The Best Vibrators of 2019 | Complete Buyer’s Guide

So many vibes, so little time! There are so many vibrators out there. They come in different styles, different sizes, different colours, with different kinds of vibration and with different types of materials.

In this review, we're going to cover the best vibrators of the year. We'll be discussing our top pick and explaining why they made our list. Let's see what's in store. 

Best Vibrators Comparison Chart


Our Rating


Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator 7-Inch

Lovehoney Dream Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch

Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Triple Rabbit Vibrator

Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

BASICS Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

Features of a Great Vibrator

So before you dive in, I seriously recommend you do your research and consider exactly what you want to get from the toy. The more you know, the more likely you are to find a vibrator that you absolutely love. So here is a breakdown of what to look for when you are buying a vibrator.

When it comes to vibrators there are a lot of features to consider that will greatly affect how you can use your vibe and how it will feel when you do.


Something you will need to consider is the material that the toy is made of. Hard ABS plastic is a pretty common vibrator material as its hard fiber transfers vibration to the body really well. It's also super easy to clean with antibacterial cleaner and warm water.

Another option is silicone. This feels much softer and more lifelike and great for internal play. It will absorb some vibration but this is usually minimal and it is a great quality body safe material.

Another option is TPE which is a soft jelly-like plastic. Be careful with this material as it is porous so needs to be cleaned really thoroughly before and after each use.


The size of the toy is another feature you need to seriously consider. Look out for both the insertable length and the circumference as a short toy doesn’t mean that it will also be thin.

Read the description thoroughly and get out a measuring tape if you need to. You will also need to think about the vibration of the toy. Some will be single speed while others will have multiple speeds and vibration patterns.

Types of Vibrators – Which is Best For You?

Vibrators come in all sorts of different styles so it pays to know what you are looking for before you start. These are some of the most popular.

Rabbit Vibrators

These are vibes that offer internal and external stimulation at the same time. They tend to be on the larger side so are generally better suited to those that have played with toys before.

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators are clitoral toys that have a lot of power. They are usually pretty big and strong so are better suited to intermediate to advanced players as they can be quite intimidating.

Clitoral Vibrators

This is any vibrator that is designed to stimulate the clitoris. In many cases, these are small and made of hard plastic to offer direct strong stimulation. These are great for any level of user and can be used during foreplay and partnered sex too.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrators are small vibes attached by a wire to a remote control. They are typically small and made of hard plastic. They can be used internally or externally and are fun alone or with a partner. Any level can use these due to their size.

G-spot Vibrators

G-spot vibes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and feature a bulbous or curved tip to directly target the G-spot. Anyone that loves G-spot stimulation can use these toys as you can get pretty much any shape and any size to suit your level of experience.

Best Uses For a Vibrator

A vibrator is an all-encompassing term for any sex toys that vibrates and they are so versatile.

You can use them anywhere on the body and they are great for both internal and external play.

They make great solo toys to stimulate any area you wish and many will be multi-speed making masturbation super fun.

They can also be used during partnered play and sex to add extra stimulation into the mix.

A bullet vibe is particularly good for this as so many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm and this can help them get there.

Lots of vibrators also come with remote controls making them super fun for power play, giving one partner control over the other person’s pleasure.

Review of the Best Vibrators

So, now that you know a bit about what vibrators are good for let’s take a look at some of the different styles available.

1. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

Let’s kick things off with a rabbit vibrator. The Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit is a great option for people new to rabbits as its nice and cheap and also a pretty great toy.

Rabbit vibes give you both internal and external stimulation and this one has a whole lot of different vibration modes meaning that you will never get bored.

The clitoral ears have 3 different speeds and 7 different vibration patterns, and the shaft has rotating pleasure beads with 3 different speeds and a reverse mode.

There is also a bulbous tip at the head of the shaft targeted at your G-spot for even more stimulation. This rabbit is made of a firm TPE material so will feel sturdy but still comfortable once inserted.

The insertable length is 5 inches and the circumference of the shaft is 5.5 inches so it’s not too big and scary.



  • It’s a great price for a toy with so much to offer.
  • Lots of different vibration modes to suit your every need.
  • Its waterproof so you can take your playtime to the spa or shower too.


  • With all those vibrations going it can get pretty noisy.
  • TPE has a somewhat rubbery feel so it requires a lot of lubricant to get slippery.
  • The rotation of the pearls slows a lot if you clench your muscles so there is less stimulation.

Bottom Line

This is a great beginners rabbit. While the material may not be ideal long-term it is a good cheap toy to start exploring with rabbit vibes.

2. Tracy Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

If you don’t already own a bullet vibrator, then you are seriously missing out! Bullet vibes are so popular due to their small size and versatility.

You can chuck them in your handbag and take them anywhere and they can be used anywhere external on the body making them perfect for girls, guys or couples play. 

This one, in particular, is a great addition to any sex toy collection and it even won an award for the Best Value Toy in the UK Sex Toy Awards.

It's small, slim, waterproof and super strong. Even though there is only one speed, it is made from hard plastic which carries vibration well so it is super powerful.

It's 3.25 inches long and 2 inches in circumference so it nice and discreet too.



  • The rotation of the pearls slows a lot if you clench your muscles so there is less stimulation.
  • It looks super cute. I love the shiny exterior.
  • It's super powerful! Even with only one speed.


  • The battery cap is a bit flimsy and prone to breaking.
  • The ON/OFF button can be a bit sticky and difficult to use.

Bottom Line

While the quality of this toy may not be perfect, it is an awesome and cheap addition to your sex toy collection that can be used in so many different ways.

3. Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator 7-Inch

If you are looking for an entry level classic vibrator, then the Silencer might be just the thing. This is a rigid vibrator made from smooth coated hard plastic so it is really firm but silky to touch. 

While many classic vibes are straight up and down this one offers extra stimulation with ribbed edges perfect for in and out thrusts. This is a multi-speed vibe with an easy to use twist base so you can get it to the exact level to take you over the edge.

The size is great too as it is on the longer side at 7 inches insertable length but you only need to insert the vibe as far as you want it to go. The shaft circumference is 4.75 inches so it’s not overwhelming.



  • It is actually quiet!
  • It’s an awesome vibrant pink color that really stands out.
  • Waterproof! Use it in the pool, spa or shower. Get set to get wet!


  • The material is very firm which can be uncomfortable for smaller anatomies when fully inserted.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a great vibrator for those looking for a classic style with a twist. If you are not a fan of firm vibrators though, this one will be no good.

4. Lovehoney Dream Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator

The Dream Bullet by Lovehoney is another awesome little bullet vibe to consider and is especially good for those that like targeted stimulation.

Rather than a round tip, this bullet has a more pointed end for pinpoint precision. This makes it great for clitoral stimulation but not necessarily the best option for all over stimulation as the tip may be a bit too targeted for other areas.

This bullet is multi-speed with a simple button to scroll through the different vibration settings. There are 3 different speeds and 7 different patterns to explore so you are sure to find a setting you love!

It's made from smooth coated hard plastic so is another vibe that is firm but smooth to touch. This one measures 3.3 inches’ length and has a circumference of 2.4 inches so is a great travel size option.



  • Easy to travel with as it is small and discreet.
  • Lots of vibration options for such a small vibe.
  • Direct stimulation gives optimum vibration to a targeted area.


  • The pointed tip can be a bit too targeted for some.
  • The battery life is very short and it runs out fairly quickly.
  • Even the highest setting is not super powerful so better for beginners.

Bottom Line

This vibrator is great for those that love seriously targeted stimulation but it is not that powerful; so it may not be enough for some.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

Regardless of whether you like the books or the films, you have to admit that the sex toy range for Fifty Shades of Grey is pretty cool right?!

This Greedy Girl rabbit vibe is a step up from the Jessica Rabbit and is better suited to those that have tried a rabbit vibe already and want to commit to a long-term toy.

This one is made from silky smooth silicone and has a soft flexible shaft with a bulbous tip at the end designed to perfectly hit your G-spot.

Its also USB rechargeable which means you don’t need to worry about batteries, so long as you have a laptop or USB charging port handy you are good to go! This toy is all about versatility when it comes to vibration modes.

There are 3 speeds and 9 different patterns in the shaft of the toy and 3 different speeds in the clitoral ears. That’s 36 possible variations for play! It has an insertable length of 5.25 inches and a circumference of 4.75 inches making it a great size for beginners or those with a bit more practice.



  • Multiple vibration options.
  • Its super slick looking and not girly which makes a nice change.
  • The higher settings are very powerful so it’s a good option for power queens.


  • It can’t be used with silicone lubricant.
  • As there are so many settings it can be tricky to find your favs. I suggest having a play without it in actual use first.
  • The buttons can be tricky to use while you play as you can’t see what you are doing and there are so many vibration options.

Bottom Line

This is a high-quality toy with a lot to offer! It’s best suited to lovers of rabbit vibes and powerful vibrations.

6. Basics Love Bullet Vibrator

This is one of the cheaper bullet vibes on the market and is a nice simple option for those new to external play. This Basics bullet is all about ease of use and adding a bit of fun to your play whether alone or with a partner.

It is a single speed option with an easy to use ON/OFF button at the bottom of the toy. It is battery operated but will only give you about 30 minutes of play per battery so wary of that if you are looking for something that will last longer.

This one is made of smooth coated plastic so transfers vibration well to the body and has a rounded tip so the vibration will be spread evenly over that wider area. At only 2.25 inches long and 2.25 inches in circumference, it is one of the smaller bullet vibes available.



  • Easy to use with a single button.
  • Super affordable and a great starting point for beginners.


  • It’s not very powerful.
  • The quality isn’t great and it’s not really a long-lasting option.
  • It may be too small for some and can be difficult to control due to its small size.

Bottom Line

If you are new to clitoral play then this is a good option that certainly won’t break the bank, however, the quality and power might disappoint. You get what you pay for with this one.

7. Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6-Inch

Looking for something realistic? This one might just be perfect. This is a super lifelike vibrator that has all the features of a realistic dildo: the balls, veined shaft, and natural skin color with the added benefit of also vibrating.

It also has an awesome suction cup base so that you can use the toy hands-free. The vibrations are also controlled using a remote control that is attached to the toy with a wire.

That way you can see exactly what you are doing with the controls and not have to worry about winging it while the toy is in use. That also means you can pass the controls to a partner and let them be in charge of your pleasure.

This vibe has 7 patterns and 3 speeds to suit your every need and is made of a body safe rubber material so it is fairly firm to touch. The insertable length is 5 inches and the circumference is 5 inches meaning it is a good option for beginners or more advanced users.



  • Suction base so you can use it hands-free.
  • You get a lot for the price. It’s nice and cheap.
  • The size is great. Lifelike toys tend to be on the larger size but this one is good for beginners too.


  • It is not waterproof due to the wire and remote control.
  • The rubber material requires a lot of lube to make it comfortable.
  • It has a strong rubber smell that will take a few uses and washes to go away.

Bottom Line

If you can get past the smell and don’t have an issue using a lot of lube, then this toy will be a great realistic vibrator for you.

8. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Triple Rabbit Vibrator

Remember the Jessica Rabbit vibe from the top of this list? Well, this toy is identical except for one added bonus… it also has an anal tickler for even more stimulation!

That’s right, you get vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation and anal stimulation all at one time. 3 ends for 3 times the fun. That’s pretty impressive. So if you love multi-speed rabbit vibes but want a bit extra, then this toy is perfect.

What’s great is that although there is an anal option, it’s a really non-intimidating entry into double penetration

The anal part made from flexible TPE like the rest of the toy so is very soft and flexible. In fact, if you don’t want to insert it, you can bend it back and use it externally to stimulate the anus instead of going inside.

The vibe has 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns in the clitoral ears and anal shaft and the middle shaft has 3 speeds of pearl rotation and can also go in reverse.

It’s also on the smaller side for a rabbit vibe with an insertable length of 4 inches and a circumference of 4.25 inches.



  • Nice and small so it's great for beginners.
  • You can use the anal beads externally too.
  • Triple stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and booty all in one.


  • It is quite loud.
  • As the anal beads are so soft they can be hard to insert.
  • It does not fit all anatomies and some will struggle to use all three parts at the same time.

Bottom Line

This is a super fun toy for those that want all sorts of stimulation. It can be a bit difficult for some anatomies to use all three at once though.

9. Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

Another great vibrator option with a remote control is this Power Play Love Egg. It's another awesome option for couples play by handing over the remote to a partner, or for using alone without needing to worry about fiddly controls on the vibe itself.

Egg vibrators can be used as internal or external toys and can be used to stimulate the clitoris, vagina or anus. This one has a single bullet egg made of a firm plastic that offers strong vibrations to the user.

There are 3 speeds and 4 patterns of vibration to explore and it’s actually pretty powerful for its size. It measures 2.5 inches in length with a 2.5 inch circumference, making it great for beginners as it is nice and small.



  • It’s powerful despite its small size.
  • Great for external and internal play.
  • The wire between the egg and the control unit is 29 inches making it long enough for solo or couples control.


  • It is a noisy little thing so isn’t great if you live in a house with others.
  • Once lubed up this kind of toy is really hard to use externally as it becomes too slippery to hold onto.

Bottom Line

This is a fun toy for couples wanting to experiment with all sorts of play. Just be careful as it is pretty hard to use externally.

10. Basics Powerful Pocket Clitoral Vibrator

Want something small and powerful? Then look out for a pocket rocket! These pocket vibrators are called as such due to their small size and ability to literally fit in a pocket or handbag.

This is an external vibe, suitable for use on all erogenous zones of the body. You can use it on the clitoris, nipples, scrotum or perineum.

It is made of a hard plastic and has 4 interchangeable heads each with a different texture for stimulation.

This one comes with a classic head with small metal balls as well as a smooth head, a spiked head, a bobbled head and a prickled head.

There is only one speed but it is pretty powerful so its good for beginners or more advanced players too. It measures 4.1 inches in length and 3 inches’ circumference so it's nice and discreet.



  • It’s really inexpensive.
  • It’s powerful! Even with only one speed.
  • It has 4 interchangeable heads to mix things up.


  • It can be tricky to control especially with lubed up fingers.
  • You need to remove the batteries between uses which can be annoying.

Bottom Line

This is a toy that is great for a good time, not a long time. If you want something cheap, small and powerful then this is great, but you will likely want to upgrade to a better quality toy after a while.

How to Take Care of Your Vibrator

Looking after your toy will make a huge difference to how long it lasts so it pays to follow any care instructions provided to a T.

Make sure you always use lubricant with internal toys. This will not only make it a much more comfortable experience for you but will also protect the material from degradation. Also ensure you properly wash the toy before and after use and store it correctly.

Keep toys away from direct sunlight and too much heat and make sure you keep any toys made of soft materials like TPE and silicone away from one another. If stored together they can have a chemical reaction and turn sticky and mushy which isn’t ideal.


When looking for the perfect vibrator, it pays to take the time to consider what you want it for and how you are going to use it. With these types of toys you really get what you pay for, so the more you know about what you want the less you will need to spend in the long run as you can find the perfect toy, hopefully without too many frogs along the way.

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