The Best Butt Plugs for Men – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

When sex becomes routine, it’s time to consider a new way to spice things up. Men have the ability to unleash a powerful orgasm with the help of a simple, little tool -- a butt plug.

Butt plugs are not new to the scene, but their popularity has been gaining momentum in the recent years. These little toys are known for packing a punch of pleasure. If you’re curious about how to use a butt plug to its fullest potential and which ones are the best, stay tuned.

Comparison Chart of the Best Butt Plugs for Men


Our Rating


Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager

Booty Buddy Vibro 7 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating

Butt Plug

Icicles No 46 Curved

P-Spot Glass Butt Plug

What do Butt Plugs do For Men?

For people with male anatomy, the prostate, or P-spot, is a super sensitive region capable of inducing an unforgettable climax. With the help of a butt plug, the P-spot will receive extra stimulation during solo or partner play.

During climax, your muscles naturally clench around the butt plug. This clenching gives you a more satisfying sensation of fullness and pleasure.

The design of a butt plug is crucial. Butt plugs with a flared base stay in place easier. They can be used at home or when you’re out and about. Many men will insert a butt plug before work or exercising to increase stimulation and pleasure.

Using a good lubricant can increase fun too, by allowing more time for foreplay while getting ready for a fantastic anal climax.

Butt Plugs and Prostate Fun - How it Works!

Butt plugs are easy to use. Their design is user friendly and they should have a flared base or handle for easy removal. The handle or base also makes sure the butt plug does not get inserted too far.

A good P-spot butt plug can be straight and flexible or slightly curved. Once you insert a butt plug and find your P-spot, you can gently massage the area. Massaging the P-spot and the added sensation of fullness a butt plug provides are surefire ways to an extraordinary orgasm.

The material of a good butt plug is crucial. Butt plugs made from silicone are the safest for your body because they are easy to clean. Due to its non-porous characteristics, silicone is the least likely material to carry any type of bacteria after cleaning.

Size is important too. Beginners need to find something comfortable. Typically, the smaller the length and girth makes for a more pleasurable experience right out the gate. Advanced users may seek a stretching sensation with a slightly larger butt plug.

A good butt plug is great for a variety of activities, including solo masturbation, partner play, P-spot stimulation and foreplay. In order to accommodate all of these activities, a butt plug should stay in place but should also have the option for rapid insertion for extra stimulation.

Review of the Best Butt Plugs for Men

Now that you know a little more about butt plugs for men, we want to take a look at our five favorite models. We think each of the products below are a great choice for people looking to explore the world of butt plugs.

For each one, we’ve outlined the main features, positives, and negatives so that you have all the information to decide on which butt plug is right for you.  

1. Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

First on our list is the Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug. This butt plug is easy to use, ergonomically designed, and shaped perfectly for mind-blowing prostate massages.

This butt plug for men has a smooth, silicone shaft with a curve for intense P-spot stimulation. It has an insertable length of 4” and circumference of 2.75”. The clever T-bar base helps the butt plug stay in place while also providing external stimulation.

The Lovehoney Booty Buddy is recommended for all users, from those just starting out to those with tons of experience. With the right water-based lube, get ready for an amazing orgasmic experience with this butt plug.



  • Waterproof
  • Good for all levels of users
  • T-bar hugs your body and makes removal easy
  • Curved shaft hits all the right places for enhanced orgasms
  • Stays in place, even during rapid movement or while out and about
  • Firm and smooth, making it easy for insertion without any discomfort


  • No suction cup for hands-free play
  • Could be bigger for more advanced users

Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug is perfect for everyone, from beginners to pros.  The T-bar base helps the butt plug stay in place for intense P-spot stimulation during partner or solo play, or even throughout the day at work or watching TV.

The body-safe silicone is super smooth and comfortable. For extra pleasure, we also recommend a generous dollop of your favorite water-based lube.

In the end, this is the perfect men’s butt plug to have in your toy chest.

2. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager

Next, let’s take a look at the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager. This butt plug means business and is the perfect selection for people looking for tons of variety and power behind their P-spot stimulation.

The velvety soft silicone shaft has an insertable length of 3.75”, and a circumference of 4” for a pleasant full feeling. The toy has an L-shaped arm that wraps around your body to send toe-curling vibrations to your perineum while keeping the device in place for easy hands-free play.

One of the best features of this butt plug is its wireless remote control, which is rechargeable via USB in its discreet charging case for a full hour of fun. With the remote you can experiment with 8 vibration modes and 12 speeds for a fully customizable experience. To top it all off, the remote has an 8 meter range so you can even hand it over to your partner for some orgasmic surprises.  

The prostate massager itself is fully submersible for aquatic play. Just remember, the remote control is only splash proof so be careful not to take that with you into the tub.



  • Silky and smooth to the touch
  • Explosive vibrations (but still quiet!)
  • Tons of variations in vibration mode
  • Discreet storage case for recharging
  • Butt plug is completely waterproof - just not the remote


  • A little pricier than others
  • Could hold a charge longer

Bottom Line

The Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager is truly the top of the line when it comes to P-spot pleasure. Our pick for best overall buttplug for men, this toy has just about everything you could want.

With tons of options with vibration speed and pattern, an easy-to-use wireless remote control, and L-shape for internal and external stimulation, you may never want to take this massager off.

The only major downside is the price, but you definitely get the bang for your buck. This men’s butt plug is a must try for all levels of users looking to experience the powerful sensation of P-spot climaxes.

3. Booty Buddy Vibro 7 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

This next butt plug is perfect for beginners. The Lovehoney Booty Buddy Vibro 7 Function Vibrating Butt Plug is a great second edition of the first product reviewed in this article. With the added benefit of a multi-speed bullet vibrator, this butt plug will keep you wanting more.

This men’s butt plug has a smooth shaft that is insertable to 4.5”, perfect for reaching the P-spot with ease. The circumference is 3.4” at its widest spot. With the help of the T-bar base, you’ll have no trouble keeping it in place.

The skin-safe silicone material has the perfect bend and bounce, making insertion comfortable and easy with you favorite water-based lube.

Best of all, the Booty Buddy Vibrating Butt Plug is still completely waterproof, even with the bullet vibrator, so there are no limits to where you can take this toy.



  • Waterproof
  • Silky, smooth silicone
  • Great option for beginners
  • T-bar base for ultimate control and perfect curve for P-spot stimulation
  • The powerful vibration patterns and speeds make for an intense orgasm


  • Difficult to keep in during penetrative intercourse
  • Not quite large enough for more advanced users

Bottom Line

The Lovehoney Booty Buddy Vibro 7 Function Vibrating Butt Plug is just right for first time users. It has the perfect length and girth for P-spot stimulation while ensuring comfort. Additionally, you can play with the different vibration settings to find exactly what you like.  

Overall, a this is a great choice for beginners ready to dive into the world of anal play.  

4. Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

Now, let’s check out a little twist on the classic butt plug - the Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug. Ideal for  P-spot stimulation, this butt plug has a pointed tip and beaded silicone shaft for new sensations of anal pleasure.

This men’s butt plug has a circumference of 3.2” and insertable length of 4”. The base is flared to ensure the toy stays in place during all kinds of play. It’s also designed so that the base stimulates the perineum for even more overwhelming waves of pleasure.

An easy-to-use 2-button controller is connected to the butt plug with a 28-inch cable, giving you plenty of room to play. With just a tap of your finger, you can be teased and tantalized with any of the 10 vibrating functions.



  • Not super thick, so it’s great for beginners
  • Bulging beads add thrills of pleasure to insertion
  • If you keep the plug in place during sex, both partners can feel the vibrations
  • Alternating between the speeds and vibration patterns keeps you begging for more
  • Flared base keeps you safe from over-insertion and also provides external stimulation


  • Not waterproof
  • Remote isn’t wireless

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a little more than the traditional butt plug, you may want to give the Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug a try. The beaded shaft and customizable vibrations make just the right combination for an explosive orgasm.  

One downfall of this toy is that it’s not waterproof because of the wired remote control. However, with 28” of cord length you still have plenty of slack for all of your favorite positions.

5. Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser

Last on our list is the Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser. Made from hand-blown glass, this butt plug is a piece of art. Glass butt plugs are unique because of the way they hold temperature, allowing you to experiment with the thrilling sensations of hot and cold play.

The sexy black shaft is tapered for easy insertion and it is bulged at the end to ensure ultimate P-spot stimulation. It has a length of 3.5” and width of 1”. This butt plug also has a safety ring at its base so you can play worry-free.

Whenever you’re finished with the toy (if you ever want to stop), the P-Spot Please can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a toy cleaner.



  • Hits all the right spots
  • Great for all levels of users
  • Sleek glass - fun to heat things up and cool things down
  • Safety ring at the base gives you complete control and allows for hands-free play


  • Not big enough for some

Bottom Line

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. The Icicles No. 46 Glass P-Spot Pleaser stands apart from other butt plugs because of the temperature advantages of its sexy smooth hand-blown glass.

The shape is crafted for amazing P-spot stimulation and the width provides just the right amount of stretching and fullness. The safety loop is also easy to hold once lubricated, so you don’t have to worry about this butt plug slipping away.

Overall, if you’re looking for a more classic butt plug with the added sensations of glass, the Icicles No. 46 won’t let you down.


Anal pleasure and P-spot stimulation are well within reach with any of these butt plugs.  They make finding and massaging the P-spot easy, and are sure to make playtime full of excitement again. Each product differs a little in size and material but they will all deliver an unforgettable climax that will keep you wanting more.

If you are looking for other male sex toys then check out our full buyers guide on the top rated male sex toys. We break down all types of different male toys so you can find the one that is best for you.

We hope this article was helpful in your search for the best butt plugs for men. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Enjoy!

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