Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant Review – Buyer’s Guide 2019

Has sex or play become a source of friction or pain? There is a quick, easy fix that can bring the pleasure back to sex almost instantaneously -- Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant.

This long lasting lubrication feels so velvety soft that you'll forget about any worries of dryness. 

Silicone Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant is one of the highest grade of lubes on the market, according to millions of satisfied customers. Let's see why.

Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant Types

There is a Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant for everyone.

For the basics and for solo play with toys, choose water-based. This lube will give you that smooth slickness down there without risking any skin irritation or damage to your favorite toys. 

Their water-based lube won't dry in open air or cold temperatures, so you can have fun anywhere you please.

Their water-based formula, boasts a sleek and natural in the feel. It is slippery, easy to wash and compatible to all kinds of sex toys, cleaners, and condoms. 

More importantly, it is safe to use on any kind of skin and does not pose any unwanted smell or taste.

If you love underwater play, on the other hand, you may want to consider the Swiss Navy Personal Silicone lube.

With just a small quantity, you can keep going for as long as you please without worrying about it getting washed away.

Because it's silicone-based, a little goes a long way. After applying just a couple drops you will be ready for hours of fun.  

Go backdoor with some extra help from any of the Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant anal lubes.

The Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant is perfect for anal play. It provides just enough slickness, while not being too thin for long lasting use.

This ultra slick formula is made for easy penetration without any pain or mess. 


Any of the Swiss Navy Personal Lubricants are a great choice to add to your collection. Available in silicone-based, water-based, or for anal play, they have something for everyone. Make sure to follow sex lube best practices at all times.
We hope this article has been helpful as you decide on your new favorite lube. Happy reading!

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