ID Glide Personal Water Based Lubricant

ID Glide has remained a favorite personal lubricant for thousands of Americans for nearly two decades now. It is an easy to use and easy to remove lubricant that is water-based and non-sticky. It makes you feel smooth and wet down there to be able to enjoy your sex sessions more.

ID Glide also works well with adult toys as it reduces friction to derive maximum fun and pleasure. Customers love the way it can be reactivated with a drop of water or their own saliva during a marathon sex session.

What makes ID Glide a clear favorite of the masses?

ID Glide is one of the bestselling lubricants across the country. It is extremely popular among men and women as they find it very good quality and long lasting. The low price of this water-based lubricant is also a reason behind the huge popularity of this lube.

Another reason why people place their trust and faith in this lubricant is that it has been approved by FDA. This approval makes this lube appear safe in the eyes of all the consumers.

Main features of ID Glide

  • Water based lubricant
  • Non-staining
  • Works well with sex toys
  • Has a medium consistency
  • Long-lasting lubricant

Pros and cons of ID Glide


  1. Can be used with toys and condoms

More and more men and women today include toys in their sex lives. Similarly, most people insist on wearing a condom while indulging in sex sessions. ID Glide is a lubricant that comes out a winner on both counts.

Not only does it work well on all kinds of sex toys, it also remains effective when condom comes into play. Only a small quantity of lubricant applied over the condom keeps it slippery and smooth for a long time.

  1. Non-sticky

One of the most undesirable features of a lubricant is its stickiness. People do not like it when they feel oiliness or stickiness in the lubricant that they are using.  Consumers love ID Glide as it never turns sticky during a sex session even though it remains slippery all the time.

  1. Can be reactivated if it becomes dry

This is a great feature and a big advantage of ID Glide lubricant. Though it remains effective for a very long time, you need not reapply this lubricant if you feel it has stopped working as it has dried out.

All you need to do is to drop a drop of water over your penis or the anus of your partner and see the magic again. If you do not see water nearby, your own saliva can also do the trick.

  1. Odorless and tasteless

This is another advantage of using ID Glide as a lubricant. You do not feel having used anything foreign as this lubricant gives a very natural feeling. It has not fragrance and it does not have any taste. Thus there is no chance of feeling irritated because of smell or even when it accidentally lands a little bit in your mouth.

  1. Easy to clean

ID Glide is a lubricant that can be easily removed after a great sex session. You can simply wipe it away using a towel or a cloth. Also, you can clean it by using water as it is water soluble. This is the reason why people prefer using ID glide as it leaves behind no mess.


It is hard to find a disadvantage in this lubricant that is loved so much by the people because of its versatility and efficacy. However, a few women have reported developing vaginal infections after using this lubricant. This may be because of the presence of glycerin in this lubricant. Also, some men have complained about its poor performance when they are using condoms.


On the whole, ID Glide remains a very popular choice for lubrication among men and women across the country. It is high on performance and it is also very long lasting. Do not wait to find a lubricant better than this in this price range. Buy ID Glide personal water based lubricant today to enhance your pleasure during sex sessions with your partner.

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