Passion Lubes: Ignites the Fire Burning Inside

If you are interested in anal play and anal sex (who isn’t anyway!), then you need a good quality lubricant to make it easier and smoother for you and your partner. There are dozens of lubes being sold by different companies to make it a difficult choice for the consumers.

In such a scenario, Passion Lubes has emerged as a great choice for the people because of its excellent features. It is a water-based lubricant that can be easily applied with the help of a pump that is fitted in the bottle.

This packaging makes it spill free and thus a preferred choice of men and women interested in anal lube for enhanced pleasure during intimate moments with their partners.

What makes Passion Lubes so popular among the people?

People are split for choices when it comes to availability of anal lubes in the market and online stores are concerned. It becomes surprising then to find so many couples opting for Passion Lubes, a water based lubricant that is sprayed over genitals to achieve wetness and stickiness.

The reason of this huge popularity lies in the fact that this liquid formulation is extremely light and slippery, allowing users to derived great pleasure from anal play and anal sex.

This is one lubricant that is perhaps the smoothest of all the formulations. Also, people love Passion Lubes as it lasts very long, obliterating the need to put it on again during a sex session.

Main features of Passion Lubes

  • Free from glycerin and paraben
  • With goodness of aloe
  • Comes in a bottle with pump
  • Free from all odors
  • Provides silky smooth feeling
  • Lasts longer than any other lubricant

Pros and cons of Passion Lubes


  1. Superior lubrication

Passion Lubes has a unique water-based formulation that makes it extremely slippery. It is loved by the people because it is far ahead of its competitors when it comes to lubricating the stuff.  Just a few drops of this liquid sprayed over your penis and the anus of your partner will enable you to glide inside deeply and smoothly without causing any pain or discomfort.

  1. No wastage of the product

Other lubricants that are water-based tend to spill out of their bottles during their usage. However, with the provision of a pump, you k now that not a single drop of this liquid will be wasted. The feature of the pump makes sure that the lubricant does not spill out and fall on the floor during use.

  1. Causes no allergy to people with sensitive skin

There are many people who remain afraid of using anal lubes as some of these products result in burning sensation and skin rashes. But, this is not the case with Passion Lubes as it is free from petrochemicals such as paraben and glycerin. Even those having a sensitive skin can freely use this lubricant without any fears.

  1. No odor and sticky substance

Many people detest a lubricant if it produces a bad smell. As Passion Lubes is free from petrochemicals, it is absolutely odorless. Also, it is not sticky even though it is extremely slippery. People love this lube because of these features.

  1. Does not leave any stains

The problem with some lubes is that they soil items of clothing. However, there is no such problem with Passion Lubes as it will not leave a stain even if you accidentally spill it on your garments.


Though the company claims that Passion Lubes lasts very long, some customers have complained that they need to reapply the lubricant to continue to enjoy smooth and silky sex with the partner.

This is perhaps because of the fact that Passion Lubes evaporates with the passage of time as it is water based. However, this has happened only with a very small number of customers who happen to have the huge stamina for sex.


Passion Lubes has become extremely popular among the people in a short time period. It is one of the top selling anal lubes in the market today and enjoys a very high rating because of its quality and great features. It is a safe lubricant even for people with a sensitive skin. Buy Passion Lubes today to enjoy anal sex with your partner and also to make it pleasurable for her.

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