a strapless dildo is perfect.

Strapless dildos come in many different shapes and styles which may be confusing for first-time buyers. Here's a quick guide to strapless dildos that will help you decide which product is best for you and your lover.

Comparison Table of the Best Strapless Dildos


Our Rating


Evoke Strapless


Simply Strapless Vibrating Dildo

Lovehoney Double Delight Vibrating Double Strap-On

Strap U Vibrating Strapless Strap On

What is a Strapless Dildo?

A strapless dildo is designed to help potential users achieve comfortable orgasms without the use of a traditional harness strapless dildo.

A strapless dildo is designed with two dildos which are then inserted into each person for pleasure.

One end of a strapless dildo is generally smaller in length and has a bulb, sometimes called a saddle horn,  which is inserted into the vagina.

Strapless Dildo Diagram (source)

The longer dildo can then be inserted into your lover’s ass or vagina whether they are male or female.

When in use during sexual play, a strapless dildo can provide exciting pleasure for both users as the bulb rubs against your G-spot while you are thrusting in and out of your lover.

What are the Benefits of Using a Strapless Dildo?

There are numerous benefits to using a strapless dildo over a traditional harness strap-on dildo.

One of the primary benefits of a strapless dildo is that both participants can experience superb pleasure during sexual play.

Many traditional harness strap-on dildos can be uncomfortable while wearing and many times these types of dildos will become loose during rapid movement.

A strapless dildo will help increase sexual pleasure while in use without the hassle of working with a harness.

Another advantage of a strapless dildo is that they look more realistic. After inserting the bulb, the longer dildo protrudes from the body like a traditional cock and is more appealing to the eye.

How to Use a Strapless Dildo

Using a strapless dildo is user-friendly and can bring added excitement to lesbian lovers as well as to a male who likes to get pegged.

The added pleasure for both people will bring incredible orgasms to both participants-much like a double dildo.

First-time users should be forewarned that strong Kegel muscles are needed to keep a strapless dildo in place.

Strapless Dildo with Anal Toy (source)

Beginners that try strapless dildos should be forewarned that you will need to have strong Kegel muscles. These muscles are the key players in keeping a strapless dildo in the proper place once inserted.

You can improve the strength of your Kegel muscles by inserting a pair of Ben Wa Balls and squeezing them with your vaginal muscles.

If you don’t want to wait for stronger Kegel muscles then you can buy a strapless dildo that features a wider or bigger saddle horn, which will help you keep the strapless dildo secure while thrusting.

Quick Take - The Best Strapless Dildos

Reviews of the Best Strapless Dildos

Let's take a look at the top models that made our list for the best strapless dildos. We're going to cover the main features then dive into the pros and cons. 

The Simply Strapless Vibrating Dildo by Si Novelties brings a lot of excitement to users for easy use which includes plenty of length on the longer dildo.

This strapless dildo is constructed of ABS and Silicone which is phthalates free. The length is insertable to 7” and has a girth of 1.5” which provides plenty of sexual stimulation for people.

The saddle horn is 3.5” in length with a girth of 1.35” which is large enough to stay in place firmly for most users. The shaft is smooth, with a small head at one end for easy insertion, but the angle isn't ideal for all sexual positions.

The removable vibrating bullet has 10-functions, although vibration lacks strength when in use. Cleanup is easy with a quality toy cleaner.

Positive Things

  • Waterproof
  • Length and girth are desirable
  • Saddle horn is a good size for average sized vaginas

Things to Improve

  • Smooth finish
  • Vibrating bullet can be weak
  • Angle doesn't work for all sexual positions

Bottom Line

The Simply Strapless Vibrating Dildo holds up well during use and is comfortable to insert for both people. The smooth finish inserted easily but did not provide added sensation.

The removable vibrating bullet is not very strong and some users actually said they enjoyed product more without the bullet. Overall there might be better choices that are less expensive.

The Strap U Vibrating Strapless Strap On by XR Brands might be just what you're looking for with G-spot stimulation, length, and vibration.

This strapless dildo is made with flexible TPR and has smooth 6” insertable shaft with an authentically shaped head for easy insertion.

The saddle horn is 4” with a raised head, but can be harder to clasp with Kegel contraction. Either way, it provides plenty of G-spot stimulation while in use.

There is a nubbed area between the dildos which helped with clitoral stimulation for double the pleasure. The one-speed removable vibrator is sure to add extra stimulation, even when in active motion.

Some customers reported a strong chemical smell upon opening, and also wished the material was slightly more durable.

Positive Things

  • Strong vibration
  • Perfect insertable length
  • Excellent G-spot stimulation
  • Good for users with stronger Kegel muscles
  • Added clitoral stimulation with rabbit-like nub feature

Things to Improve

  • Ridged
  • Smaller girth
  • Chemical smell
  • Was hard to grasp

Bottom Line

The Strap U Vibrating Strapless Strap On by XR Brands is a great option for inexperienced users and is sure to satisfy both you and your partner.

Be sure to work on your Kegels prior to use, though, because otherwise the weight of the dildo can make it difficult to keep inserted.

The removable vibrator adds an extra element of fun, with strong enough vibration to stimulate both ends.

The Evoke Strapless Strap-On by XR Brands is a crowd favorite, offering vibration, usability, G-spot stimulation, and length for user.

This strapless strap on dildo is constructed of premium silicone with a smooth, firm, and flexible 6” insertable shaft. The saddle horn is 4” with a 1.5” girth which fits comfortably during rapid movement.

The tip allows easy insertion for both anal and vaginal play. The textured clitoral pad adds even more stimulation.

The one-speed removable vibrator has enough energy to bring the whole device in motion but tends to be stronger for G-spot and clitoris stimulation. The product is easy to clean and there was no chemical smell.

Positive Things

  • Firm yet flexible
  • No chemical smell
  • Textured clitoris stimulator
  • Strong one-speed removable vibrator

Things to Improve

  • Larger saddle horn
  • More options for larger girth

Bottom Line

The Evoke Strapless Strap On won't let you down when things start to heat up, with satisfying clitoral and G-spot stimulation, as well as a curved shaft with an authentic tip.

The vibrator works better compared to many other strapless dildos. This strapless dildo might just be what you need to add to your pleasure chest.

The Lovehoney Double Delight Vibrating Double Strap-On boasts the perfect angle, as well as easy usability, and strong vibration.

This strapless strap-on dildo made of silicone has a smooth 6” shaft and is attached to the 4.5” long saddle horn by an adjustable locking device which helps you control the angle of both shafts.

This feature comes in handy to give you just the right penetration, while still keeping the device securely in place.

The one-speed removable vibrator stimulates both parties, and the length of the saddle horn also provides for excellent G-spot stimulation. Clean-up can be slightly more challenging with the added adjustable locking system.

Positive Things

  • Good vibrations
  • Flexible, but firm
  • Longer saddle horn
  • Easy to grasp and maneuver
  • Adjustable angles for added pleasure

Things to Improve

  • Clean-up
  • Add ribbing to the shaft
  • Minimal clitoris stimulation


As you can see, strapless dildos are a great alternative to the classic strap-on, by simultaneously pleasuring you and your partner.

Vibrators help increase stimulation in most cases and several of the products are equipped with a textured clitoral nub which adds even more pleasure.

As we mentioned earlier in our review, before setting out to purchase a strapless strap-on dildo, you may want to consider a couple of weeks of Kegel strengthening beforehand.

No matter what, we wish you the best of luck in your purchase and can't wait to hear what you decided on. Be sure to leave a comment below if this review helped you. We love hearing from our readers. Stay sexy!

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