Pjur Eros Body Glide Personal Lubricant Review

Are you desperate to have some backdoor enjoyment with your partner but thwarted by them when making advances?

You are not alone as thousands like you do not know what to do to get their partners ready for some fun, especially when enjoying a shower together.

What you need is a good quality lubricant to help ease the pain and discomfort associated with anal play and sex.

There are dozens of products available on the market, but one lube that has become extremely popular among couples is Pjur Er​​​​os Bodyglide.

It is a silicone based lubricant that has become a favorite of millions of customers because of its quality and efficacy.

Why Pjur Eros Bodyglide?

Pjur Eros Bodyglide is the most popular and best-selling lube across the country today. It is equally popular among experienced couples and first-timers.

The reason behind this craze for this lubricant is that it is one of the most slippery and long-lasting available for purchase.

Being silicone based, this lubricant does not wash away when a couple is enjoying anal sex inside a hot tub or while taking a shower.

Pjur Eros Bodyglide is acknowledged by many as one of the best lubricants.

Features of Pjur Eros Bodyglide 

  • Silicone based lubricant
  • Compatible with condoms
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Very long lasting
  • Does not dissolve in water

Pros and Cons of Pjur Eros Bodyglide


  1. Never feels sticky

One of the most desirable features of Pjur Eros Bodyglide is the fact that even though it is so slippery and wet, it never feels sticky to the user.

Thus, it feels very natural and smooth when applied and it instantly ready for use.

  1. Free from any smell and taste

It's disappointing when you use lube, and it ends up leaving an unpleasant odor that lasts during sex.

Luckily, this is not the case with Pjur Eros Bodyglide, which is free from all fragrances. Additionally, this lube is tasteless, so it is a perfect match for oral sex.

  1. Waterproof to allow fun underwater

Pjur Eros Bodyglide is silicone based and is ideal for shower sex. Thus, you can use this lubricant when planning to have anal sex while taking a shower, when taking a bath, or lounging in the hot tub with your partner.

  1. Works great with condoms

This is one of the few lubricants that continues to remain effective when used with condoms. It's become a favorite among all men and women who cannot indulge in sex without wearing a condom.

  1. Very long lasting

Pjur Eros Bodyglide is long-lasting and sure to stand up against hours of sex. No matter your stamina, recent customers have reported that they had to reapply Pjur Eros Bodyglide only a few times after getting into the moment.

A little bit of this lubricant keeps you feeling soft and silky and is meant to keep things moist, leaving you to focus on what matters most.


Some consumers have complained of their clothing or sheets getting stained by this lube. It is a little bit oily, but this allows it to be used in the water.

It's also not very easy to wash off and may take a few times with hot water and soap to remove the feeling left on your skin.


Overall, Pjur Eros Bodyglide is an excellent lubricant for those interested in anal sex, especially those who are fond of shower sex.

It's silky smooth, long lasting, and works well with condoms. 

It doesn’t feel sticky and does not dry out easily. Be sure to follow your hunch and buy some to try out - you can thank us later. Have fun!

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