The Best Suction Cup Vibrators: Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Vibrators have come a long way since their inception. As technology improves, vibrators are available with newly added features to please and tease you to the point of orgasm.

One of these advancements is a suction cup, allowing for hands-free pleasure. Any hard, flat surface can become your best friend as you grind away on your favorite vibrator.

With so many different options out there, we wanted to give you a quick guide to which suction cup vibrators are rated the best in quality and overall satisfaction. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Suction Cup Vibrators 


Our Rating


Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo Vibrator

Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Wallbangers Waterproof Vibrator

Ignite 9-Inch Vibrator

​All AmericanWhopper Vibrator

Max Vibrating Dildo

Real Feel 9

Considerations When Buying a Suction Cup Vibrator

Suction-cup vibrators are a great option for people who love the ease of a hands-free device.

Just as with any product, there are several factors to consider before you purchase. These include: 

  • What type of material is it?
  • Is it waterproof or water-resistant?
  • Is it rechargeable?
  • What type of lube is it compatible with?
  • How do I clean it?

What Type of Material is it?

Quality material is essential to a good vibrator. As we know, our bodies are sensitive environments that require the utmost care.

You’ll be using your toy in the most sensitive parts of your body, so your toy should reflect that.

When purchasing a vibrator, it is important to look for a material that is body-safe and phthalates-free.

A body-safe sex toy by definition is made of material that is non-toxic and non-porous. Silicone, TPR rubber, metal, hard plastic, and glass toys fit in this category.

Anything made of jelly or a realistic flesh material is extremely porous, and you will never be able to get them completely clean – even if you are extremely diligent in your sex toy care regimen. These are a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, which will transfer to your body. It is better to avoid them.

A phthalate-free sex toy does not have phthalates in it. This harmful material found in most plastic items that have been proven to cause cancer and damage a woman’s reproductive organs. 

You should never buy a toy unless it specifically notes that it is phthalate-free.  

You’ll also want to find a material that feels good for your body. Soft silicone is ideal because it is body-safe and it feels really smooth. Look out for any materials with latex in them if you have any allergies or sensitivities.

Is it Waterproof or Water-resistant?

Especially for suction cup vibrators, you’ll want to know whether or not it’s waterproof. If you’re going to use your suction cup vibrator in the shower or tub, this is an important feature to consider.

There is a difference between waterproof toys and water-resistant toys. Waterproof toys usually come with a seal around the battery compartment to keep water out. This means that you can bring the toy in the shower or the bathtub with you. Sometimes a manufacturer will label a toy as submersible, which means it is safe for underwater play.

Water-resistant toys do not have the protection of the seal to keep water out of the battery compartment. Submersion or other prolonged exposure to a water source, such as during a shower or tub session, will permanently damage it. However, light exposure to water, such as during your cleaning sessions, won’t ruin it.

Is it Rechargeable?

Rechargeable toys have become enormously popular in recent years. Instead of using batteries, these toys plug into a power source, using a USB cable, a charging cord, or a charging dock. They are more environmentally-friendly because they do not produce the waste of discarded batteries.

Rechargeable vibrators may offer more longevity. You won’t have to worry about buying replacement batteries, but it often comes with an extra cost.

What Type of Lube is it Compatible With?

No matter whether you go with a rechargeable or battery-operated vibrator, check the material to see what kind of lube should be used with it.

A safe way to go is water-based lube. Water-based lubricant is compatible with pretty much every type of toy on the market. It comes in various thicknesses, and some of them are even flavored! They make for great fun in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that you cannot use silicone toys with silicone lubricant. The lubricant will wear down the material, and you will be left with a peeling mess. If you have a silicone anal toy, using a thicker water-based anal lubricant is best.

How Do I Clean It?

For most toys, cleaning with a mild antibacterial soap and water will suit just fine. However, some recommend using a special sex toy cleaner. This prevents the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the material of your toy.

No matter what, be sure you keep your vibrator clean so that your fun is never interrupted by an unpleasant surprise.

Review of the Best Suction Cup Vibrators

With all these things in mind, we would like to lay out for you the best suction cup vibrators on the market.

1. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Vibrator

For each vibrator, we’ll take a look at its main features, pros and cons, so you know exactly what to expect from the newest addition to your toy collection. Let’s dive in:

The Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 inch is not for those who intimidate easily. With 5” of insertable length and 3” thick, this toy will stretch you delightfully. When you add in 10 different vibration functions, it makes for an eye-rolling good time.

Shaped to feel and look like a real penis, the Lifelike Lover is made with a skin-safe rubber with a realistic texture. With a strong suction cup base, you can attach it to any flat surface for endless possibilities of pleasure.

You’ll love the hands-free action. For even more fun, give the wireless remote to your partner. Experiment with the three speeds and seven patterns until you find the “one.” The suction cup is harness compatible with a 1.5” ring. Have your partner slide into the hardness to take complete control of your experience.

The Lifelike Lover makes for great foreplay with your significant other or solo play. It is a completely body-safe material that is latex-free and phthalate-free. Keep your favorite lubricant on hand for easier insertion and better pleasure.

When you finish, a spritz of toy cleaner and a warm cloth will clean it for your next adventure. Since the material is so realistic, we recommend storing it in a storage bag or box.



  • Easy to clean
  • Good for solo play or with a partner
  • Feels just like the real thing
  • 3-speed, 7-function vibrations
  • 6-inch realistic suction cup vibrator that sticks to any flat surface


  • Splash-proof; not completely waterproof
  • Those used to dildos may find it a little too hard
  • The wired controller may get in the way of your pleasure

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a suction cup vibrator to take your game to the next level, the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 inch is the perfect companion. Every flat surface in your home has sexual potential.

It makes a fun addition to your solo sessions, and it enhances your time in the bedroom with your partner. The Lifelike Lover also comes at a bargain price in comparison to other suction cup vibrators, so don’t miss out!

2.  Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Vibrator

If you thought that the Lifelike Lover was impressive, the Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo Vibrator 7.5 inch will really make your eyes pop. Measuring 7.5” of insertable length and a whopping 8” around, this toy will push you to the point of no return.

Made of the body-safe PVC that is latex-free and phthalate-free, the Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo Vibrator is perfectly matched with a slathering of your best water-based lubricant. The strong suction cup attaches securely to any surface, giving you a good time no matter where you are.

The remote control has gradual settings, from low to high, so you can find the right intensity that works for you. The vibrations flow through the whole dong, all the way to the defined sack at the base. Although the suction cup is specially designed to hold the weight of this monster, it isn’t harness-compatible.

Great for solo play or with your partner, we recommend keeping the Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo Vibrator in the bedroom…or the office….or the living room.

It isn’t waterproof, so the only exposure to water it should have is when you clean it with a mild soap or toy cleaner. With this bad boy, orgasmic pleasure with its smooth surface and intense vibrations is literally in the palm of your hand.



  • 7.5” insertable length and measures 8” around
  • Defined head, veiny shaft, and bulbous sack feel like the real thing
  • Remote control gradually increases the vibration speed from low to high
  • Strong suction cup that holds it weight to any flat surface
  • A great addition for any experienced user
  • Made of body-safe PVC rubber; latex-free and phthalate-free
  • Quiet and strong vibrations


  • Not waterproof
  • Not harness compatible
  • Can be a little too rigid for some

Bottom Line

With its awe-inspiring length and girth, the Si Novelties Extra Thick Suction Cup Dildo Vibrator will be the star of your pleasure chest.

The strong suction cup works well to hold the enormous dong in place, but it isn’t harness-compatible. Unfortunately, it isn’t waterproof, but you won’t even make it to the bathroom. A must-have for any serious toy collector!

3. Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator

Another option from the Lifelike Lover collection, the Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch is even more impressive. Instead of a straight member for you to ride, this one is curved for perfect G-spot stimulation.

This toy is perfect for every woman who has never been able to find the right toy that feels great inside and hits the right spot.

Latex-free and phthalate-free, the PVC rubber Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 inch has 7 inches of insertable length. You’ll never miss out on G-spot orgasms with this one. With a 3.25” thickness, you’ll feel every inch of the Lifelike Lover as you ride your way to ecstasy.

A strong suction cup holds him in place on any flat surface, making your bed only one of the various places you can reach your pleasure.

Unlike some battery-operated vibrating dildos, this one is completely waterproof. Shower time just got much better! The push-button controller is easy to use, allowing you to explore three speeds and seven functions of sensation. An even better time is to let your partner control the speed.

The Lifelike Lover is harness compatible, so you have even more options. The curve is also great for pegging while wearing the harness. It is more flexible than most suction cup vibrators, so you can always find the right position. Add your favorite water-based lubricant and hop on for intense orgasms.

The rubber material is very easy to clean with a mild soap or toy cleaner. Whether you use it by yourself or with a partner, the Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch will never disappoint.



  • 7” of insertable length
  • Deep curve for perfect G-spot or P-spot stimulation
  • Body-safe PVC rubber; latex-free and phthalate-free
  • 3-speed, 7-function vibrations
  • Suction cup that sticks to any flat surface
  • Waterproof
  • Incredible detail: defined head and veined shaft feel like the real thing


  • Suction cup isn’t as strong as other models
  • Wired remote: the wire is short, and it can limit your mobility
  • The higher vibration speeds are loud

Bottom Line

While other curved vibrators for G-spot and P-spot stimulation can feel hard (like a probe), the Lifelike Lover Classic Curved Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch is a welcome addition to anyone’s bedroom. The soft PVC rubber is easy to clean, and the deep curve of the toy hits all the right spots.

It sticks to hard surfaces, making your bed the last place you want to be. Although the toy is waterproof, handle the controller with care around water sources. The Lifelike Lover is great for solo or couples play; a great supplement to anyone’s toy collection!

4. Wallbangers Waterproof Vibrator  

We’ll start off strong with a suction cup vibrator that has all of the essential plus a bonus clitoral stimulator, the Wall Banger Suction Cup Rabbit Vibrator.

This waterproof vibrator is made from a soft and body-safe jelly rubber, which is flexible, smooth, and durable for all of your underwater adventures. The Wall Banger is also latex-free and phthalate-free.

With an easy twist of the base, you can enjoy multiple vibration settings that gradually increase from slow to fast. You’ll feel the ribbing of the veins along the shaft, and the realistically-shaped head as the rabbit clitoral stimulator teases your clit at the same time.

The strong suction cup on the base is the best feature of the Wall Banger Suction Cup Rabbit Vibrator. You can stick it to almost any hard surface for a variety of toe-curling positions. Especially when things get hot and steamy in the bathroom, this accessory is sure to make every shower one to remember.

To top it all off, this suction cup vibrator is compatible with both silicone- and water-based lube. You can break out your favorite lube to increase comfort and pleasure.

It’s also easily cleaned with just soap and water, so you’ll always be ready to go.



  • Intense vibrations
  • Strong suction to floors and walls
  • Smooth and comfortable material
  • Clitoral ticklers hit just the right spot
  • Size is great -- Not too big and not too small


  • A little too firm for some
  • Some wish there were more vibration settings

Bottom Line

For a great suction cup vibrator that will work wherever you need it to, the Wall Banger Suction Cup Rabbit Vibrator will become your new shower buddy. With its strong suction, sleek and comfortable pink jelly texture, and multiple vibration patterns, you will not be disappointed.

5. Ignite 9-Inch Vibrator 

Next on our list is the Ignite 9 Inch Vibrating Dildo With Suction Cup. With a whopping 8.5 inches of insertable length, this toy is not for the faint of heart.

It is made with TPR rubber, a realistic, comfortable, and body-safe material. Not only does TPR give you just enough bend and bounce, but it also muffles the sound of the vibrator for discreet play at all hours of the day.

With a variable speed controller, you are in complete control of your pleasure. Not only is the suction cup perfect for attaching to any flat surface, but it is also harness-compatible for partner play.

We recommend using plenty of your favorite water-based lube with this vibrator to help with insertion.

With its size, you’ll want to be sure to give yourself plenty of time to warm up and get comfortable.


  • Flexible, yet firm
  • Suction cup is strong
  • TPR material is smooth and comfortable
  • Perfect for people who crave length and girth
  • Realistic feel and shape make for a pleasurable experience


  • Not waterproof
  • Chemical smell upon opening that dissipates with time

Bottom Line

For the advanced user who loves the feeling of a large vibrator filling them up, the Ignite 9 Inch Vibrating Dildo With Suction Cup is a great option.

If you love hands-free fun with strong suction for active play, it may just be worth a try.

6. All American Whopper Vibrator 

If you’re in the market for a realistic looking and feeling vibrator, the American Whopper 8” Vibrating Dong with Harness may be exactly what you’re looking for.

With the look and feel of a real man, this vibrator is 7 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with a suction cup for hands-free pleasure.

Made of soft PVC plastic, the rubber shaft is curved for incredible G-spot stimulation, while the multi-speed vibrations build up to the point of a leg-shaking orgasm.

To experiment the vibrations, you can easily control them with a separate remote or hand it over to your partner for extra fun.

The American Whopper comes with a comfortable and adjustable harness. It fits up to a 44” waist, and it comes with four snap straps to keep the ring and the dildo secure as you are riding your partner. Two bonus rings are also included so you can use other suction-cup dongs for extra fun.

Remember to use your favorite water-based lube for increased pleasure. Cleaning is made easy with just a moist cloth and a little bit of antibacterial soap.


  • Multiple skin color options
  • Very firm for easy penetration
  • Suction cup sticks well to most surfaces
  • Versatile for several different positions
  • Great for both anal and vaginal penetration


  • Not waterproof
  • Vibration is somewhat loud
  • Chemical smell that will disappear after a few uses and cleanings

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a thick vibrating suction cup dildo to fulfill all of your hands-free fantasies, the American Whopper 8” Vibrating Dong with Harness will get the job done.

7. Max Vibrator

With its realistic veins, ridges, and ball sack, you’ll feel like you have a real penis inside you with the added bonus of sweet and strong vibrations.

Let’s take a look at the Max Vibrating Dildo. This is another wonderful choice for people who want something to mimic the real thing.

Crafted from soft and flexible Futurotic material, this vibrating dildo gives just enough bounce to make insertion comfortable.

The shaft boasts 7 inches in length at 2.5 inches wide. Complete with a strong suction cup base, you can relax and enjoy the hands-free pleasure of deeply ridged veins and testicles.

Finally, beneath the structure of this dildo are two multi-speed vibrators, for powerful pulses from head to toe.

Perfect for solo or partner play, the dial remote control is attached with a 23-inch cord for easy experimentation.  



  • Testicles provide added external stimulation
  • Perfect girth and length for ultimate pleasure
  • Fun to play with multiple vibration speeds and intensity
  • Great for advanced users and those comfortable with size
  • Feels just like the real deal, with just enough flexibility while maintaining its firmness


  • Not waterproof
  • Some wish the cord was longer or that the remote was wireless

Bottom Line

The Max Vibrating Dildo is a great addition to any pleasure chest. Its size and versatility are is perfect for all experience levels and comes with a variety of vibration settings to spice things up. 

8. Real Feel 9

One of the Max’s downsides is the fact that it's not waterproof; be sure to keep this toy away from the shower or tub.

With 8 inches of insertable length available to ride and grind on, the Real Feel 9 will fill you up to the point of pure bliss. Molded to look and feel just like a real penis, the Fantaflesh material will give you an authentic experience with its bulbous ball sack, deep veins, and ridged head.

With its strong suction-cup base, this realistic suction cup vibrator can stick to almost any surface. You don’t even have to worry about taking with you into the tub or shower because it is waterproof.

The Real Feel 9 is also harness-compatible, so you can incorporate your partner into the fun.

By just twisting the base, you can explore the several vibration settings that will send shivers down your spine as you grind away in countless hands-free positions.


  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Multi-speed vibrations are very strong
  • Extremely realistic texture and firmness
  • Waterproof for all of your underwater play
  • Large size gives you that pleasant, “full” feeling


  • Difficult to change vibration settings when inserted
  • Similar to other models, there is an initial unpleasant smell that dissipates over time

Bottom Line

Our pick for a realistic suction cup vibrator, the Real Feel 9 holds almost all of the characteristics that make a sturdy, pleasurable, and versatile vibrator.

The variable vibrations, massive size, and soft material make this waterproof masterpiece a great addition to anyone’s pleasure chest.

How to Use a Suction Cup Vibrator

The opportunities for using a suction-cup vibrators are endless. Just as simple as it sounds, a suction cup vibrator can be stuck to any flat, smooth surface.

You’re not limited to just one position with a suction cup vibrator either. Let’s talk about a few ways you can use a suction cup vibrator.

If you’re looking for deep penetration, you can try sticking your suction cup vibrator onto a wall or headboard. Then, just let the angle do the work.

Mimicking doggy-style penetration, your vibrator will send you pulses of pleasure as you take control of the depth of insertion and the speed at which you bounce against it.  

Another fun way to use a suction cup vibrator is by sticking it to a hard floor and bouncing up and down on top of it in a squat position. You can also try riding on your vibrator as it sticks to a chair.

Classically, suction cup vibrators are great in the shower or tub. Because these surfaces are already nice and smooth, it should stick easily to the walls or floor. Then, let the sexy, steamy water pour over you as you pleasure yourself.

Suction cup vibrators aren’t limited to just solo play. The best part about hands-free devices is that they leave your hands available to pleasure either you or your partner simultaneously.

If you really want to take things up a notch, try sticking your suction cup vibrator to a mirror. This will give both you and your partner an amazing visual as you ride away.

Suction Cup Vibrators vs. Dildos

Although they both allow for hands-free fun, suction cup vibrators are slightly different than the classic suction cup dildo.

With the added vibration and sometimes clitoral stimulators, suction cup vibrators offer a little more variety to your play.

Typically, a suction cup dildo is made to look and feel like the real deal, and is often slightly more flexible to allow for more bend and bounce and mimic the sensation of authentic penetration.

A suction cup vibrator may look the same, but with the added benefit of vibration for even more stimulation.

Some models may even ditch the realistic look altogether and give you a sleeker option for penetration.

One or the other isn’t necessarily better, but it just depends on what you want to get out of your toy.


Overall, suction cup vibrators are unique in that they allow for exciting play in a variety of positions and places.

Ranging in size, design, and material, suction cup vibrators hold all of the components of a classic dildo with the added advantage of allowing for hands-free play and sending pleasurable vibrations through your body for an intense orgasmic experience.

No matter which suction cup vibrator you decide on, we hope this article has been helpful in your search for a new toy to add to your collection. Leave a comment below to tell us your favorite way to use a suction cup vibrator.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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