2019 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Male Vibrators

Vibrators - our old faithful friend. However, vibrators can be used for more than what people typically think. Traditionally, people cast vibrators as the toy for women. Contrary to popular belief, there are thousands of male vibrators out there which can create explosive waves of pleasure in their own unique way.

Male vibrators are built for people with a penis or a prostate and they come in many shapes and sizes. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the various types of male vibrators out there and our very favorites. Let’s get started.

Comparison Chart of the Best Male Vibrators


Our Rating


Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump

Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Head Male Masturbator

Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator

Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator

Hot Octopuss Pocket PULSE Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator

What is a Male Vibrator?

Before we go any further, let’s establish what a male vibrator is. These toys are crafted to stimulate the penis or prostate. They come in many shapes and sizes.

Some are meant to be worn while others are inserted for anal pleasure. Despite the variations in male vibrators, they all have one thing in common - sending pulses of pleasure to your favorite erogenous zones.

Male vibrators can be used solo or during partner play and are equipped for all levels of users, from beginners to advanced. With all of the types out there, we have no doubt that whatever you’re looking for, there is the right toy for you.

Types of Male Vibrators

With all of the pleasure points of the male anatomy, it’s no surprise that there are vibrators for all of them.

One of the most popular male vibrators is the male mastubator, a cylinder shaped toy that fits around the penis. They inherently constrict the penis to create more build up for an intense orgasm.

With an ample amount of lube, you can easily stroke a male masturbator up and down the length of your member until you’re ready to explode. If you just want to sit back and relax, these little toys also provide hands-free pleasure to the shaft of the penis and in some cases, the scrotum as well.

Another popular male vibrator is the prostate massager or butt plug. These male vibrators have tons of options in terms of vibration pattern, texture, shape, and rechargeability. Most of them are shaped specifically to reach the prostate, lovingly known as the P-spot, for mind-blowing orgasms. Some can be worn during sex or when out and about for extra hands-free stimulation.

To learn more about prostate massagers, check out our review on the best butt plugs for men.  

There are also penis pumps with integrated vibrators for multiple types of stimulation at once, sure to leave you begging for more.

No matter what you like, there is a vibrator out there to fit your needs.

What Makes a Great Male Vibrator?

When looking for a male vibrator, it’s important to keep some things in mind.


The first thing to look out for is material. For most sex toys, silicone tends to be the material of choice. It is soft, comfortable, and durable. Above all, silicone is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria as much as other materials, so its tends to be the safest. When purchasing a silicone toy, check to make sure it is phthalates free. Also beware products with latex in them if you have a latex allergy.


Next, it’s important to consider size. Especially for butt plugs or prostate massagers, if you’re just starting out, it’s likely that you’ll want to ease into things with a smaller size. On the other hand, if you love the feeling of stretching and fullness, a bigger butt plug or prostate massager might be better for you.

When it comes to penis rings and pumps, check out the dimensions listed online. Those can give you a good idea of how well they will fit. Penis rings are usually pretty stretchy, though, so they tend to fall into the category of “one size fits most.”


If you love fun in the water, make sure any toy you buy is fully waterproof. If the vibrator you buy has a wired remote control, it’s likely that you’ll have to keep that one out of the tub.  Others with wireless remote controls may allow for all kinds of aquatic play.


Another great feature to look for in a male vibrator is rechargeability. Rechargeable vibrators are convenient, tend to be higher quality, and are more eco-friendly. It’s basically a win-win for you and the environment.

Review of the Best Male Vibrators

Now that you know a little more about the types of male vibrators available, let’s take a look at the best ones out there. For each vibrator, we’ll chat about the main features, pros, and cons. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

1. Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump

First let’s take a look at the Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump. Not only does this penis pump have the added benefit of penis constriction to increase penis size, sensitivity, and overall endurance, but it also has a multi-speed bullet vibrator to tingle and tease you.

With an ample amount of water-based lube, you can easily insert your penis into the chamber and then go to town with the hand pump to create a vacuum. As your erection swells, you can experiment with the 3 speed and 4 vibration patterns of the bullet vibrator for some toe-curling solo play.

The chamber has a circumference of 7.25” and internal length of 7.5”, but overall Lovehoney says that one size fits most. For your peace of mind, there is a quick-release button that will immediately equalize pressure within the chamber at any moment.

The Lovehoney Pumped Up Penis Pump is made from TPE and is fully waterproof for non-stop fun wherever you please.



  • Strong suction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Intense vibrations
  • Very easy to use with the simple, no-nonsense design
  • Easy to clean so you can keep it ready to go for next time


  • Not rechargeable
  • A little on the loud side

Bottom Line

All in all, this is more than just your basic penis pump. The Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump fits comfortably for most and with its strong suction, you’ll experience an erection like no other.

Although you may think it won’t get any better with the engorging sensation afforded by the device, sensations of the bullet vibrator may just overwhelm you entirely.

2. Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Head Male Masturbator

Next on our list is the Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Head Male Masturbator. This male vibrator is a full cylinder of pleasure. It is perfectly sized to fit most people and is easy to grip while pleasuring yourself.

The interior is crafted from velvety soft silicone, complete with textured ridges and valleys for a whole new world of pleasure. Just insert your penis and start stroking to feel the snug, cushioned walls.

Once inside, you can explore the 6 vibration modes with the simple push-button control. With a healthy dollop of your favorite water-based lube, this stealthy but powerful male vibrator will bring you to a climax of new levels.

Best of all, the Mantric male mastubator is rechargeable and fully waterproof. With a complete charge via USB, you can experience a whole 90 minutes of intense stimulation from the bedroom to the shower and beyond.



  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to clean
  • Various intense vibration patterns for never ending fun
  • Fairly quiet and even has a travel lock so it doesn’t accidentally get turned on when you’re on the go


  • A bit pricier than others
  • Some have difficulty with the fit

Bottom Line

In total, this is our top pick for a male vibrator. This toy offers just about everything, from an ultra-soft and textured interior, an easy-to-grip exterior, and multiple vibration patterns, you won’t want to put it down.

The Mantric Rechargeable Vibrating Head Male Masturbator is a perfect addition to anyone’s toy chest. Although it’s a little bit on the pricey side, this amazing toy is worth every penny.

3. Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator

Now we want to back things up to a more classic take on the male vibrator - the Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator. This sleeve-like device fits easily over most penises and will send powerful vibrations up your spine.

To experience the pleasure of the Supersex Male Vibrator, you simply insert the egg vibrator inside the sleeve and then stretch the other end over your shaft. You can place it as far along your shaft as you like, with an internal length of 3 inches. Then, enjoy the sensation of the internal texturized nubs. Try out any of the 4 vibration settings with the convenient wired remote control to completely submerge yourself in tantalizing pulses of pleasure.

As another bonus, you can remove the egg vibrator at any time to stimulate your other erogenous zones or give your partner a turn.



  • Simple design
  • Vibrations pack quite a punch
  • Very discreet and easy to store
  • Comfortably slips over the head and onto the shaft
  • Remote control allows you or your partner to control the vibrations


  • TPE material
  • Not waterproof
  • Not rechargeable

Bottom Line

We love the the Tracey Cox Supersex Male Vibrator. With 4 vibration patterns, the removable egg vibrator, and simple remote control, this is a great introduction to the world of male vibrators.

However, there are definitely some areas of improvement, including that the toy is not waterproof or rechargeable. Overall, this male vibrator won’t let you down.

4. Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator

This next male vibrator is not for the faint of heart. The Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator is a top-of-the-line male vibrator that means business.

The internal length of the device is 4.2” and it has expandable wings to accommodate penises of all girths. It’s made of a soft and rippled silicone which completely engulfs your member for all-over pleasure.

With 25% more power than the previous model because of the new PulsePlate Technology, you can play with 5 different vibration modes for an unforgettable climax. Toggle through the vibrations with the push of a button. Simply slide this toy up and down your shaft with some water-based lube or keep it in one place to let it do all the work.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Hot Octopuss PULSE III is conveniently rechargeable with an innovative magnetic charging cord to give you a full hour of play time. It’s also 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to stop when you move to the shower or tub.



  • Good battery life
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to store and charge
  • Silky smooth silicone interior
  • Super strong vibrations and deep stimulation


  • Buttons can be somewhat stiff with first use
  • Can be a little noisy on its most powerful setting

Bottom Line

The Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator will certainly give you the bang for your buck. It’s powerful and comfortable and can bring you to an intense climax in no time all. The only major downside is that it’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it.

If you’re looking for a sleek and intense male vibrator, this a great choice.

5. Hot Octopuss Pocket PULSE Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator

If you loved everything about the Hot Octopuss PULSE III Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator, but didn’t love the price tag, this last toy might be just the ticket. The Hot Octopuss PULSE Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator brings everything the PULSE III brings to the table in a smaller, portable version and at a cheaper price.

This mini mastubrator offers 7 different vibration speeds powered by two intense motors. Although this version doesn’t use the PulsePlate Technology, the deep vibrations enhance every stroke.

It’s soft, portable, and lightweight. Similar to the more advanced PULSE III, it has a single flexible wing so that it easily adjusts to fit to your body. With some water-based lube, you will be in for a whole new orgasmic experience.

Just because it’s the pocket version, Hot Octopuss didn’t skimp on the essentials. The Pocket PULSE is still rechargeable via USB and completely waterproof.



  • Intense vibrations
  • Impressive battery life
  • Comes with a storage bag for travel
  • Substantially quieter than the PULSE III
  • Because of its open design, there is room for other stimulation (e.g., oral or manual)


  • Takes a while to charge
  • Must use a fair amount of lube to keep things comfortable

Bottom Line

Overall, the Hot Octopuss Pocket PULSE Solo Vibrating Male Masturbator is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality male vibrator. This offers tons of options for vibrational variety and is compact enough that you can take it with you on the go.

It is carefully designed for total pleasure and we are confident that it won’t let you down.


Male vibrators are a great way to experience an orgasm of completely new heights. With all of the forms they come in, there are plenty of options to ensure there is something for everyone. From penis rings, to male mastubators, to penis pumps, we hope you find the perfect male vibrator to add to your collection. Check out our complete buyers guide on the best male sex toys if you want to find other toys to take your sex life to the next level.

Let us know in the comments below what you love about male vibrators. Enjoy yourself!

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