Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant Review

A lubricant becomes indispensable when you are in a mood for anal play or anal sex with your partner. You also require a personal lube when the naturally produced lubricant by your genitals falls short of the quantity that is required for optimal fun and satisfaction. But you know in your heart of hearts that not all lubes were created equal.


If you desire the performance of a silicone based lubricant but one that is actually water based, then you must try Liquid Silk, a water based lubricant that is creating waves in the lube market these days. If you are fed up with personal lubes that are either too sticky or create a big mess down under, this is a lube that will pleasantly surprise you with its performance.

It is a lube made by BodyWise, a company that has been in the business of making lubricants for personal use for a long time. It is the company that has given winners one after another for use of people in their bedrooms. Maximus, one of their earlier lubes, has become the most popular lubricant used by men and women all over the country. Liquid Silk, as the name suggests, is a very high-quality lubricant that feels like silk once it is applied down there.

If you are a lady experiencing dryness in your vagina for some reason, this lube has the potential to make you feel like silk down there. It is so soft and slippery that it is hard to believe there could be something as wet and soft. But this is only the beginning as it is full of natural ingredients that work to condition your skin and make it soft and baby like. Liquid Silk is perhaps one of the best when it comes to making you feel moist while having anal sex and anal play. This means you can forget any kind of irritation or dryness when you have chosen this personal lubricant.

If you have bought it after reading a Liquid Silk lubricant review, you know that your money has not gone to a waste. It is one of the few products available in the market that have received praise and admiration not only from the common people who have used it inside their bedrooms but also the critics who are not so easily impressed by personal lubes sold in the market. This is both because of the flawless performance of this lube and also because of the high quality liquid silk ingredients that make it a notch above similar products made by other companies.

Before going into the nitty-gritty’s of Liquid Silk, it is pertinent to make it clear that this is one personal lube that delivers on what it promises and holds this promise for the entire duration of the sex session, howsoever long it may be. It claims to be good at increasing the fun quotient for the user during a sex session, and this is exactly what it does. If one goes by what doctors recommend, this is a water based lubricant that is safe and gentle for vaginal as well as anal sex.

You have a true friend for your ultimate sex session that keeps you well lubricated to reduce the friction and irritation to a minimum. In fact, thousands of satisfied men and women have sung songs of praise for this lube in the form of testimonials present on various websites on the internet.

If you, for one reason or the other, feel dryness in and around your vagina and your partner insists for an intimate session in the bedroom, you have a solid companion in the shape of Liquid Silk that ensures you feel like silk down there with the magic that it creates through its application. Even with so much of moistness, you never feel tacky or gummy when you have Liquid Silk applied on and inside your vagina which is what most other lubricants do when they are applied.

If you are trying to get some fun alone with the help of sex toys and need a little bit of lubricant to feel wet and slippery down there, Liquid Silk is the lube you should go for. It has got ingredients that make it an ideal lube for use with sex toys and also with condoms. So you have a lube ready to work for you whether you are in the mood to have some fun alone or when your partner is ready to give you bodily pleasures.

Pros of Liquid Silk

  • Can be used for masturbation, play with sex toys, and sex with partner
  • Compatible with latex condoms
  • Makes genitals soft as it conditions the skin
  • Can be easily removed as it is water based
  • You can use it for body massage also
  • Feels natural as it has no aroma

Cons of Liquid Silk

  • Contains parabens that may be harmful for those having sensitive skin
  • Not suitable for oral sex as it has a bitter taste
  • Not suitable for adult toys made of silicone

If you read a Liquid Silk lubricant review, you would know that it is a very high quality personal lube that gives a very natural feeling to the users. It is very effective and prevents irritation to the user whether it is vaginal sex or anal sex. This is because of the presence of Liquid Silk ingredients that remove all dryness very quickly and make the sure feel like wet and slippery down there.

The lube comes in a very convenient bottle and all you have to do is to press at the top to get a little amount on your finger tip. Despite having a water based formula, Liquid Silk does not dry out quickly. This is what makes it the preferred choice of millions of users around the country. As there is no residue once you wash it using warm water and soap, this lube never leaves any stains on the body or the clothes.

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