Review of the Best Nipple Vibrators | Buyer’s Guide 2019

The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, but lots of people tend to steer away from nipple toys as they think that nipple play is more about pain than pleasure. But that’s just not the case! Well, at least it doesn’t have to be.

While there are toys out there that will definitely inflict some pain, if you know what you are looking for then you can make sure you find a toy that is all about arousal and sexy stimulation.

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Double Double Powerful Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teasers

Nipple Play

Nipple Teasers

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Hi-Beam Vibrating Nipple Pumps

Vibrating Heart Silicone Pasties

What are Nipple Vibrators?

Nipple vibrators are a collection of toys that use vibration to stimulate the nipples. There are lots of different styles available with the main point of difference between them being the way that they attach to the nipple itself.

And no, nipple vibrators are not only for women.

Men have nipples too and they are also super sensitive so these toys can be used by both women and men. So long as you like nipple play, then you will likely like these toys.

Best Types of Nipple Play?

Our nipples are one of the most sensitive and reactive parts of our bodies. Just like the other erogenous zones of our bodies, when we are aroused, stimulation of the nipples feels absolutely amazing for many people.

A lot of people also use nipple stimulation to help with arousal and to get them into the mood for more play.

Nipple play encompasses all sorts of types of stimulation. It can be simply stroking or squeezing the nipples with hands and fingers, licking or sucking the nipples, using nipple clamps to restrict blood to the area, or of course to stimulate them with vibration.

If you are new to nipple play, then the best way to start is with hands and mouth. This will allow you to get used to stimulation of the area without it being too overwhelming.

Nipples are extremely sensitive, so while some people love the sensation, others find it too tickly or even painful.

If you already know you love it then moving up to something like nipple clamps or vibrators might be the next step up.

Keep in mind that nipple clamps are designed to restrict blood flow into the nipples making them super sensitive following their removal.

On the other hand, nipple vibrators are all about the sensation while they are worn.

Qualities of the Best Nipple Vibrators

When it comes to nipple vibrators there is actually quite a bit to think about, however, the most important thing to consider is how the vibrator will attach to the nipple.

The most common style you will find is a clamp style vibrator.

This is basically a nipple clamp with a vibrator attached. It will likely have a control that you can hold in your hands with a wire lead to the clamps.

Another classic style is vibrating nipple suckers.

These use suction to attach directly onto your nipple and stimulate it from there.

Then there are also stretchy silicone vibrators that stretch around your erect nipple to stay in place.

If you do go for clamps but you are not so keen on pain, then I suggest you find a clamp that is adjustable so that you can control the pressure.

Look out for alligator clamps, tweezer clamps or butterfly clamps as they can all adjust the pressure and intensity. That way you can enjoy the vibration without any nagging pain or discomfort.

Another thing to think about is how the vibration of the toy is controlled. There are some wireless options that can be controlled independently as there is a separate motor in each toy, or there are options with a handheld control and a wire lead to each of the nipples.

Consider how you want to use the toys as sometimes wires can be a bit trickier to deal with, especially during partnered play. You don’t want to accidentally tug them off. Especially if they are clamps. Ouch!

Review of the Best Nipple Vibrators

Now that you know what to look out for, let's look at some examples of which nipple vibrators are available.

1. Double Double Powerful Vibrating Silicone Nipple and Clit Teasers

This is an awesome set of nipple vibrators for beginners for multiple reasons. First off, they are vibrating suckers, meaning that they use suction to attach to the nipples and draw blood to the surface for extra stimulation.

The nipple attachments are made with a soft silicone sucker and use two vibrating eggs for the vibration part. They use a long wire to attach to the controller and you just use the dial to scroll through the different vibration levels.

What’s super fun about this toy is all the different ways that you can use it. Of course, it can be used for nipple suction and nipple vibration but it can also be used for suction and vibration of the clitoris.

Or, you can remove the suction part entirely and use the eggs vibrators for the clitoris or inside the vagina. Pretty cool huh?



  • There are so many ways to use this toy!
  • The removable silicone portion makes it super easy to clean.
  • The dial makes it easy to scroll through the different vibration levels.


  • It is a pretty loud toy.
  • As the product is quite heavy, the suction is sometimes not so great and they can fall off, especially if tugged on.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend this toy as there are so many different ways to use it for all over body stimulation.

2. Nipple Play Nipple Teasers

Now we move into something with a bit more bite. These nipple teasers feature a nipple clamp attachment to attach to the nipple.

It’s a pinch clamp, which means that it is easy to open and close and it is also adjustable so it should still sit comfortably around the nipple.

This one is made of plastic with a soft coating which does offer some padding, but not much, so be aware that there may be some discomfort if you are sensitive.

There are two vibration speeds and both of them are fairly intense, there is no low setting on this one.

What makes these nipples teasers really cool though, is the heating function. Yes, these clamps can heat to 104 degrees Fahrenheit adding even more stimulation to the nipples.

This is another toy that has a wire running between the vibrators and the control so again be wary during partnered play not to tug them off.


  • Clamp styles tend to stay on the body better than other styles.
  • The heating function is pretty cool and sets them apart from most other styles.
  • They are powerful and a great option for those that love string vibration on their nipples.


  • They are another pretty loud set.
  • There is no low setting for the vibrations so its all go from the beginning.

Bottom Line

Overall this is an awesome set of nipple vibrators that those have played before. The clamp style and strong vibrations are better suited to people that have experienced a lot of nipple stimulation before.

3. Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Isn’t Nipplettes just the cutest name ever?! And these vibrating clamps are pretty cute too.

These ones are another set of adjustable clamps but this time they are wireless. That means that each clamp can be controlled individually and there is no wire to deal with making them great for partnered sex. 

The Nipplettes clamps are made from a firm plastic with a soft rubber coating over the top so they are less intense against the nipples. The clamps are adjustable and are easy to simply push down to open and release to close.

This set has a single strong vibration that is turned on and off on each of the clamps. They are also completely waterproof so you can use them in the shower, spa or pool without having to worry.



  • They are wireless so there are no wires to deal with.
  • Adjustable clamps so you can choose the pressure you like.
  • You can use them anywhere as they are 100% waterproof.


  • There is only one vibration level and it is pretty intense.
  • These clamps require 3 x LR44 batteries in each clamp so are quite heavy.

Bottom Line

These are a fun option for people that have experimented with nipple clamps before. Because they are heavy they may tug and hurt some people.

4. Hi-Beam Vibrating Pumps

Let’s start off by saying I love the hi-beam pun, especially because these nipple vibes are actually also a nipple pump. Nipple pumps are used to bring blood to the surface and create a more erect and engorged nipple.

They are basically a mini vacuum to make your nipples stand to attention, this one just has the added benefit of also being a vibrator.

The nipple suckers are made from jelly rubber so are fairly firm and each one has a mini bullet vibe attached to it. There is also a manual hand pump attached to the clamps which you squeeze to create the suction.

The bullets are single speed and require 3 x LR44 batteries to work so are another heavier option.



  • Nipple pumps make your nipples erect and super sensitive.
  • You can remove the bullets and use them else on the body.
  • As they are suckers they are less intense than clamp options.


  • The suction is not perfect all the time and they can slip off.
  • Being controlled by a hand pump, you have to suction both nipple suckers on at the same time which is near impossible if you are alone and don’t have a third hand.

Bottom Line

This toy is definitely designed with couples in mind as it is just too hard to attach if you are alone.

5. Vibrating Heart Silicone Pasties

Wanna look super cute while you play? Then these ones might be the answer.

These vibrating heart pasties from Fetish Fantasy are made from super stretchy silicone and actually sit around the nipple, with your erect nipple through the hole in the middle of the heart.

There is a micro bullet attached to each heart that offers single speed vibration. There is also a chain that runs between the two hearts that is there more for the look than anything else.

This style offers more of a tickle than full-on vibration, but that means that the motors are nice and quiet.


  • They look very cute on!
  • They are one of the comfier options available.
  • They are super easy to turn on and off individually.


  • They can’t be used by anyone with inverted nipples.
  • The way they attach isn’t very sturdy and they come off pretty easily.

Bottom Line

These vibrating hearts are more about the look than anything else. If you want to surprise your lover with something cute then this might be perfect, but for actual stimulation, you may want something else.


Nipple vibrators can be a very versatile toy if you know what to look for. When it comes to making a purchase decision, I think the best thing to consider is how they attach to your body as this will make or break how much you love them. If you get the wrong style they may hurt more than you like so be careful and read the descriptions carefully before you purchase.

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