The Best Lelo Vibrators | Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Lelo might just produce the best-designed sex toys that you have never heard of. Starting way back in 2003, Lelo produces some of the most exquisite toys and vibrators out there.

Lelo believes that if you take pride in the look of items you would normally display around the house, then why shouldn’t your most intimate items be just as elegant? 

In this article, we will explore several of the vibrators that Lelo sell and just why you may need to consider getting one.

Comparison Chart of the Best Lelo Vibrators


Our Rating


Lelo Smart Wand Rechargeable Vibrator

​Lelo Insignia Soraya  Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Lelo Mona 2 Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

Lelo Mia 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Egg Vibrator

Lelo Sona Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Are Lelo Vibrators Worth the Price?

The first thing that should be discussed here is the elephant in the room when it comes to Lelo toys.

Yes, they are more expensive than most over toys of a comparable style on the market.

And while expensive does not always equal better, in the case of Lelo, you more than likely will notice a huge difference.

The first thing you notice about Lelo products is the fairly unique styling, feel and overall quality of your chosen toy.

These products are designed, built and sold with only one goal in mind: to give you a toy that not only meets your every personal need and desire, but looks damn good while doing it.

Treat yourself to a Lelo vibe.

While everybody is different and will probably need to experiment to find the right toy for them, when they finally decide to drop the money on one of Lelo’s toys, the difference can be seen immediately.

Not only do you get a toy that is so well designed it could be displayed in a glass cabinet in a modern art museum, but you also get a toy designed to reach every single stimulating spot on your body.

But not only do they look good, they may just outlast you!

Many people who finally dropped the money on a Lelo toy have reported that their toys have lasted well past the time other, more cheaply made toys, may have been expected to be replaced due to failure.

They are built to last, and that kind of durability can’t come with a price tag.

What Types of Lelo Vibrators Are There?

Not every person will be able to utilize a specific type of toy fully. Lelo knows this all too well and as such has a large range of toys and vibrators to suit any need. 

From small and simple bullet style vibrators and rabbit vibrators to vibrating rings and oral sex simulators, Lelo has you covered no matter what kind of toy works best for you.

And if it isn’t just toys you’re looking for, Lelo also has a wide selection of accessories to help fill out your every need. 

Made to compliment their main lines of toys you can find remote controlled toys, personal moisturizer, even lube and, sexy clothing as well as ties and bondage kits for a more exciting night in.

What will you choose?

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking your own toy. Lelo produces toys of all sizes and styles to suit you.

If you want a thrusting style vibrator for more internal pleasure then you can choose from many styles and types available, to pick the one that works best for you.

All of their products are specifically designed to reach your most intimate spots and leave you feeling fully satisfied.

If you like a more adventurous playtime, you can also browse Lelo’s butt plugs and male prostate massagers.

Sex toys aren’t just for women and Lelo have made sure to provide toys that anyone can use for their pleasure.

Review of the Best Lelo Vibrators

From here out please note we will be reviewing some of Lelos more popular toys. Hopefully, our reviews will help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to making your next purchase.

1. Lelo Smart Wand Large Rechargeable Vibrator

Why not start off with one of Lelos award-winning toys?

The Lelo Smart Wand is a beautifully crafted piece of sexual hardware that provides you with up to 4 hours of pleasure on its rechargeable battery. 

With a soft silicone body and a completely waterproof design, the Lelo Smart wand can be taken anywhere due to its cordless nature.

It provides you with 8 different vibration settings as well Lelos SenseTouch technology, which causes the wand to react to the pressure you apply it to your body by.

It must be noted that the toy is quite large, so you may find it feeling heavy with prolonged use.

You may also find it a bit unwieldy if using it during regular sex in certain positions or if using it in conjunction with other toys.



  • Waterproof silicone design
  • Completely wireless with 4 hours of charge
  • Award-winning design for maximum pleasure
  • Multiple vibration settings with reactive SenseTouch technology


  • Higher vibration settings may be a bit loud
  • Quite large to hold for long periods and can possibly get in the way

Bottom Line

This toy has won awards for a reason and after using it for a bit you’ll understand why. But at the same time, you may find your arm growing tired from holding it up.

Providing you with an almost personalized experience due to the SmartTouch technology and multiple vibration settings, almost anyone will be able to enjoy this excellent piece of sexual engineering.

2. Lelo Insignia Soraya Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Taking your pleasure with you has never been easier with the Lelo Insignia Soraya.

With a beautiful design and a smooth silicone body, this vibrator provides pleasure to all the right spots.

Featuring a 5 inch insertable length and an attached clitoral stimulator, the Soraya is more than capable of reaching your most intimate spots.

It comes with a 4-hour battery life that is easily rechargeable via USB. Combined with the accident preventing travel lock, you can take this vibrator anywhere with you for some weekend fun.

It is completely waterproof and has up to 8 vibrate functions for you to choose from, meaning you can take as much or as little as you want from it.

Do note that, it is silicone molded, this means that you may need to purchase a water-based lube if silicone happens to be your lube of choice.



  • Eight speed settings on the vibrator function
  • Handy travel lock to prevent accidental activation
  • No need for batteries with the USB charging capabilities


  • Can be a bit difficult to clean
  • Highest speed setting can be a bit loud

Bottom Line

If a sleek and portable vibrator is what you're after then this may be the one for you.

With its handy rechargeable battery and the included travel lock, it fits great into any weekend bag or even just in the bottom of your toy drawer. 

As always just make sure you use a water based lube rather than silicone as it will degrade the toy over time.

3. Lelo Mona 2 Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

A simple, yet brilliant G-spot vibrator, the Mona 2 is everything a Lelo toy can be expected to be.

Molded from smooth silicone, the Mona 2 is perfectly curved to reach the right spots.

With an insertable length of just shy of 5 inches, the Mona 2 can reach the spots you want, without looking overly intimidating.

The handy travel lock also makes it perfect for slipping into the bags for those long days away from home.

Designed to be as quiet as possible, you can choose from multiple vibration patterns and power levels to reach your own heights of pleasure.

As always, expect up to 4 hours of battery life on a 2 hour charge and with the benefit of being submersible as well, the fun can be taken anywhere.



  • Submersible for shower play
  • Perfect insertable length; non-intimidating
  • Rechargeable battery and useful travel lock
  • Perfectly curved to reach your most pleasurable spots


  • As always, gets loud on higher settings
  • Buttons can be a bit of a pain to get used to

Bottom Line

A great improvement over the original Mona with improved power, longevity, and overall effectiveness.

At a respectable insertable length, those who don’t care for longer vibrators should find something to work with here.

With a rechargeable battery, the toy can be taken anywhere and the useful travel lock will prevent any embarrassing episodes from your bags.

4. Lelo Mia 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

The Lelo Mia 2 is your standard Clitoral bullet vibrator. But it is anything but basic.

The Mia 2 has up to 6 different speeds and up to 5 different vibration patterns. And each pattern even has a further adjustable power level.

With its small and sleek design, the Mia is 100% waterproof and comes with a handy travel lock for popping it into your travel bag without worry.

The USB rechargeable battery also ensures that you can charge it pretty much anywhere and the 2 hours battery life allows you to enjoy it for as long as possible.

One thing to note though is that even though is is small, it is very mighty.

This means that only on the lower power levels can it be considered “discreet” as the higher settings emit quite a noise.



  • 2-hour USB rechargeable battery
  • 100% waterproof with a useful travel lock
  • Small and discreet. Excellent for traveling with


  • USB cover can sometimes rattle loose
  • It may be discreet, but very loud on highest settings

Bottom Line

An excellent and discreet vibrator, it's perfect for taking out and about. The USB battery means that it can even be charged from a laptop if you so wish, making it truly portable.

Just be careful in quiet hotels as the high power settings can cause quite a stir from the little thing and make sure the USB cover is firmly in place to prevent losing it after use.

5. Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 Egg Vibrator

If a house can be remote control these days then why not your sex toy?

With an effective range of up to 12 meters away you can set your partner off without even being in the same room.

Fully waterproof so the fun can continue anywhere, the Insignia Lyla 2 has a rechargeable USB battery and has up to 4 hours of play time.

All you need are 2 batteries for the remote. Suitable for external or internal use (vaginal ONLY) the Lyla 2 also comes with the 8 speeds that are the signature of the Lelo range.

With almost whisper quiet vibrations the eggs can be used pretty much anywhere.



  • Whisper quiet when inserted
  • 4 hours of play time on one charge
  • A 12-meter range between egg and remote


  • Can be a bit fiddly to set up
  • The signal between remote and eggs can sometimes disconnect

Bottom Line

For a fun toy that can be played with pretty much anywhere inside or out, the Lyla 2 is a great improvement over the original model.

Be prepared though for potentially having to re-sync the remote and eggs every now and again though during use. Especially in places where multiple signals may get the wires crossed, so to speak.

The funky control type will take some getting used to as well, but once you are it should only add to the fun.

6. Lelo Sona Cerise Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

The Lelo Sona Cerise is unique among toys. It doesn’t look like a traditional vibrator but goes further than any toy has before.

Designed for almost exclusive clitoral stimulation, the Sona uses pulses and soundwave technology to stimulate EVERY part of your clitoris. Not just the external parts.

Constructed from a single piece of silicone, the Sona is entirely waterproof so can be taken in the bath or shower to keep the pleasure going.

As always the battery is USB rechargeable and comes with 60 minutes of full play time.

It is specially designed to be as ergonomic as possible to fit perfectly into your hand in the most awkward of spots.



  • 100% waterproof with 1 hour battery life
  • Sonic technology to hit every part of your clitoris
  • Constructed from a single piece of silicone for easy cleaning


  • Gets loud on higher settings
  • A bit limited in use, especially for the price

Bottom Line

While very unique in design and does its job well, the Sona feels like it should do more, especially with the price tag it fetches.

 However, if clitoral stimulation is all you want then there simply is no alternative.

While it has one function, it does that job very, very well. There aren’t many toys that can claim to use sonic technology quite like this.


Yes, Lelo does produce some expensive toys! But if it is ever said you pay for quality, then that is doubly true here. 

Lelo toys are loved the world over for their build quality, effectiveness, and excellent designs.

If they weren’t worth buying, they wouldn’t be sold!

If you want to spend money on a toy from a company you can trust has you best sexual experience at heart, then look no further than Lelo. You won’t be disappointed.

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