Sliquid Lubricating Gel Review

Sliquid lubricating gel is a wonderful product from Organics for the use of ladies. It is a lube that is thicker in consistency than Sliquid Natural which is water based lubricating product by the same company. It is a gel that is meant to lubricate the intimate body parts of a woman and to allow her to enhanced fun and pleasure with sex and sex toys.

There are many other lubricating gels available in the market but Sliquid Gel has carved a niche for itself because of its efficacy and efficiency. It is a very good product for all women who complain of dryness down there as it is safe for all skin types.

Why is Sliquid so popular among the consumers?

Sliquid Lubricating Gel has the highest rating among all such products meant for the use of women. It has become extremely popular in a short period of time because of the fact that it is an organic product that is safe for use of all women. 

It is a non-irritating lubricating gel that does not cause any rashes and yeast infection. One reason why it is loved by women across the country is that it is very slippery and effective and allows them to have more fun and enjoyment while having sex or when playing with sex toys.

Main features of Sliquid Lubricating Gel

  • Water based formula
  • Odorless and tasteless gel
  • pH balanced lubricant
  • Free from glycerin and paraben
  • Does not cause UTI or yeast infection

Pros and Cons of Sliquid Lubricating Gel


Most vagina friendly lubricant

Sliquid lubricating gel is a very popular lubricant used by women across the country. It has become a favorite of women of all ages and skin types as it has been developed by scientists after years of hard work and research. It has a formula that has been found to be safe for the vagina even for women having very sensitive skin.

 Silky smooth feeling

Sliquid is a lubricating gel and most customers found it to be very slippery and helpful in easy stimulation and arousal during foreplay and while playing with sex toys.  It gives a satin smooth feeling after it has been applied which is helpful in stimulation of the vagina.

Organic product that heals and supports

Sliquid lubricating gel is a natural product derived from botanical extracts. This means it is nonirritating. What is great is that this formulation helps in soothing and healing of the internal parts of a woman that swell and irritate after intense sexual activity.

Great help in achieving orgasm

Sliquid lubricating gel produces a warming and tingling sensation inside the vagina and the clitoris once it has been applied. Indulging in sexual activity or playing with sex toys after massaging with this gel results in intense and long orgasms for the user.

No stickiness

Despite having a thick consistency and slipperiness, Sliquid lubricating gel does not produce any stickiness. This is a great feature of this gel; that is loved by the women. They say that this gel is so good that its presence is hard to feel even though it works great in lubricating the vagina. It is free from all fragrances and thus you do not feel it in any way while having sex or playing with toys.


The fact that Sliquid lubricating gel is water based lubricant that is so wet and slippery makes it most popular among women desirous of arousal before sex. The only complaints of itching and rashes have come from women who have a sensitivity to aloe that is contained in this lubricating gel. Some consumers have also complained about the slippery effect reducing after some time.


Sliquid lubricating gel is perhaps the most popular of lubricating products being sold in the market. It is safe for use of all women irrespective of their skin types. It does not cause any kind of infections or rashes also. So if you are desirous of achieving a high level of stimulation, this is the best product for you. Get going and order your bottle of Sliquid lubricating gel today. You will be happy you chose this product over others.

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