P-spot is the Best Spot | The Best Prostate Butt Plugs of 2019

If you’re searching for a way to spice things up with your male partner (or yourself), look no further. While women have the pleasure of using certain toys to hit their golden G-spot, men also have the luxury of massaging their prostate (common known as their P-spot) to product the same effect. When massaged, this will bring some unforgettable orgasms. 

There are handy toys that can help you stimulate this zone even better: prostate butt plugs. Let’s see what qualities you should search for when buying one.

Comparison Chart of the Best Prostate Butt Plugs


Our Rating


Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire

Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug

Rocks Off 7 Function O-Boy Beginner's Vibrating Prostate Massager

Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

Qualities of a Great Prostate Butt Plug

There are some common qualities you should seek out in a prostate butt plug. It depends on your preferences and overall desires. Therefore, below are several qualities you should take keep in mind while reading this review.


The size of these toys matters! Since the P-spot is around 7.5 to 10 cm (3-4 inches) deep into your anus, you should search for one of similar size and one that also features a curved end to hit those ‘hard to reach spots’. There’s no need for some monstrous size, as the very nature and goal of these are to stimulate and arouse those who use them.


It may sound irrelevant, but the materials used often matter. If you’re sensitive to certain materials or allergic, shop with caution. Namely, some might be made of materials that cause irritations or rashes.

Also, some materials complement lubricants better than others. Seek out those which are water-based as they will not destroy silicone products or run the risk of ruining toys.

Design (shape)

The shape of your prostate butt plugs is of high importance. They all do the job, but some shapes massage you better than others and provide a much better experience. You can opt between different shapes too, from slim and straight designs to thick and curved -- there’s something for everyone.

Types of Prostate Butt Plugs

There are several different types prostate butt plugs. However, the standard types of butt plugs are vibrating ones and non-vibrating. Every other difference comes within size, shape, and they all serve one same purpose. Let’s the most popular design.

Vibrating and Non-vibrating Butt Plugs

Luckily, not all butt plugs vibrate and thankfully, some do. Going with a vibrating butt plug will surely make your world spin. On the other hand, non-vibrating butt plugs can also feel natural and realistic.

Rocks Off Vibrating Prostate Massager


Lovehoney Booty Buddy Butt Plug

These can be used while masturbating. during sex, or while running errands, the choice is yours.

Review of the Best Prostate Butt Plugs

Now we're going to switch gears and take a look at some of our favorite prostate butt plugs. For each model, we'll be taking a look at some pros and cons, as well as each product's main features. Let's get started! 

1. Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

This butt plug comes with a T-bar base for full control and a more enjoyable experience. It’s also made of silicone so it will work with a number of lubricants, especially water-based ones.

Moreover, the butt plug can be all experience levels as it is extremely user-friendly and accommodating. Its unique design is constructed to match your body and help you achieve intense orgasms.

The bottom base (T-base) will prevent any unwanted loss during play and work as a beautiful tool to massage your prostate. It’s extremely affordable and offers great value for the price.



  • Comfortable: Designed to fill you up, this butt plug will make you feel comfortable and satisfied.
  • Curved design: T-base is there to massage your prostate at the same time for maximum, double pleasure.
  • Lubricant friendly: You can use it with a lot of water-based lubricants to increase the pleasure and easiness of penetration - just ensure it stays away from silicone based lubes.


  • Size: The size of this model may be off putting to some.

Bottom Line

Taking everything into consideration this model is well worth its price and is perfect for all experience levels. Its comfortable design is perfect for filling you up and has buyers craving more during sex and foreplay. There’s no surprise this is our top pick - it’s a definite must have.

2. Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire Silicone Butt Plug

Next on our list is another fan favorite: the Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire Silicone Butt Plug. Thanks to its shape and design, this plug will fit perfectly inside and reach for your P-spot with ease.

For precautionary measures, this model features a T-base bottom to avoid losing the toy during use and its user-friendly design makes it a great pick for all users.

When using this butt plug, we recommend applying a fair amount of lube as it will make your overall experience much more pleasurable. It makes penetration a lot easier, so the more lube the better.



  • Durability: Made of high-quality silicone, this prostate butt plug is constructed from excellent material and is built to last.
  • Soft but firm: Simultaneously, this butt plug is firm,yet very comfortable thanks to its velvet material and top-of-the-line design.  
  • T-base for better control: This features ensures you or your partner has full control over how this is maneuvered and used during play.


  • Size: Some users who are more experienced may crave something a little larger.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, this is an exquisite model, perfect for all users who are on an affordable, easy to use P-spot butt plug. It features a T-base handle that’s complemented with a curved, insertable end which is ideal for hitting all the right spots. Lube up and enjoy everything the Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire Silicone Butt Plug has to offer -- you can thank us later.   

3. Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug

Here we have one of the best vibrating butt plugs on the market. With its flared base and perfect shape to massage your P-spot, this powerful little toy will have you on Cloud 9 by the end of the night.

This vibrating butt plug has 4 different speeds for whatever you have in mind. Users can easily switch between settings to perfectly fit your mood. The wired remote attached to the butt plug is extremely straightforward to use and can switch between modes in a matter of seconds.

This is one of the best choices for beginners and couples. Its size ideal for all experience levels and its curved shape is designed to stimulate all those tough to reach spots.

It’s more than simple to insert it and wear too, just make sure you use a proper amount of lube to prevent unwanted discomfort. Even though this butt plug is made from high quality silicone some users may tread with caution when it comes to allergies or skin irritations.



  • User-friendly: Up and down arrows on the remote control make operating this toy a mere walk in the park.
  • Various speed options: There are 4 different speed options to choose from to set the mood and keep your experience exciting.
  • Perfect for beginners: Simply speaking, this one is a great toy to start with if you are diving into the world of butt plugs and sex toys.


  • Batteries: The only downside we seemed to find with this model is that it does run through batteries fairly quick.

Bottom Line

The Tracey Cox Supersex Vibrating Butt Plug is very reasonably prices and a great value for everything it has to offer. It’s a top pick of ours and a great option for solo or partner play. It’s simple to use and a handy product that will send shivers down your spine while your toes curl with bliss.

4. Rocks Off 7 Function O-Boy Beginner's Vibrating Prostate Massager

Backed with a little bit of a higher price tag, buyers get well what they paid for and then some. Made for beginners, this toy is compact, not too big, and easy to insert.

Its flexibility design is made to fit your curves and stimulate your P-spot while you clench the sheets and beg for more. Once inside, be ready for everything this vibrating prostate massager has in store.

It features a flared base to not only prevent unwanted (deep) insertion, but it also allows you to enjoy hands-free fun. Furthermore, this butt plug offers several different types of vibrating patterns and speeds. What’s not to love?

Finally, this P-spot butt plug is hypoallergenic and waterproof. Therefore, you can use it with water-based lubricants and easily wash it after use. As an added bonus, it’s easy to travel with and discreet enough to fit in any bag, backpack, or purse.



  • Vibration patterns: This toy features a variety of speeds and patterns - perfect for making you cum in delight.
  • Waterproof: Made from the finest materials, this P-spot butt plug is waterproof and can be used in the bath, shower, or hot tub.
  • Travel-friendly: No matter where you go, this toy tag along and bring you pleasure outside the comfort of your home. It’s compact and can easily fit in your purse or bag without demanding a lot of space.


  • Price: While this is model is a bit more expensive compared to other models, it’s well worth the luxury of owning a great P-spot plug.

Bottom Line

This butt plug is a great addition (or starter) to any pleasure chest. It is compact, waterproof, and users can opt between several different vibration patterns and speeds. Overall, one of our favorites and a definite pleasure provider.

5. Dash 10 Function Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

Packed with 10 different vibrating setting, you’ll be able to easily please you or your partner and have fun while doing so. It has a beaded shaft and pointed tip to increase pleasure and firmly press against your prostate while in use. Designed to give you non-stop waves of pleasure, this little toy packs quite the punch.

For extra safety, there’s a flared base to protect against unwanted anal exploration. Additionally, users benefit from perineum stimulation simultaneously during P-spot massage.

This model features a wired remote control that comes with 2 buttons to choose between various speeds. It has 10 different modes as briefly mentioned, so some experimenting may be required.

The butt plug is quiet, small, yet powerful, and travel-friendly. Considering the price point of vibrating P-spot butt plugs like, this one slid into our last top-pick as one of the best prostate butt plugs.



  • 10 speed variations: With 10 different modes, users are sure to find a favorite setting.
  • Quiet: There’s nothing worse than a distracting toy that is loud and obnoxious. Thankfully, that’s not the case with this one.
  • Compact, yet powerful: This butt plug is compact but offers enough power to stimulate your favorite spot(s). It is travel-friendly too, so you can bring it wherever you go.


  • Short cable: The only downfall is that the wired remote is somewhat short according to a few recent buyers.

Bottom Line

Dash is a handy little toy with admirable speeds that come with a great price, considering competing models not mentioned on our list. It’s a great stimulator, easy to use, and powerful. It will surely exceed your demands.


If we take into account everything aforementioned, these are some of the best butt plugs that you could use to stimulate your P-spot.

They are a mixture of great quality, performance, and value that you get for the price. Butt plugs for prostate stimulation are handy and can be used in your sex life to spice things up. Once you try them, you will quickly realize their importance. All in all, we hope that this article helped with choosing the best prostate butt plug.

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