Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant Review

Not looking forward for playtime tonight? That will definitely take toll on you and your partner. A healthy relationship should always have a good, intimate moment. Without that, you will eventually question your relationship. I almost did until I discovered the Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant. This one has a long lasting lubrication that feels naturally velvety you wouldn’t remember you actually applied something unnatural to keep you and your partner wet all night. 

Also, it can offer a great and safe solution when you feel like going hardcore by backdoor entry. The tightness and texture of the anus walls are surely going to offer a different stimulating feeling that makes both us come hard and long – and you should too.

Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant is claimed the highest grade of lube in the market and why am I not surprised? That’s because I know for sure that it is the truth. It is thin in the feel even for a silicone type of lubricant for keeping the vagina, anus and penis wet. A small amount also goes a long, long way that I never have to add more after applying it on.

As any silicone lube promises, it does not dissipate even when exposed to water or air – but this one lasts really longer than all the other silicone types I have tried in the past. I’d come and continue the action and there is no need to get another amount on or wait for the vagina to produce enough wetness.

The water based is also as sleek and natural in the feel that you wouldn’t know that you applied something on to perk up the sex performance. It is thin, easy to wash and compatible to all kinds of sex toys, cleaners, and protections.

More importantly, it is safe to use on any kind of skin and does not pose any unwanted smell or taste. You and your partner can go for oral sex and rimming all you like even after application and both of you wouldn’t feel anything but natural wetness all over. Such will add to the stimulation that will brought about a successful come, long and hard.

Water based, Silicone, or Anal Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant

Go water based!

There is a Swiss Navy Pers Lubricant for everyone. For the basics, choose water based if you are on a serious nightlong sexual action with your spouse, a partner, or even a fling. This lube will give you that smooth slickness down there without risking any form of disappointment from odor or taste.

It doesn’t dry in open air or under low temperature so you don’t need to keep the sexual action in the confines of a warm room – go and have fun under the moonlight with this specially designed lubricant for both anal play and/or rough sex.

Wet and Wild with Silicone lubes!

Going underwater or in showers an extra perk up for you? You can still get slick and wet for a wonderful come with the Swiss navy Pers Lubricant’s silicone lube products. A small amount applied on the vagina, anus and penis will definitely keep you wet even when there is not enough stimulation in these low pressure settings.

Best, the lube doesn’t get washed out however water there is around you and your partner during the action. Go bull like, doggy like or backdoor – all works with the silicone lube from Swiss Navy Pers Lubes.

Enter Backdoor with Anal Lube

Want to go extra mile tonight? Go backdoor with an extra help from Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant anal lubes. Designed perfectly for anal play and sex, this is ultra slick for easy penetration to hard pounding without the pain and mess.

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