The Best Thrusting Dildos of 2018

We know everyone is searching for that blood pumping climax that'll make them shake for an hour and send shivers down to their toes. There are many ways to achieve the perfect orgasm; one is by using a thrusting dildo.

Before you run out and purchase one, consider the models we are about to review and think about if any match your needs. We believe there is a perfect thrusting dildo for everyone, and it comes down to which will fulfill your dreams of an intense orgasm.

Comparison Table of the Best Thrusting Dildos


Our Rating


Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

7 Frequency Rabbit Vibrator 

Oneisall Deep Thrusting Up and Down Dildo 

The Gigolo Sex Machine

What is a Thrusting Dildo? 

A thrusting dildo is an innovative electronic sex toy which features a mechanized thrusting motion, usually at the tip of the shaft.

This type of dildo is designed to increase the intensity of climaxes, as well as help with other areas of stimulation such as the clitoris, G-spot or Prostate-spot (P-spot).

Thrusting dildos usually have a variety of vibration speeds, and users can typically control the thrusting strength to intensify orgasms.

Many times, thrusting dildos are called rabbit vibrators, which feature a pair of rabbit ears which enhance stimulation.

Some models also have extended tips that surpass the shaft or even incorporate a twirling type motion to raise the bar. 

What are the Perks of a Thrusting Dildo? 

There are several advantages to owning a thrusting dildo compared to traditional vibrators or dildos.

A thrusting dildo grants the opportunity to pleasure and stimulate several portions of your body at the same time. Combining these sensations can bring a one of a kind experience to nearly any moment.

Each person aims to have the best orgasm possible; why else would we masturbate or have sex? When combined with oral sex, a thrusting dildo can add immense pleasure.

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, using a thrusting dildo with a strap on ensures your partner is always pleased, and there's no lag when you have troubles getting it up.

Quick Take - The Best Thrusting Dildos

Reviews of the Best Thrusting Dildos

Below are the reviews of the best thrusting dildos currently for sale. Keep reading below for a more in depth review of each model.

Oneisall Deep Thrusting Up and Down Dildo Vibrators

The Oneisall Deep thrusting Up and Down Dildo Vibrators Simulation Penis Sex Massager Toy received mixed reviews from recent customers as a realistic thrusting dildo.

This thrusting dildo is constructed of TPE, and the 9” shaft is highly detailed with lots of veins.

The girth at 5.5” is terrific and fills users to the brim. The multi-speed thruster pushes the cock in a rhythmic motion that simulates having sex.

Some users reported that the thrusting movement could have been more aggressive. The six speeds of vibration and thrusting are easily adjustable via the wireless remote control. There is a suitable suction cup that seems to work well on most surfaces.

This thrusting dildo is also harness-compatible, making for pleasurable pegging or strap-on sessions.

A few drawbacks are that the dildo is not waterproof and the time to recharge this model is a bit lengthy.

Positive Things

  • Quiet motor
  • Harness compatible
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB charging capability
  • Multiple speeds for vibrations and thrusting

Things to Improve

  • Hard material
  • Not waterproof
  • Lengthy charging time
  • Thrusting motion was too casual
  • Battery life - does not last very long
  • Suction cup malfunctions are possible

Bottom Line

The Oneisall Deep thrusting Up and Down Dildo Vibrators Simulation Penis Sex Massager Toy scored mixed marks from recent users.

The overall vibrations of this model are good, but the thrusting aspect was not strong or deep enough for some customer's needs.

The wireless remote control makes for easy handling, but recharging time is lengthy. Overall, users said that it performed well and did the job.

7 Frequency Rabbit Vibrator, Heating Thrusting Rotating Dildo Vibrator

The 7 Frequency Rabbit Vibrator Women Toys, Heating Thrusting Rotating Dildo Vibrator pleased a majority of recent customers who were looking to achieve increased clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

This thrusting dildo is made of silicone and has a curved insertable shaft that's 6”, and features a pair of rabbit ears to help stimulate the clitoris while in use. The smooth surface heats up too, making for a more intense sensation.

The push button functions are easy to use, and users can control the vibrator shaft separately from the rabbit ears. The shaft has just enough curve to hit the G-spot, which helps create a breathtaking climax.

The battery does not last that long and charging with the USB seems to take a bit longer than customers would have hoped before. Be sure to charge this Rabbit's batteries ahead of time before putting it to use. Keep in mind: this thrusting dildo is also not waterproof.

Positive Things

  • Model is rechargeable
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Easy to control speed and thrusting motions
  • The material can be heated up for added pleasure

Things to Improve

  • Not waterproof
  • Charging time is lengthy
  • Vibrations may be weak at times

Bottom Line

The 7 Frequency Rabbit Vibrator Women Toys, Heating Thrusting Rotating Dildo Vibrator proves to be a good choice for users looking for dual stimulation focused on their G-spot and clitoris.

This thrusting dildo is easy to operate and very user-friendly. Overall, this model performs well but would be better if the vibrator was waterproof.

Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

The Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Dildo is a winner and perfect for those seeking a toy with an above average anal stimulation.

This thrusting dildo is made from phthalate-free plastic and features seven speeds of vibration with three degrees of thrusting power. The 5.5” insertable length is ideal for depth, and the 4.5” in girth is easy to insert once lubricated. 

The tapered shaft is complimented with ribbed features that increase stimulation and add enhanced pleasure when in use. The remote control is easy to use and has push buttons for both vibration and thrusting motions.

Some users loved the thrusting power but would have preferred for the Booty Blaster to be a bit lengthier upon insertion. The suction cup bottom proves to be sturdy and helps with intensifying anal orgasms in a hands-free position. One drawback is that the product was not waterproof.

Positive Things

  • Nice tapered shaft
  • Excellent length and girth
  • Strong vibrations and thrusting power
  • The suction cup is reliable and sticks to a variety of surfaces

Things to Improve

  • Model is not waterproof
  • Wired remote control - not hands free

Bottom Line

The Booty Blaster 10 Function Thrusting Vibrating Dildo is a perfect thrusting dildo for anal pleasure. The vibration is strong while thrusting power is adequate for nearly all users.

The tapered shaft increases anal stimulation, and the thrusting, vibrating combination makes for intense anal orgasms. The wired remote control was easy to use, although some customers were displeased with the fact that the remote was not wireless.

The Gigolo Sex Machine

The Gigolo Sex Machine is the ideal thrusting dildo machine aimed to please people who were looking for hours of masturbation. This thrusting dildo machine is excellent and is genuinely a unique product.

Equipped with an 8” realistic dildo, you can also interchange any Vac-U-Lock system dildo with the machine if you would like to add on from your collection. Users also enjoyed the fact that you can control the depth of the thrusting dildo, from 4” to full insertion.

This thrusting dildo machine is equipped with 16 speeds and can reach 240 strokes per minute, leaving some users breathless in bliss. The thrusting dildo is easy to use and comes with wireless remote controls, allowing people to concentrate on their experience at the moment.

Anal users find this machine to be delightful and perfect for those hard poundings that deliver intense orgasms. The weight of this model is less than 20 pounds, and setup is very straightforward.

Positive Things

  • Wireless remote control
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Perfect for anal or vaginal play
  • Strong thrusting and vibrations mechanics
  • Ability to interchange Vac-U-Lock system dildos
  • 240 strokes per minute - uncomparable to other models

Things to Improve

  • The wireless remote was faulty at times for some users

Bottom Line

The Gigolo Sex Machine proves to be an excellent choice for a versatile thrusting dildo. The ability to interchange dildos is a considerable advantage and adds an immense amount of value to this product.

The thrusting power is incredible and left users with amazing orgasms. The machine is great for both anal and vagina play which makes the price tag more manageable.


In the end, there is a variety of thrusting dildos which please all users. Each thrusting dildo is perfect for increasing the intensity of a specific type of climax, whether that was G-spot, clitoral, or P-spot. We found that a majority of recent customers enjoy the ease of use in regards to toy controls.

Most exclaimed their joy for the control that came with the ability to adjust the vibration settings easily and thrusting power. Not all models are waterproof which may be a deterrent, and some models have lengthy recharging times.

Overall, your sex toy chest will not be complete until you purchase a thrusting dildo, trust us. We hope this review added some clarity to your decision-making process and significantly contributed to your next orgasm. Have fun, everyone!

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