Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant Review | 2019 Buyer’s Guide

A quality lubricant is indispensable when you are in the mood for solo or partner play.

Some people struggle to create enough natural lubricant no matter how turned on they are, which can make for a frustrating and even painful experience.

We know not all water based lubes are created equal, so we want to introduce you to one of our all time favorites - Liquid Silk. 


If you are seeking the long-lasting performance of a silicone based lube but without the synthetic ingredients, then Liquid Silk is a must-try for you.

Liquid Silk is a water based lubricant that is creating waves in the lube market these days.

For anyone fed up with water based lubes that are either too sticky or create a big mess, Liquid Silk is a great solution. 

Liquid Silk is made by BodyWise, a company that has been in the business of making personal lubricants for a long time.

Their quality is also evident in Liquid Silk, which, as the name suggests, is a very high-quality lubricant that feels silky smooth upon application. 

If you experience vaginal dryness, this lube is a safe and smooth option to increase your wetness.  

Not only is it super soft and slippery, but it is packed full of natural ingredients that work to condition and moisturize your skin even after the fun is over.

Additionally, Liquid Silk is one of the best when it comes to anal play. You can forget your days of irritation or dryness when you have choose Liquid Silk as your go-to. 

It is important to note that above all, this lube is one that consistently delivers for long-lasting partner play.

With Liquid Silk, you won't have to worry any more about friction, irritation, or dryness no matter how long the fun continues.

Otherwise, if you are in the mood for solo play with one of your favorite toys, Liquid Silk is a safe choice to ensure your toy will have the longest life possible.

Because it is water based it won't break down any of your silicone toys or condoms. This is a great lube to have ready to go anytime, anywhere. 

Pros of Liquid Silk

  • Can be used for masturbation, solo play with toys, and partner play
  • Compatible with latex condoms
  • Conditions the skin so your downstairs is soft and smooth
  • Water based for easy clean-up​
  • Can also be used for body massage
  • Feels natural and is odor-free

Cons of Liquid Silk

  • Contains parabens that may be harmful to those with sensitive skin
  • Not suitable for oral sex and has somewhat of a bitter taste

If you've ever used Liquid Silk, you know how effective it is in preventing irritation and keeping things slick for ultimate pleasure.

To top it all off, this lube comes in a convenient bottle with an easy-pump lid, so with just a press of the top you can get the perfect amount of lube without all the mess.

Despite being water based, Liquid Silk does not dry out quickly. This is what makes it the preferred choice of millions of users around the country.

You will find that nothing is left behind after you clean up with some soap and warm water, and that it will not leave stains on clothes or bedding.  

The bottom line is Liquid Silk has become one of the few products that receives praise and admiration not only from users at home, but also critics, and for good reason.

With its flawless performance and high quality liquid silk ingredients, this lube is a notch above other water based lubes on the market and has definitely earned its spot as one of our favorites.

We hope this article has been helpful as you look for a great water based lube to add to your arsenal. Enjoy!

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  1. My husband and i are in our 60’s and have used Liquid Silk for years. I tried for years to find a lube that didn’t leave a sticky feeling. Thank you for making this product.
    We are loyal customers!

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