How to Choose Lubricant – Silicone vs Water vs Oil

A lubricant is a lubricant, what difference does it make whether it is water based or silicone based? This is the opinion of many men and women who nevertheless acknowledge the usefulness of these products in making their sex sessions more pleasurable and exciting.

However, even though lubes sold in both these categories help in removing irritation and dryness down there during vaginal and anal sex, there are many differences between the two types of lubricants as well as their own pros and cons. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of silicone based and water based lubricants to help people take an informed decision when it comes to choosing a personal lubricant for them.

Finding the best lube for personal use during sex is based on your experience with a particular product. This is why most individuals carry out trials with different types of lubricants being sold in the market to finally settle down with one that gives them maximum pleasure and also reduces dryness to the maximum. Even though one finds hundreds of different products in the name of personal lubes being sold in the market, they are essentially divided into three different types of lubricants. These are as follows.

  1. Silicone-based lubricants
  2. Water based lubricants
  3. Oil based lubricants

The categories are self-explaining as you know the main ingredient inside a particular lubricant once you know the type to which it belongs.

Silicone-Based lubricants

Silicone based lubricants are created using silicone as the base. They are not natural in the first place and some women are allergic to silicone. So it is a good idea to try out one of these lubes to see if it is safe for you or not.

These lubes are very popular because they prove to be very long lasting. But their advantage also becomes their shortcoming as they are harder to wash away after a sex session. It is natural for a lube to leave spots on items of clothing and the bedding. In this regard, Silicone based lubricants have earned a bad name for themselves. And yes, these lubes are also more expensive than water based lubricants.

Pros of Silicone lubricants

  • They last long: As they are not made up of water, they do not dry up and also last long as natural juices of the body do not mix with them to dilute them.
  • Can be used under shower: These lubes cannot be washed away when they come in contact with water. So if it is your desire to have sex with the partner under the shower, Silicone based lubricants are the best.


  • Can break latex and other toys: Silicone contained inside these lubricants is not compatible with sex toys and condoms made of latex or silicone.
  • Difficult to clean after sex: Silicone based lubricants can leave behind stains on your items of clothing as well as bed sheets. They prove hard to be cleaned up from your body parts also.

Best Silicone Based Lubricants

Here are the 3 best silicone based lubes:

  1. Wet Platinum
  2. Astroglide
  3. Lush Personal

Water based lubricants

They are the more common and also more popular lubes among the people. They are free from silicone which means they can be safely used with latex condoms and other sex toys. They can be easily cleaned as they get dissolved in water. They give a very natural feeling of moistness down there. But some of water based lubricants contain glycerin that can cause yeast infections in some women. Being water based, many people complain that these lubes need reapplication because they dry up soon. However, one can make the applied lube active once again by placing a few drops of water or even spitting the produce a little saliva.

Pros of water based lubricants

  • Gives a natural feeling of wetness: These lubes are loved by most people because of their ability create a very natural feeling of moistness down there.
  • Can be easily cleaned: They can be washed away with warm water and soap and do not leave behind stains on body and items of clothing.
  • Do not become thick: Water based lubricants remain wet and slippery and they do not thicken during a session.


  • Get absorbed in the skin: Water based lubricants are easily absorbed by the skin where they are applied. This is the reason why one feels they have dried out and requires reapplication.
  • Cannot be used under shower: As they are water based, they get washed away easily when you are having sex with the partner under the shower.

Best Water Based Lubricants

Here are the 3 best water based lubes:

  1. Shibari Premuim
  2. Passion Lubes
  3. Paloqueth

Oil based lubricants

They are also used by some people to enhance pleasure during foreplay, oral sex, and vaginal sex. But it is the opinion of the experts that these lubes may be great for hand job but they are not safe for use with latex based condoms as condoms easily break when they come into contact with these lubricants. These lubricants are thick and create a mess as they are difficult in cleaning after a sex session.

One can go ahead and experiment with these different types of lubricants to find out their suitability and efficacy to finally find one that makes their sex sessions more enjoyable and pleasurable. Let us now confine ourselves to Silicone and water based lubricants to find out which of the two types of lubricants are better as personal lubes.

Both these lubes have different make ups chemically and they have their own pros and cons. Different people have different experiences with these two types of lubricants and choose one of them to enhance their pleasure during sex.

Best Oil Based Lubricants

Here are the three best oil based lubes:

  1. Amity Jack's
  2. Tropical Passions
  3. Astroglide O


In conclusion, it can be said that water based lubricants are more common and easier to find in the market than Silicone based lubricants. They can be used with condoms and other sex toys and also easily washed off after a sex session.

However, Silicone based lubricants are better when one has a desire to play inside bathtub or under the shower. Also, these lubes are a better option for those who have really long sex sessions.

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