2019 Buyer’s Guide: Best Wearable Vibrators

If you’re looking for a toy that you can use hands-free or from afar, a wearable vibrator may be just what you need. Most wearable vibrators fit snuggly into the vagina to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

Whether you want it for your partner or yourself, this toy leaves your hands available to stimulate other areas while the vibrator does its job. 

 There are many wearable vibrators on the market, so we want to give you a few things to consider as you search for the perfect one to spice up your sex life.

Comparison Chart of the Best Wearable Vibrators


Our Rating


Lovehoney Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Couple's Kit (4 Piece)

Lelo Insignia Soraya Pleasure Object

Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples

​Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Eva 2 Hands-Free 

Clitoral Vibrator

Benefits of a Wearable Vibrator

Wearable vibrators set themselves apart from other vibrators by offering many unique benefits.

More (or less) Control

One major perk is the remote capability offered by certain models that puts your partner in control of your pleasure.

Some even are compatible with Bluetooth and are specifically designed for long-distance couples, making it easier to keep the love alive no matter the distance between you. 

Discreet Bliss

There are also other discreet models that can be slipped in before going out for added excitement.

A wearable vibrator can be your little secret if you enjoy stimulation in public.

Hands-free Fun

Finally, wearable vibrators allow your hands to be free to explore your own or your partner’s body as the several vibration settings stimulate the clit and G-spot.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best wearable vibrators out there: 

Review of the Best Wearable Vibrators

The time has come for us to dive into the products on our list and review a handful of wearable vibrators.

We're going to cover the main features, then discuss some of the pros and cons shared among recent customers. Let's see what's in store.  

1. Venus Butterfly 10 Functions Hands-Free Vibrator

This right pink vibrator packs a sexy punch. Its straps position it directly over the wearer’s clitoris, giving it the capability to produce some truly earth-shattering orgasms.

Although this is an excellent toy for solo use (and its vibrations, though strong, and extremely quiet, so no one need know what you’re getting up to), it is especially fantastic during sex.

For male/female pairings, the vibrations are so strong that male partners can feel them as well, and for female-female pairings, it provides a great way for partners to get intimate without double penetration.



  • Soft
  • Hands-free
  • Quiet and discreet
  • Ten different settings
  • Great for female-female pairings
  • Light-up controls (great for use in the dark!)
  • Rounded controller – fits well in user’s hand
  • Strong vibrations (good for use during sex, both partners can feel it)


  • Battery life does not last long
  • Harness is difficult to navigate at first
  • Straps can feel tighter on more curvy users
  • The direct clitoral contact can feel hard and uncomfortable – it’s recommended for users to try it with lube

Bottom Line

This product is an excellent example of a wearable vibrator. Some users may have difficulty getting used to the sensation and the harness, but overall, it’s a win-win purchase.

2. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

The Desire Luxury panty vibrator is a pair of lace panties (with sexy satin side-ties to fit all body types!) with a built-in vibrator right over the clitoris.

These panties are fantastic if you want something discreet that you can hide under a pair of jeans while out on a date night with your partner.

The panty vibrator comes with a remote control with twelve different vibration patterns so you and your partner can explore what works best for you and your pleasure.



  • Strong vibrations
  • Great for naughty partner play in public
  • Sexy bow-tie detail on the sides of the panties
  • Eight different vibration strength levels and twelve different vibration patterns
  • Product comes in a hard plastic case to keep vibrator, panties, remote, and charging cable all together in one convenient location


  • Vibrations can be on the louder side
  • Panties are “one size fits all,” but may not cover the back area fully

Bottom Line

This panty vibrator set is excellent for those interested in trying out a little bit of discreet public play time.

Just make sure you wear these to a movie theater or somewhere with a similar amount of background noise for your night out – otherwise those near you might hear the vibrations and guess what you’re up to!

3. Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Couple’s Kit (4 Piece)

The Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator Couple’s Kit comes with four different vibrators for you and your partner to try out, or for you to have some solo experiments with.

There’s a full sized rabbit vibrator with button operators, a midsize rabbit vibrator with a dial operator, a smaller rabbit vibrator with a connected control, and a tiny bullet vibrator, also with a connected control.



  • Waterproof
  • Size is compatible for different levels of pleasure
  • Good starter set – provides four different vibrator experiences


  • Vibrator is loud
  • Buttons can be difficult to figure out
  • Once batteries get low, vibrator speed is negatively impacted

Bottom Line

The Couple’s Kit is excellent for those new to playing with sex toys and interested in getting the full range of rabbit vibrator experiences.

The three different types of controls can be complicated for use the first or second time, and battery life is not the best, but these four rabbit vibrators are worth the investment nonetheless.

4. Lelo Insignia Soraya Pleasure Object

The Lelo Insignia Soraya Pleasure Object delivers powerful, yet quiet vibrations for intense orgasms every time.

The rechargeable dual motors will send strong vibrations through your body, with the main motor located in the vibrator tip and the other in the clitoral stimulator.

This model offers 8 different vibration patterns with 9 intensity levels, adding up to total of 70 vibration settings so you will never want to put this toy down.

Overall, this model is 1.25 inches across with 5 inches of insertable length, and is crafted from quality silicone for optimal safety, comfort, and durability. 



  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Compact design with unlimited power
  • Long battery life, up to 4 hours of use with each full charge
  • Despite the intensity of the dual motors, they are extremely quiet
  • Excellent for internal and external stimulation with a rabbit-like clitoral stimulator


  • Limited to use with a water-based lube only
  • Does not have independent controls for the dual motors

Bottom Line

Although this wearable vibrator is a more expensive model, you are sure to get the bang for your buck.

Recent customers rave about the power the Soraya Pleasure Object has to offer. With over 70 vibration settings, you will love discovering a new favorite with each use.

5. Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring for Couples

Now, let’s look at a slightly different take on the wearable vibrator.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring is perfect for couples that love a little extra vibration and stimulation.

This is a twist on the classic cock ring that keeps you or your partner harder for longer, with the added bonus of a textured, vibrating clitoral stimulator that will send you both through the roof.

This love ring has two distinct loops, one that goes around the shaft and another that loops around the ball sack. Lube can make sliding the rings on nice and easy.

The vibrations from the single-speed bullet will radiate through both of your bodies, making for an exciting, new experience for each of you. 



  • Prompt, discreet delivery
  • Textured clitoral stimulation during penetration
  • Sturdy, but stretchy for ultimate comfort and pleasure
  • Strong bullet vibrator for invigorating orgasms for both parties
  • Added pressure from the cock rings makes for a longer and bigger erection


  • Not rechargeable
  • May need to be stretched out prior to first use

Bottom Line

The Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring is a great way to mix things up with your partner.

The stretchy, silicone rings feel great around your (or your partner’s) shaft and balls, while the vibrating, textured clitoral stimulator gives both of you pulses of pleasure.

Although you may want to work up to this love ring with a slightly less intense model, if you are looking for a toy for both of you, this may just be the one. 

6. Wearable G-Spot Vibrator by WeBliss

The first wearable vibrator we’d like to introduce you to is the Wearable Vagina Vibrator made by WeBliss. This toy is made with body-safe silicone and has low noise levels for discreet use.

Additionally, WeBliss’s wearable vibrator has 7 pleasurable vibration settings for any mood you are in, and can be wirelessly and remotely controlled up to 15 meters away.

This model is conveniently rechargeable, giving you two hours of fun with each full charge. Most importantly, the WeBliss wearable vibrator is completely waterproof so you are free to use it wherever you please. 


  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to clean with water and a mild soap
  • Fits comfortably for long-term use and stays put during activity
  • Several, strong vibration speed settings that you or your partner can control remotely
  • Hits all the right places with its shape made specifically for clitoral and g-spot stimulation


  • Takes an uncommon battery size
  • May be slightly loud for use in very quiet locations
  • Should not be used with massage oil or hand cream. Best to stick with a water-based lube for this one

Bottom Line

With 7 unique vibration settings and a specially crafted shape for simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation, the WeBliss wearable vibrator will leave you wanting more.

This toy is especially fun for couples who like to put their partner in control or have secret play in public, but may not be muffled enough for very quiet locations.

7. Eva 2 Hands-Free Clitoral Vibrator

Finally, we want to introduce you to the Eva 2 Hands-Free USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator.

The Eva 2 has a unique design, with two wings that wrap around the labia to hold it securely in place during penetration and a soft-to-touch, silicone vibrator for shared pleasure.

This model offers 3 vibration speeds that will stimulate you and your partner. This wearable, hands-free vibrator is rechargeable with an included USB cable.

Additionally, the Eva 2 is waterproof for all kinds of sexual experiences, whether you prefer the bedroom or the bathtub or anywhere in between.


  • Powerful vibrations with little noise
  • Rechargeable for almost 5 hours of fun with a full charge
  • Leaves your hands available to pleasure you and your partner
  • Designed to enhance clitoral stimulation during penetration for intense orgasms
  • Designed with the shape of a woman’s body in mind and adapts to many different shapes and sizes


  • On the pricier side
  • May not be powerful enough for some
  • During more vigorous activity, may need to use a finger to hold the toy in place

Bottom Line

The Eva 2 Hands-Free USB Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator is sure to give you immense pleasure with its 3 vibration speeds.

One major perk is that it doesn’t interfere with penetration, so it’s a blast for partner play. If you want an on-the-go vibrator that packs a lot of punch, this is a great option for you. 


The bottom line is, wearable vibrators are a fun way to increase pleasure for both partners.

It is well known that many women require clitoral stimulation to climax, so a wearable vibrator may be just the ticket for putting you or your partner over the edge.

No matter which model you go with, any wearable vibrator will allow for hands-free pleasure and added arousal. We hope this article has been helpful as you decide on which wearable vibrator is best for you. Enjoy!

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