Irresistible Inflatable Butt Plugs

Anal sex and stimulation were, for the longest time, seen as one of the last bastions of sexual pleasure. But, these days, with a more sexually liberal and accepting society, more and more people are eagerly turning to the hidden pleasures and surprises of anal play.

With huge numbers of butt plugs flooding the market, finding the best one for you can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. So we have compiled a list of some of the top inflatable butt plugs out there, that you can use to enhance your sexual pleasure.

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What Makes a Great Inflatable Butt Plug?

Inflatable butt plugs differ to regular plugs in one key point: The ability to inflate their size in order to enhance the sensation they grant you.

As with everything in life, a great inflatable butt plug should be easy to use and easy to clean, but require some trial and error to get the feeling right for you.

This means that there are a few things to consider about what actually makes a worthwhile butt plug, inflatable or otherwise.

Proper Fit

Firstly and foremost, the butt plug should fit. If in doubt about the size of the butt plug in regards to yourself or whomever you are buying it for, always choose smaller.

It’s better to start small and work up through progressive sizes than to buy a one too large to begin with, that causes potentially very great damage.

Good Material

Secondly the plug must be made of a material that is right for YOU! There are many types of material that butt plugs are available in; Rubber, silicone, glass, plastic are all materials to consider.

If you plan to share your plug with someone (your partner for example), get one that is non-porous. This makes clean-up much simpler and more sanitary.

Designed for Safety

A very important feature on any and all butt plugs is some kind of wide brimmed stopper that prevents it from being “lost” during use.

This also prevents you having to either wait to reclaim it or from taking a trip up to the emergency room to have it recovered.

Try to make sure that the stopper is at least wider than the actual body of the plug and always read the reviews to see if other users are having success with keeping it from being lost.

Review of the Best Inflatable Butt Plugs

With all of this in mind regarding inflatable butt plugs it would be only right to give you a run down of 5 of the best inflatable butt plugs that you will see available for purchase. We will give you a brief description and a list of pros and cons of each.

Do remember this though; EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT! Just because a certain toy or butt plug doesn’t work for someone, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you and vice versa. Always be willing to experiment to find the best product for you!

With that being said, let’s jump right in.

1. Deluxe Wonder Plug Inflatable Vibrating Black


  • Easy to use vibrator controls with multiple settings
  •  Vibrator provides solid construction for easy insertion
  • Multiple settings on the vibrator giving you full control of the sensation
  • Rather cheap price point in order to move onto a more adventurous toy


  • While easy to use, the pump does feel a bit cheap and flimsy at times
  • Can come across a bit fiddly to use by yourself with having multiple wires

At 4 inches the Deluxe Wonder Plug Inflatable Vibrating  is perfect for those looking to expand their horizons and playtime that little bit further.

This plug is perfect for those who have already started experimenting with anal play and want to start adding a bit of variety to what their toys can do.

With an attached hand pump and hand-held control for the vibrator setting, you can set the plug just right for you or your partner.

Do note that it does contain latex, so any out there who have allergies to the substance may wish to choose a more suitable toy.

Bottom Line

An excellent toy for more intermediate and advanced users who are looking for variation and control. A cheap entry to the world of vibrating plugs, just be wary that sometimes items can be extra affordable for a reason.

2. Frisky Inflatable Stimulator Butt Plug


  • Very affordable
  • Quick release valve for fast deflating
  • Easily inserted and inflated for quick use
  • Gives a very “full” feeling with only a few pumps


  • Has a tendency to inflate unevenly if not set up correctly
  • Materials can feel a bit cheap and flimsy depending on what your expectations are.

The Frisky Inflatable Stimulator Butt Plug is a great budget inflatable that can be inserted easily and inflated with minimal effort.

Made from rubber, once inserted the balloon can be inflated by the simple hand pump and expands up to 3 times its size.

It is very cheap for its type and is made of rubber, making it perfect for use with water based lubricants, for those more sensitive to silicone.

Bottom Line

A cheap and cheerful inflatable that does what it says on the tin. Just remember that sometimes a cheap price can bring a cheap toy and that proper use and lubrication must always be taken into account before inserting and inflating.

3. Dark Inflator Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug


  • A stretchy silicone so it’s easy to disinfect
  • Tapered tip great for beginners
  • Easy release valve for instant relief


  • Maximum size is very large
  • Not compatible with silicone lube

This Dark Inflator Silicone Inflatable Anal Plug starts out small with a tapered tip, making it great for those who are newer to anal play, or who simply prefer a slim insertion.

The plug can inflate up to 2.5 inches if you can handle that much! Take your time discovering your inner limits. When you have reached your maximum, an easy release valve will provide instant relief.

Bottom Line

With a sturdy construction, slim tip for easy insertion, and generous maximum size, this is a great plug for those just starting and experimenting with inflatable anal plugs. The maximum size is quite wide but there is no need to go there if you don’t want to and the easy release valve is a great safeguard. Overall a great plug for beginners to intermediate.

4. Colt Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug


  • Easy to use inflation pump.
  • Quick release valve for when size becomes too much.
  • Realistic look and feel for those who wish more for the real thing.


  • Short pipe can make other play inconvenient.
  • Latex construction is solid, but unfortunate for those with a latex allergy.

For those who like their toys with a more “realistic” look to them, the Colt Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug is perfect.

Shaped like the real thing to get as closer to the feeling as possible, without sacrificing ease of use and insertion, this inflatable plug allows you to enjoy maximum penetration and a feeling of fullness.

Made of latex, the plug has a large ridged base to prevent it from entering fully and to allow for easy removal when necessary. An easy to use pump also provides quick inflation for quick pleasure.

Bottom Line

A potentially great toy for those who want something with a more realistic feel, who are working up to the real thing. Just make sure to take into account the latex construction if you have allergies and you may want to pump it before use in order to make insertion as easy as possible.

5. Booty Pumper Medium Black Inflatable Plug


  • Easy to use pump
  • Latex free for those with allergies
  • Suction cup for hands free riding
  • Easily insertable for any level of experience


  • Can inflate unevenly
  • Awkward placement of inflation pipe on toy

A truly versatile toy for any level of user, the Booty Pumper Medium Black Inflatable Plug comes with an inflated circumference of 8.5-inches and is latex free to boot.

Now this toy also has something the rest don’t; a suction cup to allow for hands free use on a surface of your choice. Just stick it down and inflate away with the attached hand pump.

With a sturdy and well designed body, the toy can be inserted easily and pumped up to the size you want within moments.

Bottom Line

A truly excellent toy that is fully waterproof and can be suctioned to any appropriate surface for even more fun. Just be careful where you stick it and be wary of the potentially awkward pipe placement. Other than that a great to for any level.

What is an Inflatable Butt Plug Best Used For?

The inflatable butt plug has much the same usage of the regular butt plug but with the added benefit of being inflatable to a point that may be too large to insert initially.

As with all butt plugs, the inflatable plug is used mainly for starting your exploration into anal pleasure. The many sizes of plug allow you to truly grasp what it is to feel the sensation of anal pleasure, all the while providing you with full control of the duration and intensity of your playful sessions.

They also allow you to work your way up from inserting smaller objects, to taking the plunge and experiencing full anal sex with a partner, or larger toy of your choice. You must think of the anus in the way you think of any muscle in the body.

You wouldn’t walk into a gym and load up the nearest bar with all of the plates you could find and lift it would you? No! You would start small, condition yourself slowly and work up to the larger weights. Or in this case sizes.

The feeling of complete and utter fullness is enough to drive many people wild during their sexual sessions and an inflatable butt plug helps you feel just that.

By inserting as a smaller object, this saves the rectum from unnecessary damage and tearing, before inflating to fill the anal cavity.

This helps to reach all of the pleasurable nerve endings hidden inside the anal cavity with maximum comfort, in order to afford the most pleasure possible.

The inflatable area of the plug also gives the recipient a more comfortable experience by providing a soft and accommodating surface that allows fairly free movement, without blocking off the cavity as a solid object.

As a final note, a good number of inflatable butt plugs also house small but effective vibrators inside of them.

These vibrators, coupled with the soft inflatable plug, allow for even more pleasure, while having the added benefit of a muffled noise, due to the soft housing in the plug.

These vibrators also help enhance the sensations felt by the anal cavities nerve endings and even help men achieve a more pleasurable orgasm by massaging the prostate..


With the right approach anal play can be enjoyed as much and anything else. All you need are the right tools and a bit of patience to do so.

Inflatable butt plugs can help bridge the gap from anal beginner to expert and provide hours of pleasure for any user.

Hopefully this helpful guide will allow you to make an informed decision on what is best for you and how you can approach anal play with the enthusiasm it deserves.

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