Uberlube Luxury Lubricant Review – Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Uberlube is a favorite among many, not just for sexual pleasure but also for style and sport. This silicone lube sets itself apart from others with the endorsement of doctors, athletes, and beauty experts alike. 

Uberlube is a premium, quality lubricant that provides a super silky and smooth feeling with just a single application.

It comes in a beautifully simple and sleek bottle with a convenient dispenser that makes reminiscent of a perfume or cologne. 

It is labeled as a luxury product because of its quality. However, its important to note the price reflects that as well.

What Makes Uberlube so Popular?

Uberlube has become extremely popular as a high-end luxury product.

This popularity stems from the fact that it is marketed as a product that can be used for multiple purposes. 

You can use it for sport as an anti-chafe serum, to style your hair, and of course to enhance sexual pleasure.

This is one of the only lubes available that does more than give you a soft, slippery feeling.

In addition to reducing friction, it increases sensation downstairs to make every touch packed full of pleasure. 

Main Features of Uberlube

  • Silicone based lubricant
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Recommended by doctors, hair stylists, and beauticians
  • Great performance as a lube
  • Extremely long lasting with a single application

Pros and Cons of Uberlube


  1. Super Slippery and Smooth

Uberlube is a high-performance product that delivers what it promises. With just a couple drops, you will feel satin smooth and avoid any unwanted friction when you get in the mood.

This is the case not just in the bedroom, but also when you apply it to remove frizz from hair or reduce chaffing during all types of activities. 

  1. Long Lasting Effect

Uberlube stays active and slick for an impressively long time after the initial application.

This is a feature loved by the users whether they use it in the bedroom or over their hair for styling. You won't need to worry  about its effect disappearing when things get hot and heavy. 

Similarly, you can rest easy knowing your hair will remain smooth and silky after applying a bit of Uberlube in the morning.

  1. Odorless and Tasteless

Uberlube is odorless and tasteless. Many agree that this is a desirable feature of any premium lubricant.

It will not leave any lingering smell or fragrance to distract you in the middle of any intimate moment.

Also, even if a drop of Uberlube ends up in your mouth during foreplay, you can carry on without it killing the mood. 

  1. Leaves No Stains Behind

Uberlube's special formula is transparent and remains invisible after application.

It also won't leave any stains or residue behind on clothing or sheets, which sets it apart from other silicone based lubes. 

Forget all worries of spoiling your expensive clothes or lingerie when using this lubricant.

  1. No Need to Clean-up Afterward

As we know, the cleanup required after sex can be a bit of a hassle, but with Uberlube you don't have to worry about it.

Once it dissipates, it leaves your skin super soft and smooth. 

However, if you so choose, you can remove any remnants by using a soap and water.


As with anything great, Uberlube has a few downfalls as well. Its somewhat thin consistency leaves something to be desired during anal play where a thicker formula may work a bit better.

Additionally, because it is silicone based you should avoid using this with your favorite silicone toys.


In the end, it is clear that Uberlube is a premium lubricant that can be used for sex, sport, and style.

Its sleek packaging, long-lasting performance, and skin and hair conditioning properties make it a household favorite for many. 

Do you love Uberlube? Let us know in the comments below how you use this versatile lube. We love hearing from our readers! 

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