2019 Complete Buyer’s Guide: The Best Suction Cup Dildos

Are you in the market for a good suction cup dildo?

There are many different brands and models to choose from which may be overwhelming at first.

If you’ve never purchased one before, our review will ensure you know how to use a suction cup dildo and what to look for in an excellent model.

We’ve done our homework and plan to give you the precise and concise version to make it easier for you to determine which overall.

Comparison Chart of the Best Suction Cup Dildos


Our Rating


Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6-Inch

Lifelike Lover Classic Extra Long Dildo 9-Inch

BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 8-Inch

​John Holmes Realistic Dildo

Emperor 7

Adam's Colossal 12-Inch

Mr. Marcus's 9-Incher

Positions That Work Great With Suction Cup Dildos

Doggy Style: This is one of the preferred positions with a partner as they can thrust the dildo just like a penis. You can attach the toy to a surface if you like and get off on nearly any surface.

Double Penetration: Two are better than one, right? Suction cup dildos are great for anal play while your partner is already in your pussy.

Sitting: You could sit on the dildo while giving your partner oral sex making it pleasurable for both people involved.

Threesome: The dildo can take the place of another penis and be used to act out threesome fantasies.

Spooning:  This works great while spooning as it can reach areas of a body that you might not be able to if you’re smaller in size.

What Can You Stick a Suction Cup Dildo to?

A dildo with a suction cup will work on many different surfaces. In general, you should use some lube on the base to get it to stick better.

In some cases, it will adhere just fine to various surfaces.

Here are the best surfaces to use your suction cup dildo:

Bathtub: The bathtub works excellently as the water will help hold the dildo in place. You can put it on the bottom of the tub and sit on it or put it against the wall and back up against the cock.

Floor: The suction cup also attaches excellent to hard floors. You can’t use it on the carpet, but hardwood or tiled floors are perfect. 

If you use lube or water on the base, make note that it could stain, so see if it sticks without these lubricants first or be sure to seek out one that won’t stain.

Chair: You can use the dildo on a chair with a solid wood surface. It won’t work on ones with upholstery, but a regular wood chair will work fine; stick, slide, and ride.

Mirror: You can add the dildo to a mirror which is great if you’re someone who likes to watch. A full-length mirror will work great and adds a different perspective to foreplay or masturbating.

Headboard: If you have a wood headboard on your bed, be sure to experiment and slap it on. If you’re having troubles getting it to stick, lightly wet the suction cup and reapply.

Review of the Best Suction Cup Dildos

Below are the top suction dildos that are currently on the market. Read below for an in depth review on each.

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo

Firm, Flexible and lifelike. All things that the Lifelike lover markets itself as and then some.

This classic dildo is perfect for those who want to take their first steps into the joy of using a lifelike dildo, with the added usage of a suction cup to keep the hands free for other things.

An excellent choice for beginners, this dildo comes brilliantly constructed with a lifelike head, and realistic shaft, complete with veins, balls, and even wrinkles.

While firm, it is just flexible enough to reach all of the right spots for any user and at only 4.5 inches in girth, it is a perfect warm up size for those new to using toys during their sessions.

Simply add a bit of water-based lube and you can enjoy this dildo to its fullest.

If that isn’t enough, it is also compatible with a harness for when you want to use it with some company.



  • Excellent length and girth for beginners
  • Highly realistic finish and design. Perfect for those who like a bit of realism.
  • Harness compatible and comes with a suction cup. Perfect for solo and partner usage.


  • Size can become small quickly once used to it
  • Bit of a smell when fresh out of package, but should wash off eventually.

Bottom Line

For those who like their realism and are new to suction dildos the Lifelike Lover classic is a phenomenal starting point.

Offering versatility, realism and value for money in one neat little package.

The suction cup and harness compatibility add a huge depth to how it can be used and is sure to provide hours of fun.

2. Lifelike Lover Classic Extra Long Suction Cup Dildo

Once used to the 6 inch Likelike Classic, maybe you find yourself wanting to “take it up a notch” in terms of length and girth.

It is here that the Lifelike Lover Extra Long, comes into its own.

Boasting a length of 9 inches (8 and half of which are insertable) and a 6.5 inch girth at its widest, the Lifelike Extra Long will really start to push your boundaries.

Made from lifelike rubber and also compatible with a harness, this dildo can be enjoyed solo or with company.

It has a soft touch and flexible body but do be careful, as it a bit unforgiving if used without some degree of caution. So as always make sure to lube up thoroughly before using it. 

Finally, don’t forget the ultra realistic finish of the product.

With a bulging, realistic head and lifelike veins down the shaft, when lubed up properly this dildo will drive you mad, just like the real thing.



  • Highly detailed and realistic finish
  • Large 8.5 inches of insertable length
  • Flexible body to get to all of your favorite spots.


  • Bit of a smell out of box, but will wash away soon enough.
  • Size is a bit too much for those starting out. Try with something smaller first before purchasing.

Bottom Line

If you want to graduate to a larger dildo then this one is right up your street.

The large length is a big jump from the 6 inch beginner dildos and the realistic finish and quality are top of the line.

The harness compatibility add an extra layer of use to the dildo, as well as coming with a suction cup for a more hands free time.

3. BASICS Suction Cup Dildo

BASICS by name, basics by nature, this suction cup dildo is the classic look and ideal that comes to mind when thinking of such a toy.

With its long 8 inch shaft and smooth rounded head, this dildo will hit all of the right spots.

And with its suction cup base and compatibility with a harness, you can keep this pleasure to yourself or share with anyone you wish.

Made from firm but flexible PVC, this dildo doesn’t flare out in its shaft, meaning that beginners and those more experienced can enjoy it up to any length.

Just be wary of the 5 inch girth when first using it though, as it can come as a bit of a shock when inserting. Especially if brand new to it.

It even comes modeled with realistic veins down the shaft for that more intimate and realistic feel. Just set it up with some water-based lube and have fun.



  • Flexible construction to hit the right spots
  • PVC construction makes it easy to wash clean
  • Suction cup base and harness compatibility for use with anyone you wish


  • Can come with a bit of a smell out of the box
  • Size and weight can make the suction a bit temperamental on some surfaces

Bottom Line

While not as realistic looking as other dildos, the BASICS 8 Inch more than makes up for it with its pure pleasure giving ability.

It is flexible enough to hit you where you want and large enough to fill any hole.

If you want a dildo with a more classic look but with a realistic feel and texture, you cannot go wrong purchasing this.

4. John Holmes Realistic Dildo

This dildo is modeled after Porn Star John Holmes. It features excellent details including life-like veins, size, girth, and flexibility.

This dildo isn’t for beginners as it’s a massive toy, measuring in at 12” long and 2.5” in diameter. 

The suction cup attaches to a variety of surfaces so you can free up your hands and enjoy the ride.

The John Holmes Realistic Dildo is a toy designed for those that want the ultimate experience in the bedroom, bathroom, or where ever you decide to place it.



  • Easy to wash
  • Very realistic looking
  • Modeled after a well-known porn star
  • Massive 12” long and 2.5” in diameter for more fun
  • Perfect for those looking to spice up the bedroom


  • Not for beginners due to extreme size
  • Needs a good seal on the wall or more support for it to work as intended

Bottom Line

The John Holmes Realistic Suction Cup dildo is a massive toy at 12”, so it may not be the best first addition to your collection.

But if you want the realistic look of a huge cock and one that resembles a porn star, then this toy can’t be beaten.

5. Emperor 7

For those that want a top-notch dildo that also incorporates vibration, the Emperor 7 inch is the way to go. It resembles a real penis as the rubber feels just like real skin.

The added multi-vibration means you get even more pleasure when using this toy.

The suction cup is strong and sturdy, so the dildo will stay where you place it.


  • Has multi-vibration for added pleasure
  • Realistic looking and doesn’t feel like standard dildos
  • Right size at 7” for those that don’t want something too big


  • Some claimed vibration isn’t as strong as they'd hoped for
  • Many users said the dildo smelled bad out of the box, but this faded after washing

Bottom Line

If you’re after an above average dildo with vibrating options, the Emperor 7” is your next purchase.

On the downside, it may be too big for beginners, and the dildo had some problems with smell out of the box, which dissipated after washing it a few times.

The vibration action may not be enough for some, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make you cum hard.

6. Adam's Colossal Dildo 

If you’re looking for a real treat in the bedroom, look to the Adam’s Colossal 12 inch Dildo.

This one has all the details you crave and is sure to leave you satisfied and with a smile on your face. It’s made of flexible TPR material which is still firm, so it’s very realistic.

The suction cup allows you to place the dildo where you want and when you want and is even harness compatible.

There are pros and cons we would like to highlight before you make your final decision, let’s see what they are.


  • Works with a harness
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Solid suction cup base
  • Made with flesh-like TPR
  • Large 12” size to fulfill your fantasies


  • Might not work in all sex positions
  • Large size could be uncomfortable for some users

Bottom Line

Fun seekers after a huge realistic suction cup dildo need to look no further than the Adam’s Colossal 12 inch.

It has an authentic feel and more size than you could ever need.

On the downside, it’s too big for some users and may end up using more lube than planned to ensure a blissful, pain-free experience.

7. Mr. Marcus's 9-Incher

Mr. Marcus’s 9 incher is perfect for those who want a dildo the resembles a porn star and want to experience the real deal.

This dildo is cast from Mr. Marcus and is a massive 9 inches long and 2 inches wide.

It’s made of high-quality material that feels just like the real thing and has been a top pick among recent customers.

The suction cup allows you to use this dildo hands-free and have fun in a variety of environments. 

To protect the toy in between uses, customers also receive even an included cloth bag.


  • Thick 9” for extra fun
  • Comes with cloth bag for protection
  • Modeled after Mr. Marcus is is realistic
  • Made of high-quality material which adds to the longevity of the product
  • Strong suction base so you can stick it to a variety of surfaces around the house


  • Some found it was not firm enough for anal sex
  • Maybe too big and uncomfortable for some users
  • Rubber had a bad smell in some cases after unboxing, but that went away after a few washes

Bottom Line

Mr. Marcus’s 9 incher brings stable and realistic fun to the bedroom. It features a real sense of the real thing, and it’s designed after porn star Mr. Marcus.

On the downside, it’s huge and could be uncomfortable for some users without lube or proper experience.

Recent customers that used it reported a strong odor when it was brand new, but this quickly went away after washing the dildo several times.

How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo

There are several ways you can use a suction cup dildo and a variety of pleasurable positions that work well with this type of toy.

Before you use a dildo, make sure you have plenty of lube handy as it’ll provide a much more enjoyable experience.

good water based lubricant is ideal.

Don’t use household lubes such as petroleum jelly, hand soap, or moisturizers as these can damage the surface of some dildos over time.

Always use a lube that’s intended for sex and the material of your toy.  


A suction cup dildo can add a lot of variety to the bedroom and be used in many different positions, and most work well on a variety of unexpected surfaces.

Beginners may want to stick to a smaller size, but if you have experience, there are certainly models available.

A handful of models are also designed from actual penis molds of porn stars and can add an entirely new fantasy factor to your sex life.

If this review was helpful, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know what you ultimately decided on.

We love hearing from our readers and wish you the best in your final decision. Have fun!

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