Sliquid Lubricating Gel Review | 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Sliquid Organics lubricating gel is a wonderful, natural lube for anyone looking to make things a little smoother. This lube is thicker than Sliquid's Natural formula, which is also water-based. The gel is meant to add extra lubrication to the most intimate parts of your body for added pleasure during sex or solo play. 

There are many other lubricating gels available on the market, but Sliquid Gel has carved a niche with its impressive quality and natural ingredients.

Why is Sliquid so popular among the consumers?

Sliquid Organics lubricating gel has the highest rating compared to similar products. This is largely due to the fact that its gentle, organic ingredients make it safe for those even with sensitive skin.  

Sliquid gel is a non-irritating lube that does not cause any rashes or yeast infections. As an added bonus, it is very slippery and stays that way for long periods of time, allowing you to enjoy without having reapply. 

Main features of Sliquid Lubricating Gel

  • Water-based formula
  • Odorless and tasteless gel
  • pH balanced lubricant
  • Free from glycerin and paraben
  • Does not cause UTI or yeast infection

Pros and Cons of Sliquid Lubricating Gel


Formulated for Women

Sliquid lubricating gel has become a favorite among women of all ages and skin types, as it has been developed with care to ensure you don't get a UTI or yeast infection. It has a formula that has been found to be safe for the vagina even for women having very sensitive skin.

Silky and smooth

This gel very slippery, stimulating your most sensitive parts without any friction. It also leaves your skin feeling soft after use.

Organic product that heals and supports health

Sliquid's lubricating gel formula is created with botanical extracts. As such, it helps to soothe both internally and externally, circumventing any swelling and irritation associated with sex. 

Great help in achieving orgasm

Once applied, Sliquid gel produces a warming and tingling sensation. With this added stimulation, indulging with a partner or with toys after massaging with this gel results in long and intense orgasms.

No stickiness

Despite having a thick consistency, Sliquid lubricating gel does not get sticky or tacky. Some customers have even said that after application, the lube becomes so slick that it resembles natural lubrication of the vagina. 


Although Sliquid lubricating gel is made with natural ingredients and is non-irritating for most, be careful if you have an aloe allergy. The formula does contain aloe extract which may cause itching or a rash if you are allergic to aloe. 


Sliquid lubricating gel is everything you could want in a good lube: safe, effective, and pleasurable. If you're looking for a great new lube, we recommend you give it a try.

Let us know in the comments what you love about Sliquid. Thanks for reading and have fun!

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