Buyer’s Guide for 2019: Best Trojan Vibrators

When you think of the word ‘Trojan’, you may think about a Trojan horse, a Trojan virus on your computer, or of condoms and lube. Well, there’s more to the Trojan name than just these things.

In this article, we’re going to review two popular Trojan vibrators: the PULSE intimate massager and the Divine multi-speed vibrating massager.

When reviewing each model, we’re going to highlight the main features and pros and cons that make these vibes stand out.

We’ll also fill you in on what recent buyers have to say about their experience. Stay tuned!

Trojan - More Than Just Condoms

The Trojan brand is commonly associated with condoms and lubricants, and has been for nearly 100 years. The company is well known for their diverse product line and promoting sexual health and education.

Over the years, Trojan has worked with the FDA and other government agencies to ensure their products are constructed with quality materials that are safe and trusted. Trojan strives to create safe, sexual products for everyday consumers.  

In addition to their many types of condoms and lube, Trojan has been instrumental in designing other sex-related products such as vibrators.

Although the company is somewhat new to this area of the industry, they've managed to manufacture affordable, user-friendly vibrators.

Their vibrating toys are playful works of art and are designed produce unforgettable orgasms, whether you’re playing solo or with a partner.

Why waste your time (and money) buying a vibrator that’s focused on cosmetics and lacks functionality, when you can experience a Trojan vibrator?

Review of the Best Trojan Vibrators

Now that we’re informed that Trojan makes more than just condoms and lubricants, let’s look at a couple of their popular products.

In this next section, it’s important to think about the main features, positive things, and things that could be approved according to recent users. Luckily, we did our homework so you don’t have to!

1. Trojan Vibrations Vibrating PULSE Intimate Massager

The Trojan vibrating PULSE intimate massager proves to be a pleasant surprise for those who are looking for great clitoral stimulation. The overall size of the Trojan PULSE is around 7” long with a width of 1.5”.

The vibrator is a wand-style massager with a ribbed head, which offers excellent clit stimulation. The head is constructed of silicone and helps with hygiene; the body on the other hand is constructed of plastic.

The motor within the vibrator offers 6-unique settings: 3-speeds and 3-pulse patterns. The push-button control on the base is extremely user-friendly and makes changing speeds or motions a breeze.

As an added bonus, the Trojan PULSE is also waterproof, making bath time that much more exciting. On top of everything, this vibrator features a silk bag for discreet storage.


  • Waterproof
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Constructed from silicone
  • Easy push-button controls
  • Great for all experience levels
  • Ribbed head for added stimulation
  • 6-unique settings: 3-speeds and 3-motion patterns
  • Can be used as a personal massager for other erogenous zones


  • More experienced users may be in need of a more powerful motor

Bottom Line 

The Trojan vibrations PULSE intimate massager is a winner for many reasons including discreteness, appearance, functionality, and best of all: clitoral stimulation.

The easy-to-use wand style design is perfect for massaging various areas of your body, with or without penetration. Advanced users report that the product is even ideal for playing around with a partner.

The push-button design is easy to manage and stress-free once things get hot and heavy. In the end, the Trojan PULSE is a great addition to anyone’s toy chest -- or bathroom if you’re looking to get wet and wild in the shower or tub.

2. Trojan Vibrations Divine Multi-Speed Vibrating Massager

The Trojan vibrations Divine multi-speed vibrating massager features a detailed shaft, multi-speeds, and excellent ease of use.

The shaft offers an insertable length of 5”  and is designed with detailed ribs and spirals for extra stimulation during use. Additionally, the shaft is slightly curved for those hard to reach G-spot areas.

The width is sufficient at 1.25” and is great for beginners -- just be sure to lube up (as always). The motor offers three speeds and is controlled by an easy push-button system on the handle.

With this, the silicone material is safe and ideal when used with water-based lubricants. Lastly, the Trojan Divine vibrator is easy to clean; however it isn’t waterproof.


  • Silicone material
  • Easy push-button controls
  • Soft tip, yet vibrator is still firm
  • Perfect for clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • Three speed motor is quiet and discreet
  • Ribbed and spiral texture for added pleasure
  • Good for all experience levels from beginners to advanced


  • Not waterproof
  • Advanced users may crave more powerful vibrations

Bottom Line

The Trojan vibrations Divine multi-speed massager gives users a fulfilling and satisfying experience, whether it’s used during solo play or with a partner. The three speeds are quiet, yet still powerful, and the push-button controls are easy to operate.

The textured, slightly curved shaft has proven to be ideal for G-spot stimulation too.

The only drawback users report is that the product is not waterproof. However, the Trojan Divine is a great vibrator that won’t break the bank or breakdown during use.


As you can see, Trojan is not just about condoms and lubricants. The two vibrators reviewed offer style, functionality, and plenty of pleasure.

These Trojan vibrators are constructed with safe, quality materials, and feature variable speeds for memorable moments.

If you are looking for a discreet, yet powerful vibrator, for clitoral or G-spot pleasure, then one of these is perfect for you.

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