Best Sex Pillows of 2019 | Full Buyer’s Guide Review

If you have not yet heard of sex pillows, your bedroom is about to get a whole lot spicier.

Sex pillows, otherwise known as sex wedges, should be considered an essential aspect of every person’s sex toy collection. 

Read on to learn more about sex pillows and what kinds of sex pillows will work best to create your dream erotic experience.

Comparison Chart of the Best Sex Pillows


Our Rating


Adam & Eve Inflatable Position Pillow

Liberator Sex Position Wedge

Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master

Benefits of Using Sex Wedges

You may be thinking “wait…there are pillows specifically designed to enhance sexual activities?

How are these pillows any different from your regular, run of the mill bedroom pillows?”

Here’s the thing: once you start experimenting with sex pillows and sex wedges, you will never want to go back. It will take your bedroom antics to the next level.

You never quite realize how uncomfortable many typical sexual positions can be until you start using a sex wedge, and then you realize how much that extra support can really be a game changer.

In addition, a sex wedge can make certain activities, such as oral sex on a female partner, more pleasurable because the wedge can open up previously unexplored angles.

Features of the Best Sex Pillows

So what makes a sex pillow more effective than a regular pillow, anyway?

There are several key features you will want to watch out for when shopping for sex pillows to up your bedroom ante.

Sex pillows are also called sex wedges because they most often come with a wedge shape, which is definitely something you will want as it provides interesting inclines, which opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Additionally, you will want a sex pillow that is sufficiently solid, as you will be using it to provide some extra support during more vigorous activity.

In that sense, your sex pillow likely may not look or feel like a typical soft, squishy pillow…but that does not mean it can’t also be comfortable!

A key feature of the best sex pillows is their smooth surfaces that are soft to the touch and designed to not distract from either partner while in use.

How will you use your pillow?

Review of the Best Sex Pillows

Enough hearing about sex pillows – let’s actually go look at some!

We will be reviewing a plethora of products, designed for all types of users, so you can find what sex pillow will work best for your own experience and needs.  

1. Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow

The Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow is an inflatable sex pillow that will allow you to maneuver into positions you never thought were possible before!

The best quality of this pillow is its ability to inflate and deflate – this means not only is this pillow super portable and discreet to transport, but it also has some flexibility in size and shape.

This flexibility in the pillow translates into flexibility for both you and your partner – you both won’t be able to believe the amount of new positions you can accomplish with the Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow.


  • Soft texture
  • Great for oral sex enhancement
  • Can withstand a high amount of pressure
  • Handles on the sides add elements of versatility
  • Inflatable quality provides some flexibility in positioning and use


  • Difficult to inflate
  • Does not hold air for very long

Bottom Line

The Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow is great for those who are trying out using sex pillows for the first time and are not sure they want to commit to a full pillow purchase. It does lose air over time, so make sure you use it quickly – not that you will be able to wait for very long.

2. Liberator Sex Position Wedge

The Liberator Sex Position Wedge from Lovehoney is excellent for those looking to explore using a sex pillow.

It is soft yet solid, and comes with a detachable cover that is easily cleaned.

The 27 degree angle provides for some solid new position experimentation – both male and female users report that this pillow has completely revolutionized the missionary position, as well as their experiences with oral sex.

This Liberator Sex Position Wedge will shake up your sex life for the better!



  • Versatile
  • Solid, firm feeling
  • Smooth, non-slip material
  • Comes with instructional diagram for use
  • Detachable cover, machine washable so very easy to clean


  • Cover will shrink slightly after the first wash
  • Large, a little difficult and bulky to hide when storing

Bottom Line

The Liberator Sex Position Wedge from Lovehoney is an awesome experience for all users. Be mindful of storage and cleaning for this wedge, but otherwise, full steam ahead – enjoy the orgasms to come!

3. Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion

The Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion gives you two for the price of one when you buy this sex pillow.

One side of the cushion is flat, providing you with steady, solid support for more complex (or vigorous!) positions.

The other side is curved, meaning that if you set the cushion on the curve before you lean into it, it will provide a rocking motion that will help enhance you and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

The microsuede provides a soft, non-distracting sensation, and soon you’ll be experiencing orgasms like never before with the Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion!


  • Small and easy to store
  • Rocking leads to intense G-spot orgasms
  • Washable microsuede cover
  • Moisture resistant liner, will withstand any bodily fluids or lubricants
  • Two different sides provide two different angles for multiple uses in various positions


  • Microsuede cover attracts lint and requires frequent cleaning

Bottom Line

The Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion is a great sex pillow for those looking to take their bedroom experiences to the next level. Just make sure you make time to clean the cover often and you will be nothing less than satisfied.

4. Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

The Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow from Lovehoney is a fantastic way to combine two different bedroom essentials: sex pillows and sex toys.

The Humphrey comes with a built-in toy mount that can fit all different sizes of vibrators, bullets, wands, or whatever else your heart may desire.

It is lengthy, so it can be used with two partners at once, and its flexibility makes it easy to use in a variety of different settings, whether alone or with your partner.

It is light and squishes up easily for convenient transportation as well.


  • Flexible
  • Easy to use
  • As lightweight as a typical pillow
  • Good for both solo and partner play
  • Accommodates all different types of toys


  • Not as solid as other models

Bottom Line

If you are looking for solid support, you may be better off purchasing some sort of wedge pillow, as opposed to the Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow.

But if you’re looking to incorporate sex toys into your sex pillow experience, you can’t go wrong with the Liberator Humphrey.

5. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master

The Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master is a fun, flexible, inflatable sex pillow that will take your bedroom game to the next level!

This sex pillow can be easily inflated or deflated to provide a rigid surface for more support, or something that is slightly more flexible for experimenting with different positions.

It is an excellent addition to any couple’s repertoire of bedroom toys and is extremely comfortable to handle, with its velvet finish and side handles for increased manipulation.



  • Velvety touch
  • Easy to inflate, deflate, and store
  • Has handles for easy manipulation
  • Lasts a long time, does not break or burst
  • Inflatable nature provides inherent flexibility


  • Takes a long time to inflate

Bottom Line

The Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master is the market leader in inflatable sex pillows.

The only drawback is it can take a while to inflate, so you may want to plan ahead for its use instead of taking a pause to inflate it in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, this sex pillow is a solid investment!

How to Use a Sex Pillow

Now that you are a bit more familiar with the concept of sex pillows and some of the most striking examples of sex pillows from today’s competitive sex toy market, you are ready to learn more about the actual use of sex pillows:

Missionary: while in missionary position, sex pillows are ideal to be placed under the female partner to provide some extra lift. This angle will create enhanced stimulation for both partners, as the man will be able to penetrate more deeply

Doggy style: a sex pillow placed underneath the female partner will provide resistance to the natural sliding forward that often accompanies a vigorous doggy style. This will provide for stronger thrusts and enhanced sensations all around.

Oral sex: for both men and women, oral sex can often result in neck cramps. Placing a sex pillow under the recipient will make it easier to perform oral sex as the angle is more conducive.


Sex pillows are a great investment for anyone looking to take their bedroom experiences to the next level.

Sex pillows and wedges can be particularly helpful for long-term couples who want to add a new layer to their sex life.

Check out the sex pillows described above and get ready to orgasm in a whole new way!

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