Best Mattresses for Sex | Pure Comfort and Bliss | 2019 Buyer’s Guide

If you are in the market for a new mattress, you probably want something that provides a comfortable night’s sleep. But have you thought about what else you do in bed?

Sure, you want to sleep well, but what makes a good mattress for sex? Never fear, Bliss Bumble has done the research and will help you out.

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The WinkBed

Loom and Leaf


What Makes a Great Mattress for Sex?

When it comes to sleep, you’ll want a mattress that is firm enough to be supportive, but soft enough for a comfortable sleep.

You want good durability for the price. Now, when it comes to sex, there are a few more things to consider.


You’ve chosen the bed over a harder surface like a table or the floor for a reason.

Mattresses offer a springy and bouncy play area and makes each encounter a little like your own personal sex trampoline.

Now, imagine your bed had no bounce. You’ve lost half the fun. Couples agree - the most important part of a great sex mattress is bounce.


Right after bounce, you want to look at ease of movement - especially if you tend to change positions a lot during sex.

You want your mattress to be able to quickly adjust to your movements rather than sucking you back to your previous position like quicksand.

A firm and responsive mattress means that your shift and roll easily as your passion directs you.

Your bed should be your happy place.

Lack of Noise

A bit obvious, but unless you are an exhibitionist or live half a mile or more from your nearest neighbor, you probably don’t want your sexual encounters accompanied by a chorus of squeaking springs.

A quiet mattress is generally preferred so that you can hear every whimper and moan better.

Edge Support

If you like to roll all over your bed during sex and especially if you like to get creative at the edge of the bed, you want support over you entire mattress including the edges.

Squishy, weak edges can send you slipping off the mattress on to the floor or force you to stay within the center area of the mattress. What fun is that?


Both for wild rolling sex and a more comfortable sleep for both of you after, think about a larger bed.

Queen or bigger is recommended for shared sleep, but if you can spring for it, go King or even California King and enjoy getting busy on every inch.

Comfort + Bliss = GREAT Sex

Types of Mattresses and the Ideal Pick for Sex

No longer limited to innerspring, mattresses are now made in a variety of materials. Here is an overview of mattress types and how they score as great mattresses for sex.


Boing, boing, boing! Remember jumping on the bed? Of course, you do.

Those traditional innerspring mattresses have amazing bounce, responsiveness and strong edge support that is pretty much impossible to beat when you are talking about joyful, jiggly, acrobatic sex sessions.

Unfortunately, that “boing” isn’t just felt. It’s heard. Innersprings are the noisiest of the mattresses when it comes to sex.

Fortunately, newer innersprings individually wrap their and muffle most of the noise. This also helps with motion transfer so you don’t disturb your partner when trying to sleep.

Memory Foam

Great if you want to sleep like the dead, memory foam is less great when it comes to sex.

Generally, it scores the lowest of all mattress types for bounce and as it is designed to mold to your body, it is has very low responsiveness as well which is good for undisturbed sleep, but less great for sex.

If you have ever been on top on a memory foam bed, you know it is a little like trying to keep your position in quicksand. The foam sucks you right in.

On the plus side, it is very quiet and if some higher end models have good edge support, but less expensive models are likely to flop you right on the floor.

Another thing to keep in mind with foam is that it can be heat and moisture trapping. Look for gel-infused foam if you tend to sleep hot.

Which mattress is juuuust right?


Quiet and big on bounce, latex is also a very responsive mattress for sex.

It gives you a lot of the body conforming comfort of a memory foam mattress with the springy qualities you are probably used to with a traditional innerspring.

Edge support varys again based on the design and quality of the mattress. Latex is generally cooler than foam.


Fortunately, hybrid mattresses do exist. Many models have an innerspring bounce with a latex or memory foam layer for comfort and quietness. Could you get the best of all possible worlds in your mattress? Read our individual reviews and find out.

Review of the Best Mattresses For Sex

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular mattresses on the internet and reviewed them to see which makes the best mattress for sex.

1. Saatva

The Saatva mattress is an innerspring design with a ‘coil on coil’ construction.

This means that the lower coils are attached the base frame, while the second layer of coils are individually wrapped.

The perimeter of the bed is encased in foam for superior edge support. The mattress is topped off with a thin layer of memory foam and an organic cotton cover.

Mattresses are available is both 11.5" Custom Slim and 14.5" Premier Luxury heights in all sizes through California King.


  • Good edge support
  • Innerspring bounce
  • Comfy memory foam layer


  • Some motion transfer

Bottom Line

The Saatva mattress has a lot to offer. With reinforced edge and a memory foam layer that adds extra comfort, it is an improvement on the traditional innerspring feel without compromising responsiveness or bounce.  

If you share your bed with a restless partner though, it may not be the best choice for sleep despite its best efforts reduce motion transfer, it give you about as good a collateral jostle as your average innerspring.

2. The Sapira Mattress by Leesa

Sapira is a sneaky hybrid mattress. The Original Leesa Mattress uses three layers of foam (responsive, memory and dense core) to create a bouncy, comfy and supportive sleep and sex surface.

Sapria takes this model and tucks individually-wrapped 6” coils inside its supporting core layer. This adds even more bounce to the bed without adding noise.

The responsive foam top layer also claims to have excellent responsiveness as well as providing a cooler sleep experience than regular memory foam. This mattress is 11” high and available through California King size.


  • Very responsive
  • Innerspring bounce
  • Comfy memory foam layer
  • Better edge support that the original Leesa because of the coils


  • Some motion transfer
  • Might be too firm for side sleepers

Bottom Line

The original Leesa was iffy on edge support, but this is much improved with the Sapira’s hybrid coil system.

There’s really nothing not to like about this mattress in terms of it being great for sex. It’s everything a hybrid mattress should be: bouncy, responsive, comfy, supportive while being quiet and low on motion transfer.

Add the environmentally conscious CertiPUR-US and it may have a slight-edge over some other innerspring-memory foam options.

3. The WinkBed

I might need a science degree for this one because WinkBed is some technologically advanced sleep science if I have ever seen it.

The design starts with a layer of individually-wrapped coils arranged in different zones of compression for targeted support.

Next, is a layer of “Micro Airsprings” which allow maximum airflow through the mattress reducing moisture. On top is a euro-pillowtop of gel-infused Hypersoft Foam the draws heat away.

Finally, it’s covered in Tencel, a natural performance fabric which is soft, cool and heat wicking. Edges are reinforced with “Extra-Edge Anti-Sag Support”.

The effort gone into making it a cool and breathable mattress is impressive and probably worthwhile for both sweaty sleepers and even sweatier sex.

It is 15” thick, has sizes up to California King and comes in four customized firmness options including “Plus” for heavier weight ranges.


  • Very responsive
  • Innerspring bounce
  • Cooler gel-infused memory foam layer
  • Extra edge support
  • Different firmness options for all types of sleepers


  • Some motion transfer
  • Might be too firm for side sleepers

Bottom Line

This mattress is the king of hybrids. Smart and comfortable, it ticks all the boxes for bounce, responsiveness, edge support and has the added bonus of 4 different firmness options to get you the right amount of support for your sleep habits.

WinkBed’s trial, return and replacement policy is as luxurious as the mattress itself. It comes with an amazing lifetime warranty. Get this bed and get busy already.

4. Loom and Leaf

Moving out of the land of hybrids, Loom and Leaf is an all memory foam mattress comparable to the game-changing Tempur-pedic mattress.

It’s made of a layer of breathable support foam; followed by naturally cool, premium memory foam; and topped with an exclusive “Spinal Zone” gel layer that is both cool and supportive.

The exterior of the mattress is organic cotton. Loom and Leaf comes in “Relaxed-Firm” and “Firm” and performs as one would expect from memory foam.

The surface is soft and sinking, low both in bounce and responsiveness, with almost no motion transfer. The edges are soft as is typical as well, though L&L’s are better than average for this material.

The mattress is 12” think and available in all sizes up to California King.


  • Low motion transfer
  • Two firmness options
  • Cooling memory foam
  • Better than average edge support for a foam mattress


  • Low bounce
  • Low responsiveness

​​​​​Bottom Line

This mattress is going to be great for sleep but probably less great for sex. All the things that make memory foam superior for a night’s rest, also have your knees sinking deep into the mattress and position changes slow and challenging.

If you are one position people and/or prioritize a superior sleep over sex when mattress shopping, this is still a great choice. Explore other surfaces in your house for sex and afterwards, sleep like a baby.

5. Avocado

The only greener sleep than an Avocado mattress might be sleeping out on the actual heather.

On the bottom, their mattress is comprised of individually-wrapped coils with 3 different zones of support with a reinforced perimeter.

On top of the coils is 100% natural Dunlop latex that is sustainably sourced.

Finally, there is a hand-tufted layer of antimicrobial, moisture-wicking New Zealand Joma Wool (Vegan option is available) and a cover of organic cotton.

This mattress is 13” thick, GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment and comes in all sizes up to California King. Pillow-top available.


  • Very responsive
  • Comfy latex layer
  • Extra edge support
  • Natural/Green construction
  • Very bouncy due to both innersprings and latex


  • Some motion transfer
  • Might be too firm for lightweight sleepers

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a hybrid that includes innersprings and latex or are very concerned about exposure to chemicals, Avocado provides a great alternative.

This mattress performs well in terms of the much wanted bounce and responsiveness while still providing edge support and excellent comfort.

Beautifully crafted and conscientiously made, the Avocado mattress will make you want to go native.


We hope this overview of what makes a mattress great for sex was helpful and that you have a few ideas now about what brands to look into for sleep and play.

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