Lush Personal Lubricant Review – Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2019

If you're looking for a new, quality lubricant to spice up your sex life, Lush might be just the one for you.  Lush lubes prioritize sexual wellness and guarantee that they are safe for all users across age and preference. There are three types, the water based in the white bottle, silicone based in black, and the anal lube in ash grey.

Of the water and silicone based, the water based tends to be a crowd favorite because of its versatility. However, if you're in search of a long lasting lube that works well for anal play, you may consider their silicone or anal lube. 

All types are guaranteed effective, but as with any good thing, they each have certain downsides.  Below are some of the things we found helpful for those looking to choose the perfect Lush lube.

Which Lush Lube to Choose: Water, Silicone, or Anal

  • Water based are thought of ‘thinner’ than silicone but the water based Lush lube will take you far
  • Although many silicone lubes are known to stain sheets and clothes, Lush's silicone defies this stereotype. It provides natural wetness without staining your bedding. Remember, a little goes a long way. 
  • Many oil-based lubes can increase the risk of STD, irritation, and unsafe sex. Lush Personal Lubricants, on the other hand, stand up to their reputation of being safe and compatible with sex toys or condoms. 
  • Anal sex can be painful if you don't take the proper precautions. With the help of Lush personal anal lubes, you will experience the ultimate wet feeling without drying up or getting sticky. .

Overall, Lush personal lubes are definitely some of the best out there. With options for everyone, you are sure to be satisfied with any of the Lush products.

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