Can You Use Canola Oil as Lube? | Informational Guide 2019

When things get hot and heavy and you’re out of your favorite lube, you may end up searching the house for anything oily to replace it.

If you find yourself grabbing canola oil for some fun, you may want to think again.

Canola oil is traditionally used for cooking, but some use it as a go-to for a personal, household lubricant.

It’s a vegetable oil extracted from the rapeseed plant of the mustard family.

Rape blossom

The oil itself is quite sticky, but its pure and natural quality, as well as inexpensive price, make it tempting for people to use it as a personal lubricant.

More and more people are opting for natural lubricants rather than silicone-based or other manufactured lubes.

This decision is a personal one, and many opt for alternative household lubricants for fear that synthetic lubes will affect their fertility.

According to recent studies, canola oil is a sperm-friendly material.

Although canola oil may not be harmful to sperm, you must remember that when applied to porous areas such as the vagina or rectum the internal absorption of canola oil may not be in your best interest.

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Cons of Using Canola Oil as a Lubricant 

It’s Tough to Clean-up

Canola oil may not be very thick, but it is sticky. It clings wherever you apply it and remains for a long time after you’ve finished.

Despite the pleasant wet and slippery feeling it will give you downstairs, it is not water-soluble, making getting rid of this oil a bit tricky.

You will need soap and water to completely wash this oil off, which is a very important measure to take in order to avoid skin irritation.

It can Lead to Bacterial Infection

If you try canola oil to reduce vaginal dryness, it is essential to clean well after use.

You can easily put yourself at risk for infection if any oil remains inside your vagina, causing bacteria to flourish and lead to inflammation.

It Destroys Latex

If you are among those who use latex condoms, it is best to stay away from canola oil as a personal lube.

Many are under the misconception that using canola oil with a condom will provide an extra layer of protection.

Unfortunately, this combination actually drastically reduces your protection.

Canola oil tends to destroy the integrity of the condom, introducing the risk of unplanned pregnancy or STD transmission.

While you can use oils with non-latex condoms such as Lifestyles Skyn Latex Free, canola oil is not worth all of the drawbacks.

It’s Not Very Slippery

Even though canola oil is fairly inexpensive, this may be at a cost to your pleasure.

The viscosity of canola oil makes for somewhat of a sticky feeling.

In fact, when used for anal, the gooey consistency of canola oil may leave you with discomfort or pain.

We all know that a slick and slippery lubricant is essential for anal play.

If you can’t wait to give it to your partner from behind, you may want to steer away from canola oil as lube.

It Ruins Your Sheets and Lingerie

There many lubricants out there that are not only perfectly slippery, but also colorless and odorless to increase your pleasure and ease of cleaning.

This is not the case with canola oil.

As it is oil based, it creates messy stains on your sheets and lingerie, especially when it mixes with vaginal fluid and semen.

Alternatives to Using Canola Oil

1. Wicked Anal Jelle Water Based Lubricant: Highly concentrated to be extra long lasting and never sticky, this super-slick, water-based lubricant stays where you put it and provides extra cushion and superior glide.

2. Sliquid Naturals Sassy Water Based Anal Lubricant:A water based and water soluble anal gel, formulated glycerin free and paraben free.

3. Sensuva Ultra Thick Hybrid Water/Silicone Personal Lubricant: This premium formula was created to stay in place, be ultra comfortable and provide a long lasting glide.


Canola oil is great for your heart and overall health when used for cooking, but is not a great choice for a personal lubricant.

Although many people use this oil because they believe it is natural and sperm-friendly, its not very slippery and it can even cause bacterial infections if not cleaned properly.

Next time you reach for canola oil when you get in the mood, you may want to steer clear and, instead, try one of our alternatives listed above.

Let us know your favorite household lube in the comments below.

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