Can I Use Baby Oil as Lubricant? | Informational Guide 2019

Anal sex is not a new practice. It has been around since time immemorial, and people have enjoyed indulging in this act for various reasons.

However, it is only now that people have started to talk and commercialize products for anal sex.

One can find many queries about anal sex on the internet, with ‘Can I Use Baby Oil as Lubricant for Anal Sex’ topping the highest, searched phrases. It’s clear that people are looking for lubricants to make the act pleasurable for their partner and baby oil is believed to be harmless to most people.

Baby Oil 101

Baby oil strikes people’s mind as useful because of the name. Baby products are made with care and incorporate ingredients intended for sensitive skin.

However, this is not necessarily the case when using it as an anal or vaginal lubricant. Most may not know that baby oil is a product derived from petroleum.

Many people, including parents of newborns and those who are expecting a child, believe that baby oil is harmless and that it can be used for sex because it is safe for the skin of babies. Johnson’s baby oil is a mineral oil obtained from petroleum; it appears to be soft and harmless and features added fragrances to make it all the more alluring.

It’s not advisable to apply this substance over the head of the penis or the interior wall of the anus or anywhere near the vulva or vagina.

Using this mineral oil internally is not a good idea for a couple as there is every chance of this oil finding its way into the body and it is incredibly difficult for your body to flush it out. This will particularly wreak havoc on the delicate flora and ph-balance of the vagina.

Perks of Using Baby Oil

Your body can deal with water-based lubes or even water/silicone hybrid lubricants as they can be broken down into simpler molecules then released through urine or flushed out of the body naturally.

Of course, baby oil makes one feel satin smooth down there which is why it’s so attractive. While baby oil proves to be an excellent lubricant making the anal sphincter smooth and slippery, its harmful effects occur after use, and most do not experience the side-effects until later. This oil is very soft and satin smooth, allowing a couple to enjoy anal sex by removing all the pain and discomfort that takes place.

Downsides of Using Baby Oil

Baby oil may facilitate smooth anal sex, but it can lead to serious health concerns.

It Destroys Condoms

If you have anal sex with a condom on, do not use baby oil as lube because baby oil has the propensity to destroy condoms. Of course, you can purchase non-latex condoms like Lifestyles Skyn but there are still numerous reasons why using baby oil for lubricant is just not worth it.

Baby Oil Increases the Chance of Yeast Infections

The mineral oil contained in baby oil has the potential to clog pores of the inside of the vagina, thereby increasing the chances of yeast infections.

Baby oil is almost always scented as well, which will only increase the possibility of irritation.

If you are already prone to yeast infections, this will increase your risk more.

If you review the label of baby oil, you will see that it mentions a precaution ‘for external use only.’

This explicit warning is to ensure users know it is not recommended for consumption or internal use.

One reason why some people look for baby oil during intimate moments in the bedroom is that they have probably seen porn stars use it as a lubricant before indulging in anal sex.

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Bottom Line

Of course, baby oil makes you wet and smooth down there, increasing fun and pleasure, but what these porn stars will not tell you is how vigorously they wash themselves to sanitize body parts after scenes. Baby oil allows the skin to remain hydrated for a long time which is why it’s an excellent advocate for baby’s dry skin.

So while baby oil makes your baby feel good by keeping skin soft and tender, it’s not a substance manufactured initially to be lube.

Baby oil is also not a premium lube and should not to be used with condoms. The mineral oil contained in baby oil is an enemy of the latex.

If the condom remains in contact with this oil for a long time, it will disintegrate.

It has been proved that mineral oil causes a condom to lose nearly all its strength. So while you may be thinking that you are safe from contracting an STD from your partner, as you are wearing a condom, you can catch a sexually transmitted disease easily by using baby oil during anal sex.


In the end, it would suffice to say that there are much better lubes specially made for anal sex and one should stay away from homemade products like olive oil and baby oil.

We hope this article has been helpful in outlining the pros and cons associated with using baby oil as a lubricant.

If so, please drop a comment below, we love hearing from our readers. Stay safe everyone! And if you’re in the market for a great quality lubricant that is body safe, vagina safe, and great for anal sex, you can check out our affiliate Betty’s Toy Box where you can also get a 10% discount using our exclusive code! They even have a Sliquid lube finder quiz to help you make the best choices!

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  1. give me a break.. baby oil is not necesarily bad for anal.. but olive oil and grapeseed oil..almond oil etc are better.. but baby oil is never wrong..and much safer than spit..which is a terrible idea for any kind of sex lube.

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