Less Work, More Pleasure | Best Sex Machines of 2019

Is your regular dildo or vibrator just not cutting it? In the world of sex toys, new improvements become available every day. If you are looking for a little more excitement in the bedroom, why not try a sex machine? We’ve reviewed the best-selling sex machines, breaking down what you need to know before making your purchase.

Comparison Chart of the Best Sex Machines


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The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine

Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine

Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine

Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Male Masturbation Cup

FREDORCH F2 Automatic Sex Machine

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is the crème de la crème of a sex toy. Most vibrators and dildos are handheld, and they can be quite tiring on your hands, depending on how often you use them. The sex machine is a device that simulates sexual intercourse, usually by moving a dildo or vibrator inside of you through thrusting techniques.

The origination of the sex machine dates back to the nineteenth century when Victorian physicians treated hysteria – a blanket term for mental illness in women – by manually stimulating the clitoris to induce an orgasm. This all became quite tiring, so a vibrating mechanical device assisted the doctors – and saved their cramping hands! As the vibrator became more handheld, resulting in the designs we use today, the original spirit of the Victorian-era mechanisms remained, and the sex machine was born.

Of course, sex machines come in all shapes and sizes. Some simulate oral sex or sexual stimulation of the breasts, the vulva, or the penis. Some models are small enough for you to straddle, while others are larger machines that thrust a phallic item inside of you.

Sex machines have become part of mainstream culture through the use of pornography, and they have become quite popular. Like any item used for sexual gratification, there are pros and cons associated with sex machines.

Pros and Cons of a Sex Machine


  • Hands-free stimulation
  • Fulfilling fantasies
  • Simulation of sex without needing a partner
  • Last much longer than a handheld vibrator – or a person


  • Risk of personal injury (although this is pretty rare)
  • Expense: the intricate designs of some sex machines make them pricey
  • Storage: Larger sex machines can be difficult to store, and you usually need a separate room for it.

Are Sex Machines Worth the Investment?

Sex machines are much more expensive than your run-of-the-mill vibrator, but they offer endless possibilities. Although most may scoff at the price, think to yourself: is it worth it?

Depending on how you are using the machine, the price is well worth the buy. Some couples enjoy the feeling of the sex machine, indulging in threesome or double-penetration fantasies without bringing another person into their relationship. They are also valuable accessories in role play in which the device itself plays a part.

The popularity of sex machines exploded with their use in hardcore pornography, and you can extend this into your bedroom activities. You can make your own video, either with yourself or with your partner enjoying the pleasure of the machine. Some couples like filming each other and this accessory can add a higher level of satisfaction to an activity you already enjoy.

Finally, some have a fetish with sex machines. They prefer using them over all other toys for stimulation purposes, and they may get sexual gratification with seeing their partner use one. You can experiment with different attachments, seeing which one feels the best, and which one your partner enjoys seeing the most.

This is all part of the endless potential that involves consensual sex with a trusting partner or your own exploration into your sexuality. If you are someone who enjoys the act of sex and masturbation, and you see yourself using the sex machine regularly, then why not invest in one? It can open a whole new world to your sexual experiences.  

Of course they are! (source)

Qualities of a Top of the Line Sex Machine?

What makes a great sex machine? With many different options, it is worth looking at the best qualities in any item before making your investment. First of all, you should know how you will be using the machine. Are you looking for something that simulates penetrative sex, or do you want a device that mimics the feeling of oral stimulation? There is an option for everyone, but the top-of-the-line machines have several basic characteristics.

What Makes a Great Sex Machine?

More Power

The best machines pack some serious power. These come with sophisticated motors that can increase or decrease in speed or intensity. The strength of a sex machine usually correlates with its price tag. The best engines make the accessory much more expensive, and less powerful or shoddy motors appear in cheaper options. If your machine has a poor-quality motor, any resistance – such as when you have an orgasm – can stop the device. Better machinery moves through this resistance, continuing to work efficiently until you end the session.  


Not everyone likes the same dildo or vibrator, time and time again. An excellent sex machine will have multiple options for attachments so that you can have more control over your own experience. You can opt for smaller or larger items, with various materials, as you enjoy your simulated penetrative or oral sex. Variety is the spice of life.


We hate to sound cliché, but bigger is usually better. Larger sex machines typically have more sophisticated motors with better torque. However, you may be limited in the space you have to store your sex machine. Luckily, some smaller models can pack some serious power.

Quality materials

Just like the strength of the motor is an important characteristic of a good sex machine, this level of quality should extend to the whole item. Does it look shoddy or rickety? It’s probably NOT a good idea to pay money for that. However, if the construction is sound and secure, then it will be a good investment.

Also, consider the state of the attachments. If it looks uncomfortable to touch with your hand, then it will feel worse touching your most sensitive areas. With a well-structured machine with luxurious accessories, your sex machine will become your new best friend.

Review of the Best Sex Machines

We have collected all of the information relating to the best-selling sex machines. Each one has its own unique purpose, and we have highlighted the pros and cons of each product so that you can buy with confidence.

1. The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine

Women looking for a mountable sex machine that is discreet in size don’t need to look any further than the Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine. With a base that resembles a saddle, the machine is crafted with sturdy aluminum and a soft plastic seat with rounded edges for more comfort.

The strength of this machine is life-changing. With a 1200 RPM motor, the Cowgirl has six patterns and multi-speed vibrations. You can control it with the wired controller…or you can download an app for your smartphone. The controller or the app allows you or your partner to change the settings and speeds, adding an extra dimension to your experience. The app works up to 100 feet away, so your partner doesn’t even have to be in the same room to make sure you enjoy yourself.

With an arm that has a 360-degree rotation, the Cowgirl comes with two hypoallergenic and latex-free silicone attachments. One is just for clitoral stimulation, and the other is for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The insertable piece is 4” long, reaching your g-spot with surprising accuracy.

With quiet rotations and intense vibrations, the Cowgirl has a weight limit of 400 pounds, making it more accessible to women of every size. Putting the Cowgirl together is easy with the included instructions and labeled parts. Once you plug it in and connect one of your attachment, you are ready to go. Some prefer to use the smartphone app since the controller plugs into the saddle, which can limit your movements.

The vibrations can be very loud on the highest setting, but the rotations are quiet. There is some weight to the base, but its smaller size makes it easy to store under a bed or in a closet. With so many possibilities, you’ll want to invest in this amazing machine.



  • Mountable sex machine with 1200 RPM motor and 360-degree rotating arm
  • Comes with two body-safe, latex-free silicone attachments: clitoral and clitoral/vaginal (4” insertable length) and power adapters for any global location
  • Can change the multi-speed vibrations and six functions with a remote control or a downloadable smartphone app that works up to 100 feet away
  • Quiet rotations and intense vibrations
  • Smaller size makes it easier to store
  • Well-made saddle crafted by hand with a weight limit of 400 pounds
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • The wired controller may take some getting used to
  • Vibrations can be a little loud on the loudest setting

Bottom Line

If you are advancing into the world of sex machines, the Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Sex Machine packs enough power and durability to be a solid investment.

With variable speeds of rotation and vibration, this machine provides both clitoral or clitoral and vaginal stimulation with two separate body-safe attachments. Although the vibrations can be loud on the highest setting, that is expected with a 1200 RPM motor. Overall, the well-made Cowgirl Sex Machine is an experience you won’t forget.

2. Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine

Do you have plenty Vac-U-Lock attachments that are just sitting in your toy box? Invest in the Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine and reintroduce yourself to all of your favorite harness toys. This sex machine has a thrusting arm with the Vac-U-Lock anchor to fit all of your attachments. The arm is entirely adjustable, reaching any angle that suits your fancy.

The bottom of the machine comes with four strong suction cups that stick firmly to any flat, smooth surface. It stays in place no matter how high you set the speed. The attached remote control changes the rate up to 195 thrusts a minute. The Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine comes with an international adapter, so you can use it anywhere.

While some sex machines have longer arms, the piston of the Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine only extends three inches out. You’ll have to be close to it to feel the full penetration of your attachment. It does have a weaker motor, so it lacks the power of the Cowgirl.

The machine is large, so storage may be an issue – it will fit in a closet or the corner of your bedroom. The adaptability of this machine to include all of your attachments – plus some you haven’t bought yet – make it worth a try


  • International adapter included
  • Sex machine with a multi-angled arm for superior thrusting in just the right spot
  • Works with all Vac-U-Lock attachments
  • Remote control changes the speed of the thruster up to 195 thrusts/minute
  • Four strong suction cups attach it to any flat surface to hold it in place


  • Larger size makes storage an issue
  • Arm only thrusts three inches out
  • Weaker motor

Bottom Line

While the Doc Johnson Vac U Lock Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine lacks the power of some other sex machines, it is more versatile. Instead of only using the few attachments that are included in the package, any Vac-U-Lock attachment is fair game with this machine. It reaches almost 200 strokes a minute, which equates to three thrusts a second! It is worth the investment to see what that feels like.

3. Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine

Fetish Fantasy really thought of everything. Creating a sex machine that pleases both partners simultaneously, the Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine includes everything you need for erotic fun with your partner.

This lightweight machine is double-sided: the small oval-shaped device has an insertable chamber for a male masturbator on one side and a thrusting arm for dildos on the other. It even has a USB port to operate vibrating nipple clamps!

The kit includes a male masturbator, nipple clamps, and two dildo attachments, a feather tickler, a satin mask, lubricant, toy cleaner, a USB attachment, a built-in surge protector, adapters, and a carrying case. All you need is to pack it up and go, bringing your sexual adventures wherever the road takes you. Just plug it in and put on the desired attachments to stimulate each partner individually or both partners simultaneously.

A row of beads circles around the masturbator for extra pleasure and the thrusting arm has seven different patterns. When you increase the speed of the thruster, the stimulation of the male masturbator speeds up as well.

The only downside to the machine that can be a turn-off is that it is a little noisy when on full-blast. This minor problem aside, the Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine is a great way to introduce a sex machine to both of you.


  • A lightweight sex machine that comes with attachments for couples to use together
  • Oval shaped small machine that has an insertable chamber for a male masturbator, a thrusting arm for dildos, and USB port for vibrating nipple clamps
  • Both men and women can use it at the same time
  • Includes a male masturbator and two dildo attachments, a feather tickler, a satin mask, lubricant, renew powder, USB attachment, nipple clamps, a built-in surge protector, adapters, and a carrying case
  • Beads stimulate the male masturbator
  • Seven thrusting patterns


  • Noisy

Bottom Line

The Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine is a must-try for any adventurous couple. With the ability to please both partners at the same time, it is a unique machine that maximizes pleasure for its small size. The kit comes with everything necessary, with its own bag for travel and storage. Its adaptability and discreet size make it a worthy investment for any couple.

4. Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Machine

The Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Machine is a smaller version of the larger contraptions popular in pornography. At only 25 x 12 x 12 inches, it is a convenient sex machine that caters to both men and women.

The thrusting arm rotates 360 degrees to achieve the best angle of penetration. It comes with two latex-free attachments, a 7.2-inch realistic dildo and a 9.5-inch long male masturbator. Both you and your partner can use it just by switching out the accessories. The Robo Fuk is also useful for indulging threesome fantasies without including another person.

The machine sticks to any hard, flat surface with four suction cups and a metal bracket to keep it secure. The Robo Fuk includes a handle for you to grip to maintain your balance during the thrusting action. When you are finished with it, and you remove the attachments, the machine is small enough to store underneath a piece or furniture or in the back of a closet.

While the idea behind the Robo Fuk is a good one, there are some design flaws. The thrusting is very noisy, so it is best to use if you don’t have children, roommates, or close neighbors. If the arm is on full-speed, the wires can come loose, making the machine stop altogether. The weaker motor can’t stand up to resistance, so it will turn off if you put too much pressure against it.

Although the device boasts a 360-angle rotatable arm for the best angle, this isn’t ideal for men. Since most male erections tilt up, you’ll have to stand next to the machine to get somewhat of a decent angle. This unisex machine is much more suitable for women, but an interesting find nonetheless.



  • Arm rotates 360 degrees for the best angle of penetration
  • Sticks to hard, flat surfaces with four suction cups and a metal bracket
  • Remote control with turning wheel button increases or decreases the speed of thrusting
  • Handle on top of the thruster allows you to maintain your balance
  • Latex-free attachments (7.2-inch realistic feeling dildo and 9.5-inch male masturbator) are easy to switch out
  • Small enough to store without attachments; doesn’t need its own room or closet; can slide underneath furniture
  • Both men and women can use it; couples can use it to indulge in threesome fantasies


  • Noisy
  • Wires can come loose
  • Difficult to achieve the right angle for male use
  • The motor can stop if you put too much resistance on it

Bottom Line

In an interesting twist on the sex machine, the Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Machine doesn’t live up to the hype. Claiming to be a fully adjustable sex machine perfect for men and women, even including the necessary attachments, the angle just isn’t there for a man to use the masturbator comfortably.

The noise of the thruster can be a huge turn-off, and the weak motor doesn’t respond well to pressure. If you are using it, the force of your orgasm can stop the motor completely. Temperamental wires make this machine a disappointment when it had so much potential.

5. Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine

Similar to the Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine, the Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine is an all-inclusive kit designed for either male or female pleasure. This small and lightweight machine packs a punch, with a motor that increases its speed between 75 to 183 thrusts a minute. Included are three latex-free, phthalate-free dildos for optimal pleasure. Two of the dildos attach to the arm and one separate smaller vibrator that plugs into your machine with a USB cord.

Using the attachment and the separate smaller vibrator, you can enjoy double penetration or internal and external stimulation. The smaller purple USB vibe is both G-spot and P-spot friendly, so you aren’t limited to just one type of activity.

The Pipedream is travel-friendly, with its own carrying case and handle for easy transport. The kit includes the machine, the attachments, the USB dildo, lubricant, toy cleaner, a satin mask, and a feather tickler. The most fascinating characteristic of this product are foot straps on the sides of the machine to hold you in place as you enjoy the thrusting. Four suction cups on the bottom attach to flat surfaces for added stability.

Of course, no toy is completely perfect, and there are a few downsides to the Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine. Although it is very small and convenient for travel, it comes with a universal adapter that takes some effort to plug in correctly. If the cord isn’t plugged into the adapter just right, the machine won’t work at all. The device itself is very noisy, so discreet use isn’t an option.

Unlike the Vac-U-Lock sex machine that has a variety of attachments, there aren’t any other attachments for this machine other than what comes in the kit. However, the long, deep strokes, the speed of the motor, and the portability of this machine outweigh the cons



  • All-inclusive package includes the machine, the attachments, the USB curved dildo, lubricant, toy cleaner, a satin mask, and a feather tickler
  • Side foot straps and bottom suction cups keep the machine in place
  • Small and lightweight sex machine with deep, long strokes
  • Convenient for travel with handle and carrying case
  • Strong motor that goes up to 183 thrusts a minute
  • USB vibrator is G-spot and P-spot friendly


  • Weird connection to the adapter
  • No other attachments available

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a sex machine that comes with everything that you need, the Pipedream Portable Thrusting Sex Machine is another option. With two attachments and a USB plug-in curved vibrator, there are multiple possibilities for pleasure with this product.

Unfortunately, there are no other attachments available, so there is no room for improvement. The adapter can be a little tricky to operate. Despite these minor problems, the power and speed of the machine make it worth a try.

6. Hismith Premium Sex Machine

If you are looking for a budget-friendly sex machine, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine has the characteristics of its more expensive counterparts. With a silent 100W motor, no one will know that you are using it unless they are in the room. A wireless remote control adjusts speed up to 65 feet away for hands-free stimulation; hand over the remote to let your partner control your pleasure.

While other sex machines have adjustable angles, the Hismith Premium Sex Machine shifts to mimic several sexual positions, including missionary, standing, and doggy-style. This well-constructed machine stands on chrome-plated steel rods, adding more stability.

The Hismith comes with a latex-free 8” silicone dildo, which attaches to the arm. With movements that extend 6”, the speed of the arm increases from one to four thrusts per second.  

While the Hismith Premium Sex Machine dissembles easily and comes with its own storage bag, there have been some reports of manufacturing defects. Some of the suction cups don’t work properly, and the screws in the adjustable arm come loose. There have also been some issues with the power supply control box that keep the machine from turning on. However, the company has excellent customer service and a guarantee on all of their equipment.


  • An affordable sex machine with a silent 100W motor
  • Wireless remote-control powered adjustability within 65 feet
  • Angles change to mimic several sexual positions, including missionary, standing, and doggy style
  • Rod construction made of chrome-plated steel, adding more weight to the machine to make it sturdier
  • Included 8” dildo attachment that is latex-free silicone
  • Up to a 6” thrust with speeds that range from 1-4 thrusts per second
  • Comes with its own storage bag


  • Screws in adjustable arm come loose occasionally, especially at higher speeds
  • Clean it carefully; the chrome metal will rust if you get it wet during cleaning
  • Manufacturing defects to the power supply control box alter the performance of the machine

Bottom Line

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is a good introductory machine to experiment with the variety that the accessory has to offer. With multiple speeds and positions, you can experience the feel of a quality sex machine at a more reasonable price.

Although there have been some reports of manufacturing issues, the company maintains good relations with their customers, replacing any defects. This protection makes the Hismith Premium Sex Machine a good minimal investment before moving on to other machines.  

Ultimate Add-on: Hismith Male Masturbation Cup

To add some fun for your partner, Hismith also offers a male masturbator attachment for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine Device. Using the same suction method as the dildo attachment, this male masturbator cup has a soft and stretchy 7” sleeve made of the body-safe and environmentally-friendly TPR and ABS thermoplastic polymers. This material is latex-free and phthalate-free, eliminating any allergic reactions. You can attach the masturbator to the machine, or you can use it with only your hand.

Inside the cup is a 10-function vibrating bullet for extra stimulation. Attaching this piece to the machine allows the masturbator to thrust forward 6 inches, allowing for hands-free pleasure. You can increase the speed of the thrusts and the vibrations for a unique experience.

Inside the vibrating bullet is a lithium battery that charges with the included USB cord. For safe cleaning, the sleeve completely removes from the cup. You can use your favorite toy cleaner and renewing powder to keep this product in the best condition.

A downside to the product is that it is not a universal masturbator. It will not connect to any other sex machines other than the Hismith. The material of the sleeve also dulls the vibrations of the bullet, so you may opt not to use it at all. The sleeve has plenty of texture and realistic feeling material to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience.  


  • Male masturbator attachment
  • For use with the machine or by hand
  • Built-in lithium battery powers vibrating bullet with 10 functions
  • Can charge the battery with the included USB cord
  • Soft, stretchy 7” sleeve removes from the container for easy cleaning, comes with dust free cap
  • Body-safe TPR and ABS thermoplastic polymer material
  • Latex-free, phthalate-free


  • Weak vibrations
  • Doesn’t attach to any other sex machines

Bottom Line

To spice things up with your Hismith Premium Sex Machine Device, add the Hismith Male Masturbation Cup to your purchase. Including an attachment for your partner can intensify the experience for both of you, but you may fight over who gets to mount it first.

The only real complaint about the product is that the bullet has weaker vibrations, but this is due to the material of the sleeve. Although the male masturbator isn’t compatible with any other sex machine, you can still use it as a hand-held device for your own pleasure.

7. FREDORCH F2 Automatic Sex Machine

One of the most budget-friendly sex machines on the market today, the FREDORCH F2 Automatic Sex Machine doesn’t skimp on power. The strong motor has an adjustable speed from 70 to 210 thrusts per minute for ultimate pleasure. The adjustable thruster operates like a pumping gun, with short, quick thrusts. If this is your ideal way to achieve sexual satisfaction, then this machine is perfect for you.

The machine includes six different attachments that are both male and female friendly, with a bendable extension to change the direction of the dildo. The arm adjusts within a 120-degree range so you can get the perfect angle. This small and lightweight sex machine travels well, and it is small enough to store in a tote bag or under a bed.

When the machine is in use, four suction cups keep it attached to any flat surface. The stroke distance is minimal at only 2 inches, but the variety of toys that come with the machine are an even trade-off.

The power cord to the FREDORCH is very short, so you’ll need to use an extension cord or choose a location close to an outlet. With a variety of different attachments and options, the FREDORCH F2 Automatic Sex Machine is a valuable addition to any bedroom activity.


  • Small and lightweight sex machine with 6 dildo attachments of varying sizes, shapes, and body-safe materials
  • Adjustable thruster that operates like a pumping gun (fast, quick thrusts)
  • Four suction cups on the bottom stick to any flat surface
  • Attachments cater to men and women
  • Quiet motor that can thrust from 70 to 210 strokes a minute
  • Arm adjusts with a range of 120 degrees for best positioning


  • Short power cord
  • Small stroke distance of 2 inches

The Bottom Line

Although the FREDORCH F2 Automatic Sex Machine comes with several different attachments, its short thrusts only cater to those who like this sort of stimulation. There is no variation in the thrusting length, just the speed.

There have been minimal reports of manufacturing defects with the machine, which works in its favor. It is a versatile product that won’t break your pocket book, and it gives a decent introduction to the world of the sex machine.

How to Use a Sex Machine

There are a few tips to keep in mind when beginning to use your new machine. First, read all directions and instructions to learn how your investment operates. It is unwise to figure it out as you go. This can lead to an unpleasant experience or injury.

To enjoy the first time you use your sex machine, there are some steps you should take.

  • Find the perfect location. Before using your sex machine, find a good spot with a flat surface and access to a power outlet. Turn on the machine without actually using it and observe the movements of the base. If it seems unstable or wobbly, then choose another place to use it.
  • Find the position that makes you the most comfortable. Most sex machines have adjustable arms, allowing you to choose the angle. Leaving the device turned off, decide how you want to use the machine. On your back? Sure. Doggy-style? Even better. Working out the right angles will make you more comfortable when you start using it, rather than struggling to find the right position when you are raring to go.
  • Turn on your machine to watch it in action. It is a horrible idea to get ready to use your machine and struggle to operate the controls. Plug it in and leave it on. Play with the functions, seeing what each setting does before feeling it.
  • Lube is your best friend. With the thrusting motions, extra lube may be necessary. Even if you think you are using too much, you probably aren’t. Lubricant will maintain the smooth, fluid motions of penetration, making sure you feel nothing but pleasure.


While most sex machines are a hefty investment, some cheaper options can help you discover if you like this new element in your bedroom play. Most importantly, you should choose a machine that simulates what you love in the bedroom. If you like rotating toys, such as a rabbit, then make sure your new machine has that capability. If the thrusting of intercourse drives you wild, choose a machine that has variable speeds so you can find that perfect stroke.

If you select a product that does what you already like, then you will be more willing to use it. Sex should be fun and enjoyable, and these machines can add a completely different experience to your bedroom activities.

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