The Best Lube for Butt Plugs – A Buyers Guide

With enough preparation and lubrication, anal sex and play can be enjoyed by anyone. But there are that many different types of lube on the market and picking the right one can be a bit overwhelming.

Luckily here we have pulled together the information necessary for you to be able to choose the best lube for you.

Best Lube for Butt Plugs Comparison Chart


Our Rating


Doc Johnson Golden Girl Anal Jelly

ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant

Sliquid Sassy Water-Based Anal Lubricant

Fifty Shades of Grey

At Ease Anal Lubricant

Sliquid Organics Natural Silk

Hybrid Lubricant 

What Makes a Great Sex Toy Lube - Especially for Butt Plugs?

A great sex toy lube, especially one used with anal play and butt plugs, must usually have a few properties.

In regards to butt plugs the lube must firstly be compatible with the toy in question. If the toy is silicone, latex or rubber, then lubes with a base of the same material are generally not compatible with them. Usually only water based lubes are universally applicable to your toys.

However water--based lubes have a tendency to dry up rather quickly, leaving a tacky feeling, so for prolonged usage you should go for a more silicone based lube for the longest lasting effect. As the anus and your private areas are usually very sensitive, a great lube must also be compatible with you.

If you have allergies or more sensitive-than-usual skin, consider using a silicone lube to lower the risk of any negative reaction. Remember that you are as unique as your lube and toys, so what works for one person may not work for you.

Always read the labels for ingredients and be prepared to try several out before you find the best for your body.

Types of Lubes that Work Great with Butt Plugs

There are lots of lubes out there, all made from different bases and with different bases, so it’s best to do your research before you choose one. Let’s look at how each base differs and how they can affect you.


Water based lubes dry quickly and are probably not the best for anal sex due to this, as the anus isn’t self lubricating like the vagina. If you with to use water based lubes due to their toy and condom friendliness, try and get one with a thickener to make it last longer. Water based will usually be tasteless and odourless, as well as non-staining.


Oil based lubes are not compatible with latex or rubber toys due to the degradation it can cause them. Oil based lubes can be hard to clean and certain oils may stain. Do not use them with latex condoms as they will degrade and break. Oils can be natural or synthetic so check each label to make sure you buy the best one for you.


Great for those who don’t want to apply lube over and over. However it will degrade silicone toys, so won’t be compatible with them.

Silicone based lubes are also great for those with allergies and sensitive skin due to it’s hypoallergenic properties. They provide a great silky feel and are excellent for use with water. So consider silicone based lubes if you plan on taking them in the shower.


A combination of 2 or more bases usually providing the best of both worlds, usually from silicone and water. This means they have the gentleness of a water based lube, with the silky long lasting feel of the silicone to boot. This also makes them great for use in water with the added silicone. Just remember that the silicone will degrade silicone toys over time.

Review of Best Lube for Butt Plugs

Now we’re going to switch gears after learning about lube and take a look at some of our favorite options. We’re going to to highlight why these stand out, as well as some things that could be improved. Let’s get started!

1. Doc Johnson Golden Girl Anal Jelly

Doc Johnsons Golden Girl lube is a thick, long lasting, oil based lubricant perfect for starting out with anal toys.

As an oil based lubricant, it won’t be suitable for latex based toys or condoms, however with liberal application it won’t require much in terms of topping up during prolonged use.



  • Thick. Will last for a long period without reapplication.
  • Long lasting. With only a small amount needed for use each time the tub will last for extended periods.


  • Not suitable for latex condoms or toys.

Bottom Line

This lube is a great option, regardless of your experience level. It’s user-friendly application and ability to be used with nearly all toys makes this a crowd favorite and top pick of ours. However, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be used with latex materials.

2. ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant

A large bottle for long time users, this water-based lubricant is latex friendly and safe for use with condoms. With an easy to use squeezable bottle, the lubricant can be applied easily and quickly.

It’s water based as well so is excellent for those who may have any allergies to other bases. With a smooth glide, this lube is perfect for use with toys both with or without a partner.



  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply from the squeezable bottle
  • Water based, so excellent for allergies and safe for condoms and toys


  • Can become a little sticky when it starts to dry

Bottom Line

A great lube that is easy to apply and use but could possibly dry out why using it for anal play. If you're considering it for anal play, make sure to apply liberally and often, but remember it also may become a bit sticky if it dries out.

3. Sliquid Sassy Water-Based Anal Lubricant

If, like many, you or your partner have more sensitive skin, then this lube is perfect for you. Formulated with natural ingredients rather than man made chemicals, this thickened, water based lube is great for use with toys and condoms.

Even though it is water based, it has been thickened with a naturally occurring plant cellulose to keep the lube as thick as possible for as long as possible. It is odorless, and tasteless and will not stain your fabrics.



  • Natural ingredients for sensitive skins
  • Thickened with natural ingredients for long lasting use
  • Designed by women to not cause UTI’s or yeast infections.


  • Large amounts being used may cause stickiness when drying
  • Squeezable but quite solid bottle. May be a bit difficult to get out sometimes

Bottom Line

All in all a great lube for those who are looking for a thick water-based lube for their anal play. Formulated for your sensitive skin and boasting vegetarian friendly ingredients, you may not get better for a natural lube.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey at Ease Anal Lubricant

Based in the Fifty Shades franchise line of sex toys, this anal lube is a great water-based product for anyone looking to enhance their anal play. A water-based lube with added thickener to keep play going for longer, it is perfect for use with condoms and toys alike.

The simple, squeezable bottle allow you or your partner to apply as much as require during your sessions and can be topped up with a few drops of water if it starts to dry.


  • Thickened for longer use
  • Water based and safe for toys and condoms


  • Can get tacky when drying

Bottom Line

Made to fit with the Fifty Shades brand, those who are fans of the movies and books may find some joy using the official lube of the series. Just be prepared to have to purchase a few as the small bottle may run out very easily.

5. Sliquid Organics Natural Silk Hybrid Lubricant

Made with natural plant extracts for a more organic feel, this hybrid lube is mixed with silicone, for thickness and a long lasting result. However this does come with a trade as the silicone in the product makes it incompatible with silicone toys.

It is perfect for delicate skin and those with certain allergies as well as being completely vegan and cruelty free. It has a creamy texture perfect for a smooth glide and will last for a good while before you need to consider topping it up.



  • Long lasting silicone blend
  • Perfect for vegans and cruelty free
  • Uses natural products perfect for delicate skin and allergies


  • Not suitable for silicone toys

Bottom Line

All in all a brilliant hybrid blend perfect for those with any kind of sensitive skin and those who shop for vegan and cruelty free products. Each use will last for a good while before top-up and comes with a squeezable bottle for easy application.


As you can see there is a lot of information to take in when it comes to lubes. From the individual properties of each, to their prices, types and so on.

If you remember only a little of this information remember this; usually a lube with a specific base with degrade the toys made of the same type (silicone lube will damage silicone toys etc).

Silicone based lubes are great for those with allergies and sensitive skin and water and water based lubes will be more universal. Be happy to experiment before finding the one best for you.

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