Can You Use Canola Oil As Lube?

If you ask this question to a man or woman on the street, you would get an answer in the affirmative. Canola oil has traditionally been used for cooking purposes. It is oil that is obtained not from some canola seeds but from rapeseed plant. It is so called because of the fact that it is a Canadian invention.

Canola stands for Canadian oil low acid but it is oil obtained from a plant in the mustard family. It is a super sticky oil that is pure and natural and hence many people try to make its use as a personal lubricant. More and more people are opting for a lubricant that is natural rather than using silicone based lubricants especially made for anal play and anal sex. A huge majority of such people is those who are trying to become parents and they do not want the choice of their lubricant to affect their fertility.

Canola oil is vegetable oil that has been found to be sperm friendly by doctors and scientists. It is also rather inexpensive to be used as a lubricant. But if you are in a hurry to use this oil as your personal lubricant to be massaged in the vagina and the anus, you must remember the fact that even though it is sperm friendly, it is not entirely natural.

There are many men and women who have been using this oil as a personal lubricant for quite some time. As a vegetable oil, canola oil is an oil-based lubricant that is better as a substance that is applied externally. When taken internally, it becomes harmful to the individual.

Cons of using canola oil as a lubricant 

It is tough to clean up after the session

Canola oil may not be very thick but it is very sticky. It clings to the areas where you apply it and lasts for a very long time. It is not water soluble to be easily washed away after having a smooth and pleasurable anal sex.

Of course, you apply it on the penis and the orifice of the anus to feel wet and slippery down there. But getting rid of this oil is a tricky proposition. You will need soap and water to drive out this oil from your anus as otherwise, you can irritate your skin.

It can lead to bacterial infection

If you are a woman and use it to reduce your vaginal dryness, you must remember that this oil is difficult to get rid of. If some of the oil remains inside your vagina, you can easily become a victim of yeast infection. Even if it is not a yeast infection, you remain at a high risk of developing some other bacterial infection as bacteria flourish around the area where this oil remains inside the vagina.

Has the capacity to destroy latex

Canola oil is not for you if you are not trying to conceive. If you have placed a female condom inside your vagina and apply this oil to reduce vaginal dryness, you run the risk of losing the protection as this oil has a tendency to destroy latex based condoms. Imagine becoming pregnant against your wishes and that too just because of the wrong choice of the lubricant.

If you are a man using a condom that is latex based, beware of canola oil destroying the integrity of your condom if it has been used by your partner inside her vagina. There are many who are under the misconception that using canola oil as a lubricant over their condom provides them more protection. However, it is a myth as you are actually lowering your protection level. You may not be aware of the fact but this oil actually creates holes in the condom that you are wearing.

Low level of slipperiness

Even though canola oil is pretty inexpensive, you are actually lowering your level of enjoyment by using this oil as a lubricant. This is because of the fact that this is not very slippery. What is the use of a lubricant if it cannot even make you feel wet and slippery down there. If you are desirous of some anal play and anal sex with your partner, using this oil as a lubricant will not serve the purpose. She will not feel satin smooth and will still feel discomfort and pain that is commonly associated with anal sex.

Thus this oil defeats the very purpose when used as a lubricant. Yes, it will solve the problem of dryness in your vagina but search for a more slippery and smooth lubricant if you want to make the anal play and anal sex more enjoyable for you. Banging your partner from behind may be a fun filled experience for you but she will not love it and resist your attempts to get the backdoor entry next time.

Ruins your sheets and lingerie

There are available many wonderful lubricants that are not only extremely slippery but also colorless and odorless to actually help in increasing your fun and enjoyment during anal sex. But this is not the case with canola oil. As it is oil based, it creates messy stains on the sheets and your lingerie when it mixes with vaginal fluids and the semen. All your pleasure goes up in thin air when you see these stains as they are difficult to get rid of.

Alternatives to Using Canola Oil


Canola oil is a good quality vegetable oil that is great for your heart and overall health. Many people also use this oil as a personal lubricant as they believe it will not cause any harm being natural and sperm friendly. But even though it can help you when you are trying to conceive it is not a good choice for lubrication down there. It is not very slippery and it can also cause bacterial infections inside the vagina if it is left behind. It is tough to clean and can also stain your lingerie and sheets.

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