Best Ribbed Dildos of 2019 (Glass, Silicone, & Textured)

Dildos are amazingly versatile toys that have been around in some form or another for centuries. Sex toy tech means that modern dildos can be made in all sorts of shapes and made from all sorts of different materials to suit any and every need.

When it comes to sex toys, dildos are about as close as you can get to the feeling of actual penetration and that is why they are so popular.

Ribbed dildos, in particular, have become a real favorite for many as they offer more stimulation and feel a little bit naughtier than a standard classic dildo.

Best Ribbed Dildos Comparison Chart

Why are Ribbed Dildos so Great?

Ribbed dildos are so popular because of the increased stimulation that they give to the user.

A ribbed dildo will stimulate along the inner walls of the vaginal or anal canal (don’t forget that dildos can be used anally too) the whole way in and out and really stimulate the nerve endings at the opening of the body.

There are a few things to look out for when you pick out a ribbed dildo.

The Size of the Ribs

Ribbed dildos come in all shapes and sizes but you do also need to be aware of the size of the ribs themselves and how far out they come from the shaft of the toy.

Ribs will add to the girth of the toy, but they will also stimulate your body and add extra friction. Sometimes this is great, but sometimes inside the sensitive areas of the body, this can actually be too much. Be careful not to go for anything too big or with edges that are too sharp for you.

The Toy's Material

This is another super important feature to look out for. The toy material will determine how smooth the ribbed edges of the toy are. Ribbed glass toys are hard but the edges will be super smooth so will flow nicely in and out of the body.

A dildo made from a softer material like jelly, silicone or TPE will be less smooth going in and out and is more likely to drag on your skin.

A great quality lubricant should be able to make things flow more smoothly by reducing friction without removing the sensation.

Suction Cup or No Suction Cup?

As with all dildos, you will also need to consider whether you want to get a toy with a suction cup. It all comes down to how you intend to play.

Review of the Best Ribbed Dildos

So now you know just how many uses a ribbed dildo has, let us take a look at some of the best ones available.

1. Tracy Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set



  • Two for one. Can’t beat that!
  • Take things up a notch with temperature play.
  • Glass is super easy to clean and can be used with any lube type.


  • The pink one may be too intense for newbies. Be careful.

Talk about kicking it off with a bang! It is pretty hard to go past this set because you get two amazing dildos instead if just one!

Plus, these dildos are made from high-quality borosilicate glass so they are strong, firm and super smooth. Both of these toys ribbed dildos are also double ended so you can choose which one to use and which end to use, plus they are both nicely curved to target the g-spot or p-spot and they all have bulbous ends for direct stimulation.

The pink one is the smaller of the two measuring 7.25 inches length and 4.5 inches girth. It has one smooth side and one with small intense nubs. Be wary of the nubbed side as they may be too sharp for some people and be uncomfortable inside the body.

The clear one is larger measuring 8.25 inches and 3.75 inches girth. While these may seem long, the idea is not to insert them the whole way but to move them in and out.

Bottom Line

This is a great value pack that offers so many options for play. Just be careful with those pink nubs.

2. Glas Purple Rain Ribbed Dildo


  • Double ended for double the fun.
  • Made from super safe borosilicate glass.
  • Perfect shape for g-spot or p-spot stimulation.


  • It doesn’t come with any kind of storage bag.

This is another amazing glass ribbed dildo by the brand Glas. They specialize in hand blown glass toys so you can know that you are very safe in their capable glass blowing hands. This little beauty is double ended and has one smooth end and one ribbed with four large ribs.

The ribbed end is straight while the other end has quite an intense curve to it and you can choose which is the handle and which end is for penetration. While it might look like the curved end would be best for G-spot stimulation, I actually suggest trying the ribbed end and running those up and down along your G-spot to see how it feels.

It’s a whole new world of sensation. This one has 7 inches insertable length and is just enough to hit every spot without being too intimidating.

Bottom Line

This amazing toy is pretty hard to fault. A storage bag would be a great extra for this.

3. Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo



  • So, so, so pretty!
  • Double ended so you can use it either way.
  • Beaded glass that is perfect for twisting to stimulate inside the body.


  • Too big for beginners.
  • It's also pretty heavy. Some will love this, others won’t.

So we all agree that this is one sexy looking toy right? I love the dark color so much! It makes such a nice change from all the pink toys. Looks aside, this toy is also an amazing glass ribbed dildo that will have you begging for more in no time.

This is another double ended toy. You can use the bulbous end as a sturdy handle while you insert the ribbed end, or you can use the bulbous end for direct g-spot or p-spot pressure.

This rippling glass toy is perfect for slow internal twisting once it's inside the body. While some ribbed dildos are too sharp for this, this toy is actually designed for that kind of stimulation.

Be aware that this toy is pretty large. It’s 8 inches length and 5.5 inches girth so might not be the best option for a beginner.

Bottom Line

This is a beautiful glass ribbed dildo but it is probably not the best choice for a beginner due to its weight and size. More experienced users will love it!

4. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Ribbed Dildo 5-Inch



  • Great price so won’t break the bank.
  • Perfect size for beginners or advanced players.
  • It can be used anally or vaginally. Just thoroughly wash and disinfect between uses.


  • PVC toys can drag on the skin. Use a lot of lubricant.
  • The base needs to be much larger than this. Hold on tight!
  • It also has a very strong smell to it. It will go away after a few uses.

Now, this little babe is designed with booty play in mind but there is no reason that it couldn’t be used for vaginal play too if you wanted. This is a flexible, slender ribbed dildo with arousing beads the length of the shaft. It’s designed with beginners in mind with a shape that is full of sensation but also comfortable for the user.

The toy measures 5 inches insertable length and has a girth of 3.5 inches so is a great size to prep for anal sex too. There is a flared base but it is very small so please hold on tight to this toy so it doesn’t go walkabout inside you. Eeeeek.

As it’s made from PVC you will need to use a lot of water-based lubricant as this kind of material can drag on the skin. I recommend using a water-based anal lube as this will be thicker and longer lasting than a standard water based lube.

Bottom Line

While this is a good toy for beginners, I would be very careful with a flared base that small…

5. Tantus Charmer Silicone G-spot and P-spot Dildo



  • Best silicone you can get.
  • Harness compatible for strap-on play.
  • You may not see it from the photos, but this purple is totally incredible and has a pearl sheen to it. A very pretty toy!


  • You can not use silicone lube with silicone toys.
  • The ribbed shaft is pretty intense. Be wary beginners.

If you are a lover of silicone toys, then you should definitely know about Tantus. This brand makes top of the range medical grade silicone toys at a price that won’t completely blow your budget. And with some care, these toys will last for a really long time, so you get great bang for your buck.

This little charmer is a ribbed dildo made from medical grade silicone. It has a soft smooth feel to it but it is also a firm shaft to give you the ultimate level of sensation.

There are 4 modules along the shaft and if you are new to ribbed dildos these may be too intense for you. These edges are definitely on the sharper side, but if you have some experience then this might be the perfect toy.

It has a flared base which also doubles as a perfect base for your o-ring harness if that’s what you are into.

This dildo measures 6.5 inches and is only 3.75 inches girth, so it is actually on the smaller side for a dildo. It is just the ribbed edges that you need to take into account.

Bottom Line

If you love the sensation of intense ribbed dildos then you will love this, but it's definitely not for beginners.

Best Uses for Ribbed Dildos

Dildos are such great sex toys because they are so multi-purpose and a ribbed one will make everything even more fun. You can use your ribbed dildo alone for penetration, or use it while you stimulate another area of your body.

You can use these toys as an add-on to oral sex, keeping it inside the body while your partner gives you some great head. It can also be a great way to warm up your body for penetrative sex.

This is especially good to prep for anal sex, just don’t forget the lube. Of course, many ribbed dildos are also harness compatible and can be used for pegging and strap-on sex. Lots of uses huh?!


The right ribbed dildo can offer you a whole new pleasure experience and add a lot of stimulation to your normal dildo play. Just make sure you take the time to keep out different styles, materials, and nubs to make sure you are getting something that you will love. No point in a toy that’s it's in the drawer forever!

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