Lush Personal Lubricant Review

I was never a believer of sex toys and lubes in the past but as years take its toll, I have found out that intimacy is very important in a healthy relationship. As the relationship grows, the passion can wane down and having to elevate that good feeling in making love is sometimes becoming a task.

Opening up my mind in the way I look at personal Lubricants, massagers, protections, and cleaners is the best decision I have ever made. Me and my partner are always looking forward for our ‘We’ time in bed and doing stuff, sometimes kinky ones, while giggling and moaning all at the same time. Using Lush personal lubricant is my secret in keeping me and my partner wet throughout the night, in between long and hard comes.

Lush lubes give justice to sexual wellness as they are guaranteed not only totally effective but safe for all users across age and preference. There are three types, the water based in white canister, the silicone based in black, and the anal lube in ash grey.

I can choose from water based to silicone personal lubricants and so do you. And when I wanted extra fun in bed, I’d go for anal. Whichever entry I choose, I always come hard and long because of these sexual wonders in bottles.

Of the water and silicone based, I love the water based when we are both in the mood and the silicone when we’re over excited and wanted to jump immediately to hard pumping and thrusting.

Both are guaranteed effective though but they have their good and bad depending on the user. I listed some of the things that I find helpful to all others who wanted to choose the perfect lube type for their kind of sex action:

Water based vs Silicone Lush Personal Lubes Myths

  • Water based are thought of ‘thinner’ than silicone but both lubes from Lush are truly thin enough that we sometimes forget that the extra wetness we apply on are unnatural.
  • Silicone sex lubes are believed to stain the sheets so positions should be chosen properly. Not with Lush’s silicone personal lube as it is like a natural wetness on the vagina, anus and penis. A little goes a long way too. I usually apply a little on me and my partner and that can go throughout the long night of sexual fantasy. And however position we do, no stains are visible the next day.
  • Lubes are oils that can increase the risk of STD and unsafe sex. While true, not with Lush Personal Lubricants. These lubes are designed and manufactured to be safe and compatible with all sex toys and protections like condoms of different materials.
  • Anal sex can be rough and hard. True, but not with the help of Lush personal and anal lubes. At first I was using the same lube I use on vagina and penis but when I discovered this specially created potion for the anus, I never went back. This one from Lush is the one everyone should use when they go enter the backdoor. It is ultra slick and never goes dry however hard the pumping gets so I am pretty sure that we are both enjoying the act. What’s best is that we both come long and hard without any problem.

Overall, Lush personal lubes are definitely the best sexual aids I’ve known, and they never failed me. My partner and I can’t keep our hands to ourselves and always look forward to having a long night of making love and kinky stuff in bed.

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