Best Thrusting Dildos – Ultimate Guide

Everyone is searching for the ultimate blood pumping climax and there are many ways to achieve that ‘perfect orgasm’. Among them, one of the most powerful and efficient ways, is by using a thrusting dildo.

Before you run out and buy the first one you see, we’d like to give you a run down on the different models out there and what each of them are best for. It just comes down to which fits your needs and desires so you can have the orgasm of a lifetime.

What is a Thrusting Dildo?

A thrusting dildo is an innovative electronic sex toy which features a mechanized thrusting motion, usually at the tip of the shaft.

This type of dildo is designed to increase the intensity of climaxes, as well as help with other erogenous zones such as the clitoris, G-spot, or prostate (P-spot).

Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her In Action

Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her Remote Controlled Thrusting Vibrator

They usually have a variety of vibration speeds, and users can typically control the thrusting strength to intensify orgasms.

Many times, thrusting dildos are combined with the traditional rabbit vibrator, featuring a pair of ears to enhance external stimulation.

Some models also have extended tips that surpass the shaft or even incorporate a twirling motion to push you over the edge.

What are the Perks of a Thrusting Dildo?

There are several advantages to being an owner of a thrusting dildo. Compared to traditional dildos and vibrators, thrusting dildos have an entirely new element of power and pleasure.

A thrusting dildo grants the opportunity to pleasure and stimulate several areas of your body at the same time. Combining these sensations can bring a one-of-a-kind experience to nearly any moment.

The best perk of all: that big O (Source)

Review of the Best Thrusting Dildos

Now that you know a bit more about thrusting dildos, let’s take a look at the best ones currently on the market.

1. Fun Factory Stronic Real Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo


  • USB Rechargeable that lasts a long time on one charge
  • Velvety soft silicone
  • Waterproof and super easy to clean
  • “Comfortable and hits all the right spots”
  • Control buttons make it very easy to use
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Very quiet


  • More difficult to use for anal play
  • Needs practice to place it properly
  • Not everybody likes the thrusting motion

Let’s jump right in with the Fun Factory Stronic Real Realistic Pulsator Thrusting Dildo.

The name is a mouthful but Fun Factory’s Stronic technology was unique at the time this toy was released. Instead of a motor that moves a thrusting arm in an accordion style, Stonic technology uses magnets inside which collide and move the entire toy in a thrusting motion.

This silky silicone little number has 7 powerful thrusting speeds and 3 rhythms. The buttons are incredibly easy to navigate with the “Fun” button to turn on and off and + or – to move up and down through the options.

The shaft has an insertable length of 4.5-inches and a width of 1.38-inches, perfect for all levels of users. You an let this vibrator do all the work, putting it in place and letting the thrusting motion thrill your g-spot.

Fun Factory uses a magnetic charger that can plug into any USB port, making it easy to travel with. It is also  completely waterproof for your favorite aquatic play.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is great thrusting sex toy for just about anyone looking for intense thrusting action. The controls are easy to navigate and, although it is pricey, you get what you pay for in terms of a quiet, extremely powerful, long lasting, and good quality toy.

2. California Dreaming Orange County Cutie Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable with a long charge life
  • Hits the G-spot and clitoris perfectly
  • Very comfortable to slide in with a water-based lube
  • Ten modes of vibration and intensity plus three modes of thrusting speed


  • The thrusting function is a bit noisy

The California Dreaming Orange County Cutie Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator operates more like a traditional thrusting toy with an accordion function to make the insertable arm go in and out.

This dildo combines a thrusting shaft with a toe curling clitoral stimulator for a complete orgasmic experience. Each appendage has its own motor so this is a powerful toy for blended orgasms.

This thrusting dildo measures 4.5-inches in insertable length and 1.5-inches across. It’s made of silicone over a firm body, so it’s not very flexible, but makes insertion a piece of cake. Because it’s waterproof, it can go with you anywhere, even in the shower or tub.

Bottom Line

This vibrator offers just about anything you could want in a thrusting sex toy.

With just the right combination of vibration, thrusting, and power, this dildo will send you to the moon.

3. The Velvet Mini Teddy Powerful Thrusting Silicone Dildo


  • Super soft and flexible silicone
  • Thrusting motor packs a punch
  • Realistic shaft great for p-spot (prostate) and g-spot stimuation
  • Strong suction cup for hands-free fun


  • No storage bag
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Buttons can be a bit difficult to find
  • Doesn’t t vibrate

Next, let’s take a look at one of the more powerful thrusting dildos. The Velvet Mini Teddy Powerful Thrusting Silicone Dildo has unique features that make it one of the best thrusting dildos available.

This thrusting vibrator is capable of an intense 125 strokes per-minute with 2 ½ inches of thrust. Luckily it has 6 settings of intensity so you can work your way up though. The Mini Teddy has an insertable length of 5-inches and a width of 1.5-inches at the widest insertable point to completely fill you up.

Additionally, the base is only 2.5-inches wide, making the Mini Teddy fairly easy to hang on to. It features a powerful suction cup so you can stick it to a smooth, even surface and enjoy it hands-free.

Bottom Line

The Velvet Mini Teddy Powerful Thrusting Silicone Dildo is one of our very favorite thrusting toys. It has an incredibly strong motor, with a strong suction cup for play all night long.

4. Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Heating Vibrating Remote Control Ass Thruster


  • Tapered and ribbed shaft
  • Excellent length and girth
  • Strong vibrations and thrusting power
  • Warming function
  • The suction cup is reliable and sticks to a variety of surfaces


  • Model is not waterproof
  • Thrusting function is noisy

Let’s switch gears and look at our favorite thrusting dildo for the backdoor. Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Heating Vibrating Remote Control Ass Thruster reaches towards all the right spots as it thrusts inside you.

This thrusting dildo is made from phthalate-free silicone and features 7 speeds of vibration with 7 degrees of thrusting power. The 6-inch insertable length is ideal for depth, and tapered tip is easy to insert once lubricated.

The tapered shaft is complimented with ribbing to put you over the edge. The remote control is easy to use and has push buttons for both vibration and thrusting motions. To top it all off, the flared base is completed with an ultra powerful lock-down suction cup for never ending hands-free fun.

Bottom Line

The Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Heating Vibrating Remote Control Ass Thruster will leave you begging for more. It’s thrusting shaft and vibrations will send shivers up your spine until you’re ready to explode.

5. Royal Rabbits Bunny Thrust 10X Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator


  • Model is rechargeable
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Easy to control speed and thrusting motions
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower or tub


  • Magnetic charger can slip off while charging
  • Thrust isn’t as deep as some other models

The Royal Rabbits Bunny Thrust 10X Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator is crafted specifically to please and tease vaginas. With intense clitoral and G-spot stimulation, this thrusting dildo has so many features it will totally overwhelm you.

This thrusting dildo is made of silicone and has a straight insertable 5.75-inch shaft. It features a pair of ears to help stimulate the clitoris while in use. The entire thing is waterproof as well, for fun in the shower or tub.

The push button functions are easy to use, and users can control the vibrator shaft separately from the ears. The shaft has a more bulbous tip to hit the G-spot, which helps induce a breathtaking climax. It is also magnetically rechargeable so there is no fussing with batteries.

Bottom Line

This Royal Rabbits Bunny Thrust is perfect for people who love dual stimulation and like to take their toys for wet and wild adventures.

This thrusting dildo is very user-friendly and is rechargeable, so you will never be left searching for batteries when you get in the mood. If you want to heat things up, we recommend you give this vibrator a try.

6. Adam’s Rechargeable Thrusting Silicone Dildo with Remote


  • Harness compatible
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB charging capability
  • Multiple speeds for vibrations and thrusting


  • Lengthy charging time
  • Battery life could be improved

Now, we want to introduce you to the Adam’s Rechargeable Thrusting Silicone Dildo with Remote. This realistic thrusting dildo boasts a full 9-inches of pleasure with its highly detailed, body-safe silicone shaft.

Complete with ridged veins and a ball sack, it’s almost just like the real thing. The 6.5-inch insertable length is perfect for that craveable feeling of fullness. The multi-speed thruster pushes the cock in a rhythmic motion that simulates penetrative sex.

You can easily control the multiple thrusting speeds with the wireless remote control. With the suction cup base, not only is this thrusting dildo harness-compatible, but it can adhere to any flat surface for unlimited hands-free fun.

Bottom Line

The Adam’s Rechargeable Thrusting Silicone Dildo with Remote is lengthy, girthy, and powerful – all great things to look for in a dildo. With the added powerful thrusting sensation, you may never want to stop.

The wireless remote control makes for easy handling, but recharging time is lengthy. Overall, if you want a realistic thrusting toy, the Adam’s Rechargeable could be the one for you.

7. The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for anal or vaginal
  • Quick and easy setup
  • For all of the power this machine provides, it’s very quiet
  • Can achieve many angles and heights


  • Cables can become a little cumbersome
  • Expensive

To end with a bang, we are going to introduce you to the thrusting dildo of all thrusting dildos – The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine

If you’re among those of us who crave the feeling of being pounded hands-free, this sex machine will deliver that and more. The adjustable arm can be angled to whatever fits you best and allows you to play around with all of your favorite positions.

The machine comes with a dildo attachment, measuring 7-inches insertable length and 2-inches in across. It’s designed with a soft and flexible material to look like the real deal and fulfill all your wildest fantasies.

Use the multi-speed dial to play with various thrusting speeds, from slow and sensual, to rapid and ravishing. The mounting arm adjusts in length and height. Adjust the height and angle of the machine to fit your partner perfectly. You can even adjust the thrust length!

Bottom Line

The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine is full of power. The thrusting power is incredible and works you all the way to an amazing orgasm. Though it comes with a bit of a hefty price tag, if you’re looking to invest in a quality thrusting sex machine, The Dicktator won’t let you down.


No matter what you’re looking for, there are so many thrusting sex toys out there that we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Although they differ in function, any thrusting dildo will increase the intensity of your climax, whether G-spot, clitoral, or P-spot.

No toy chest is complete without the perfect thrusting dildo. With the information provided here, we hope you’ll be on your way to an orgasmic experience soon. Have fun, everyone!

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