List of the Best Weird and Unique Dildos – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2019

There’s no doubt that everyone’s end goal is to achieve a breathtaking, quivering orgasm. A vital piece to the puzzle is picking out a toy to help with this, but which is best for you? 

The dildo that might give us that once-in-a-lifetime orgasm may at times, not even look like a cock or a generically shaped dildo. 

List of Weird and Unique Dildos

We've devised a list of weird and unique dildos that are effective and a little outside the ordinary. After reviewing our list, you just may find that dildo you’ve been longing for.   

Simulation Dildos Rotary Magic Tongue

The Simulation Dildos rotary Magic Tongue is a small and compact cordless wand. The shaft is covered with hundreds of soft nubs that provide wonderful stimulation to your clitoris and outer ass.

The dildo has a strong motor with a variety of speeds and is waterproof, making this the perfect playmate toy for the bath or shower. The dildo is chargeable via USB and the battery lasts approximately 2.5 hours on a full charge. 

Corn Shaped Pleasure Wand with Suction Cup

The Corn Shaped Pleasure Wand with Suction Cup is quite unique in appearance and in the bedroom. The dildo shaped like an ear of corn with hundreds of kernels waiting to please you.

'The Cobb' is very flexible and has an 8” insertable length, with a 1.75” girth. The ball sack also has kernels to stimulate your clitoral region. The suction cup works well and this model is harness compatible.

Doc Johnson Belladonna-Bitch Fist

The Doc Johnson Belladonna-Bitch Fist-11” Fist and Forearm dildo is popular to people who like getting fisted. With a realistic hand and forearm that has plenty of length for deep penetration, the closed fist offers sufficient girth to stretch you out. This dildo is strictly for more advanced users who don’t mind the pleasurable pain associated with fisting their ass or vagina.

Big Pleasure Wand with Suction Cup

The Big Pleasure Wand with Suction Cup is massive in size and will keep you blissfully occupied for hours. The dildo has over 12” of insertable length and the girth of 12” will stretch you out and have you screaming in pleasure.

The swirled tapered shaft allows you to decide how much you can take and the sturdy suction cup ensures the dildo stays in place while you’re grinding and riding. This dildo is definitely for advanced users only or those hoping to work up to larger dildos.  

HotLove Glass Pleasure Wand, Candy Glass Dildo

The HotLove Glass Pleasure Wand, Candy Glass Dildo is the perfect year-round dildo that is especially festive during the winter months. The candy cane shape features lovely red stripes that are beautifully designed in the clear hand blown glass dildo.

When you’re not using this smooth cane handled dildo, you can let this marvelous piece of artwork dangle from your tree or leave it out on display. But be careful, that may put you on the naughty list.

Cordless Waterproof Wand Banana Massager

The Cordless Waterproof Wand Banana Massager is a highly versatile dildo and very secretive. Shaped like a realistic banana you can use it with or without the peel. The overall length is 8” with an insertable length of 5.2” once peeled. 

After peeling, the inner dildo has a veined, lifelike curved shaft with a realistic head for easy insertion and width of 1.5”. The dildo has a USB charger and is waterproof for bath or shower time pleasure sessions. The best thing about this dildo is that you can leave it hanging around the kitchen - after all, the dildo is a banana.

Horse Shaped Massage Stick Wand with Strong Suction Cup

The Long, Realistic Horse Shaped Massage Stick Wand with Strong Suction Cup is an ideal sex toy for an experienced user who's looking for length and girth. The 17” long shaft provides deep penetration, while the head is shaped like the tip of a horse’s penis.

There are numerous veins protruding around the shaft for added pleasure. This sex toy is perfect for satisfying that animal instinct you crave while masturbating.

PNBB Realistic Big Horse Dildo

The PNBB Realistic Dildo Novelties Sex Toy Big Horse will bring your love for animals to an entirely new level. This horse penis replica is large, features a veined shaft, and has 8” of insertable length. The 2” wide tip offers plenty of girth. 

The detailed ball sack adds clitoral stimulation while using this monster model. The flexible material is ideal for deep penetration and it’s great for all experience levels.

Realistic Soft Flexible and Skin-friendly Pine Cone

The Realistic Soft Flexible and Skin-friendly Pine Cone is perfect for anal play. Shaped like a butt plug, this dildo is 2” wide and 4” long, meaning it’s versatile and easily adaptable. The outer shell is textured with scales to mimic a pine cone; these scales will definitely enhance pleasure. The strong suction cup holds well and makes this dildo easy to sit on while masturbating.

PNBB Realistic Deer Penis

The PNBB Realistic Deer Penis is perfect for that nature lover who feels like masturbating with a beast. This 10” long dildo is fashioned after a deer’s penis and has a nice width of 1.5”. The slightly curved tip intensifies G-spot stimulation and the ball sack is highly detailed. The dildo flexible and ideal for anal or vaginal play, especially when you’re seeking deep penetration.

Animal Dog Dildo

The Animal Dog Dildo is perfect when you want to role play or masturbate with a dog’s penis. The dildo mimics a dog’s dong and even has a special tip to help with G-spot stimulation. 

The tapered shaft has 6” of insertable length, while the width varies from 1.5” at the tip, to 2.5” towards the suction cup. This model will surely allow you to live out some excellent fantasies.

PNBB Realistic Wolf Penis

The PNBB Realistic Wolf Penis is a great novelty sex toy for those seeking a hard G-spot orgasm. The shaft is detailed and veined, with 6” of insertable fun. 

The tip is slightly hollow and features a G-spot tickler to enhance pleasure. The width varies from 1.5” to 2.5” and the workable material is perfect for vigorous use when masturbating or using it with a partner. 

Big Thick Animal Horse Dong

The Big Thick Animal Horse Dong is surely going to please the bestiality you may crave when masturbating. This huge dildo is fashioned after a horse’s cock with plenty of length and girth. Advanced users should embrace this model, while beginners may feel overwhelmed by its size.

Bigfoot Monster Sized Dildo

The Bigfoot Monster Sized Dildo has a large authentic shape, with a slight brown sugar color. Constructed with Fleshjack material for a lifelike feel, the shaft's highly veined with 10” of insertable length. The head is realistic, which always makes for easier insertion; there is also a hairy ball sack to add clitoral stimulation.

Fleshlight Freaks Alien Dildo

The Fleshlight Freaks Alien Dildo is perfect when you want that orgasm that’ll take you to outer space. The shaft has numerous details with plenty of veins, and the curved shape is sure to hit any G-spot. The V-shaped head is excellent for stimulating a clitoris before insertion. The ball sack provides additional pleasure to your clitoral region while the shaft does it's job.

Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Dildo

The Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Dildo has a ribbed texture and pointy head to spice things up and show you what you've been missing. The Fleshlight material very realistic and resembles a texture similar to skin. The shaft is slightly curved and the drill tip will find your G-spot with ease. The overall look is aesthetically appealing and will definitely make you think you’re masturbating with a cyborg or robot.

Big Elephant Dildo

The Big Elephant Dildo is a superb sex toy to play with when you’re fantasizing about a sexual safari. The shaft is flexible, features realistic skin material, and comes with a ribbed texture. The curvature is sure to bring plenty of pleasure to any G-spot and the size is great for all users.

PNBB Realistic Elephant Trunk

The PNBB Realistic Elephant Trunk has a realistic elephant trunk look, complete with tusks. The 7” insertable shaft is ribbed and the V-shaped head has an overall width of 1.75”. The flexible material is ideal for G-spot stimulation and you can definitely count on clitoral stimulation too.

PNBB Crystal Clear Jelly Silicone Dildo

The PNBB Crystal Clear Jelly Silicone is a colorful dildo and unique among others. The crystal clear jelly is highlighted with floating colorful chips and resembles a fun piece of art. There’s plenty of insertable length at 6.3” and the shaft is slightly curved to help with G-spot orgasms. The realistic head is 1.75” wide and is superb for anal or vaginal play; the smooth ball sack is also outstanding when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

Fleshlight Freaks Dracula Dildo

The Fleshlight Freaks Dracula Dildo has an perfect blood red color and is sure to set the mood. The 6” insertable shaft has a protruding swirl texture and adds a lot of pleasure for users. The realistic head is 1.5” wide and is great for beginners. The shaved ball sack adds to the overall look too. The model is firm, but slightly bendable, making it ideal for anal and vaginal play.

Yeti Dildo

The Yeti Dildo was made for those who fantasize about finding that elusive Yeti in a high mountain region that's covered in snow. The beautiful white color is complimented by a realistic, veiny shaft, and offers 9.5” of insertable length. The massive circumcised head is sure to hit all the right spots. The Fleshlight material is pleasing all around and the hairy ball sack was designed to beautifully massage any clitoris.

Master Cock Screw Giant Dildo

The Master Cock Screw Giant Dildo is fashioned after a screw with a twirling texture all the way down the massive 12” shaft. The rounded head makes for easy insertion and the suction cup base is secure. This sex toy is best used for anal, but is compatible for vaginal play too. Just be sure use it in one spot and stick to it - using them interchangeably can lead to health concerns.

Wolfman Dildo

The Wolfman Dildo will remind you of the Wolfman himself and his giant hard-on. This dildo has an insertable length of 10” and massive girth along the tapered shaft. 

The tapered head is great for easy insertion and the suction cup is secure and reliable. There’s a slightly textured knot ¾ down the shaft that will bring more excitement to your ass or vagina.

Moby's Dick: Anatomically Correct Whale Member

The Moby's Dick: Anatomically Correct Whale Member is fashioned after a true whale penis. This dildo has a massive insertable length of 14” with a curved smooth shaft. The ball type head is 1.5” with a tapered shaft that reaches a width of 4”.

During deep penetration you'll feel stretched out and completely satisfied. The curvature of the shaft along, with the ball head, is perfect for hitting your G-spot. This dildo is not recommended for beginners due to its size, but is definitely a great one to work up to.

Inflatable Dildo Fitness Ball

The Inflatable Dildo Fitness Ball is the ideal sex toy for cumming while you're working out. The round inflatable ball is superb for bouncing up and down on and features a hard, realistic cock.

The straight shaft has plenty of detailed veins and the ball sack adds stimulation to your ass or clitoral area. The uncut foreskin head adds girth, and stabilizes the cock inside users while bouncing around the room with orgasmic pleasure. If you are interested in checking out more inflatable dildos then make sure to check out our buyers guides.


Overall, the assortment of weird and unique dildos we found is amazing. There’s a dildo out there to satisfy any type of animal fantasies you might have and allow you to role play like never before. The selection of materials used in construction add pleasure while inserting and during rapid movement.

These weird and unique dildos are ideal for a variety of users on the hunt to uncover that perfect orgasm. If this review was helpful in you adding a new toy to you collection, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know which model you chose. We love hearing from our readers. Have fun!

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