2019 Review of the Velvet Thrusting Vibrator: Jackie

For someone who’s never explored the world of thrusting machines, they can be intimidating. However, for me, the Velvet Thruster seemed like the perfect place to start.

Velvet Co is a husband and wife team that offers sex-positive and gender-neutral sex toys for anyone looking to spice things up. They created their line of Thrusters for people looking for intense penetration without all the large machinery.

Specifically, I’m going to introduce you to Jackie, the realistic, hand-held thrusting machine which recently turned my life upside down. Let’s get started.

Main Features

My Thruster arrived in a discreet, unmarked box. Upon first opening it up, I was not disappointed by the size and detail of the Thruster. It is crafted with ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone over a uniquely bendable shaft for ultimate pleasure and comfort.

The Jackie Thruster is made to look and feel like a realistic cock, complete with raised veins and flexibility to reach all of your favorite spots.

The shaft itself is 6.5” before being turned on and extends an extra 3” while unleashing its thrusting power. It’s 1.5” wide at the head, the perfect size for that pleasurable feeling of fullness without any discomfort.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff - this thing has some serious power. The Thruster can reach up to 140 thrusts per minute, with 10 adjustable thrusting speeds. It’s impressively fast and strong. At its lowest speed, you can soak in every inch of penetration and at its highest speed, you better hold on for a wild ride.

The Thruster is also rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charging cord. It has an impressively long battery life, which I loved after having some of my favorite toys run out of power right when things were getting hot and heavy.

To have the smoothest experience, it’s best to use your favorite water-based lube. Other silicone-based lubes can break the toy down over time.

Whenever you’re finished, the Velvet Thruster can be easily cleaned with some soap and water. It takes about one hour to fully charge. Then, it can be stored in the box for the next time you get in the mood.


Deep, fast penetration

I still can’t get over how powerful the Thruster is. I turned it on as soon as it arrived to see what it was all about, and at its highest speed it was rocking and thrusting so hard I had to hold on tight. When inserted, its intensity makes for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Velvety soft

The lovely, purple silicone is velvety soft as the name suggests. It’s perfect for those, myself included, with sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause the friction some other toys do.

Bendable shaft

The really unique feature of the Thruster is its flexible shaft. It can bend up to 90-degrees to stroke all the right spots. Say goodbye to rigid toys that don’t work for everyone. The Thruster allows you to angle it any way you want for an exploding orgasm every time.


Unlike many thrusting machines, which are large and cumbersome, Velvet Co Thrusters are hand-held. They were able to accomplish a portable design without sacrificing any of the power.


While this product is not necessarily inexpensive, it does cost far less than other thrusting machines. Don’t be discouraged by the price-tag, though, you certainly get the bang for your buck with the Thruster.


Very Loud

There’s no sugar-coating it, this thing is loud. This comes as no surprise considering how powerful it is. If you’re looking for something discreet and quiet, the Thruster is probably not the toy for you.

Not Waterproof

For someone like me, who finds the shower is the best time for a little TLC, it's somewhat disappointing that it's not waterproof. However, this is true for most rechargeable toys. Let me just say, this toy is meant for times you’re not in a hurry and want some serious pleasure.

Hard to Maneuver

One of the major perks of the Thruster is that it’s hand-held, but it’s also quite heavy, making it somewhat difficult to position just right while trying to adjust the speeds.

What is the Velvet Thruster Best For?

There are times when you want some intense thrusting without having to involve another person. The Velvet Thruster is perfect for that. While other thrusting devices are out there, they are often large machines or small dildos that lack the power needed to get the job done. The Thruster gives you the best of both worlds, with its hand-held design, it brings solo play to a whole new level of intensity.

One of the best parts about Velvet Co is that they have four different models of Thrusters, so there’s something for everyone. I am currently loving Jackie, with its realistic look and feel. However, there’s also Frankie, which has a sleeker design and a bulbous head, Abbey, which has a tapered shaft and ribbing for internal stimulation, and Walter, a Thruster designed specifically for anal play.

With all of these designs and unmatched power, the Thruster is versatile. Whether you’re looking to heat things up with a partner or on your own, a Velvet Thruster will not disappoint.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Velvet Thruster has proven to be a fantastic addition to my toy collection and I would highly recommend you give it a try. I love that it’s hand-held, super soft, and incredibly powerful. The Thruster’s quality is clear from the moment you open it up and even more evident when you put it to use. If you’re craving some intense lovemaking, the Velvet Thruster is one of the best options out there.

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