Cleanstream Water-based Anal Lube: High Quality Lubricant

The practice of anal sex is not a recent phenomenon. It has been practiced since time immemorial. Most men have a secret desire to indulge in anal play and anal sex though women tend to avoid it as they find it uncomfortable and even painful at times.

To help women overcome this discomfort and to enable them to enjoy anal play and sex, there are being sold many different types of anal lubes. One very popular anal lube is called Cleanstream. It is a water based lube that offers a silky smooth feeling to couples and makes anal sex a pleasurable experience for both partners.

What makes Cleanstream so popular among the masses? 

Cleanstream is a lubricant that provides silky smooth feeling after application. It is this smoothness that enables a couple to derive maximum pleasure from anal play and anal sex. It is this slipperiness that is behind the thus huge popularity of this anal lube. Imagine being able to glide while trying to have backdoor fun with your partner. Also, this anal lube is easy to clean up after a session with soap and water.

Main features of Cleanstream anal lube

  • Natural water-based formulation
  • Allows the user to glide through its silky smooth texture
  • Free from glycerin and paraben
  • Flip top cap allows easy application

Pros and cons of Cleanstream anal tube


  1. Extremely silky and smooth

Most individuals who buy a lubricant do so to be able to get a product that helps in maximum lubrication of penis and anus. This is necessary to remove all pain and discomfort that is experienced by women during anal play and anal sex.  Cleanstream scores over all other anal lubes in this regard as all customers agree that it is one of the best lubricants for anal sex.

  1. Press and apply directly to anus

Cleanstream anal tube comes in a very convenient packaging that allows the user to simply press and place as much lubricant over the anus and penis. All he has to do is to simply replace the cap after pouring the content. In many lubes, one needs to clean up the mess after taking the lubricant.

  1. Easy cleanup

One of the most important features desired by people from a lubricant is its ease of cleaning. There are many lubricants being sold in the market that are sticky in nature and cannot be easily cleaned after use. On the contrary, Cleanstream is very easily cleaned with a soap and water as it is a water-based lubricant.

  1. No stains left behind

This is another advantage of using this lubricant. You need not worry about your items of clothing getting stained inadvertently as this lubricant does not leave any stains behind.

  1. Ease of use

All it takes to experience the super smooth and silky feeling of this lubricant is to pour a little bit on the ass and also on the penis. By gentle movement of fingers or the penis, this lubricant starts to work and makes the unexplored region silky smooth.

  1. Good even for those having sensitive skin

There are many lubricants being sold in the market that contain petrochemicals like paraben and glycerin. These chemicals can lead to skin burning and rashes and also yeast infection in the case of some individuals. Cleanstream is a water based lubricant that is free from both these chemicals. Thus it is safe to be used even for those who have sensitive skin.


Cleanstream is bestselling water-based anal lube that is loved by the users for its ability to allow for maximum pleasure during anal play and anal sex. However, it has a sweet smell that is not liked by some of the users and it also has a taste that is detected by consumers when it accidentally lands in their mouth.


On the whole, Cleanstream is a very high-quality natural water based lubricant that is loved by men and women around the country. It is easy to use and easy to clean. If you are looking to indulge in anal play or anal sex, this is perhaps the best product to have a silky smooth feeling when indulging in the backdoor fun with your partner.  So get going and order Cleanstream today if you are serious about anal play with your partner.

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