Pre Seed Lubricant Review

If you are desirous of becoming a mom, there are many things that you can do and add to your diet to increase your chances of conception. Pre-seed is a very popular lubricant used by such women. It is not only a lubricant that removes vaginal dryness but also helps the lady in becoming pregnant. 

This is because it does not cause any harm to the sperms. This dual purpose product lubricates the vagina from inside and outside and its formulation is such that it mimics fertility fluids produced by the body. Out of the several fertility increasing lubricants available in the market, it is Start Pre-seed that enjoys the highest popularity among women and couples.

Why is Pre Seed Lubricant so popular?

Women who are desperate to become pregnant try to stay away from lubricants. This is because most of the lubricants contain petrochemicals that can potentially cause harm to sperms, thus leading to problems in conception.

But what makes Pre-Seed so popular among ladies is that it is fertility friendly and also because it feels totally natural. Most of the users say they do not feel anything artificial when using this high-quality lubricant during an intimate sex session with their partners.

Main features of Pre-Seed lubricant

  • Specially made to help couples in conception
  • Mimics body’s own fertile fluids
  • Gives a very natural feeling
  • Causes no harm to sperms
  • Plant-based lubricant with no side effects

Pros and cons of Pre-Seed


  1. Cleared by FDA

A lubricant becomes necessary for couples who are desperate for conception as virginal dryness does not allow them to copulate often. Baby Start Pre-Seed is the first lubricant for vaginal use that has been cleared by the FDA for its safety. It is sperm friendly and this has been proved beyond doubt through actual testing.

  1. Prepared by gynecologists

The formulation of Baby Start Pre-Seed has been prepared by scientists after years of research and hard work. They have come up with a formula that mimics fertility fluids produced by the body on its own. This lubricant is pH balanced which means that it does not cause any harm to the sperms.

  1. Tested by fertility clinics

Most doctors advise against using lubricants to couples who are trying hard to conceive. But this is not the cased with Baby Start Pre-Seed lubricant. Not only has this formulation been developed by female physiologists but also tested thoroughly by fertility clinics spread across the country. These clinics have found that this lubricant when applied regularly to overcome vaginal dryness, lead to conception in cases of couples that were desperate for it.

  1. Amazingly slippery

There are many couples who feel that this is a product strictly for the use of those trying to conceive. They think that it may not be as slippery as other lubricants being sold in the market. However, the truth is that Baby Start Pre-Seed is not only fertility friendly; it is as slippery as some of the best lubricants being used by women for vaginal dryness.

  1. Feels 100% natural

There are many couples who feel that it is a sperm friendly and fertility friendly lubricant, it is not as slippery and effective for vaginal dryness as other top brands. But the truth is that this product mimics the body’s own fertility fluids and thus feels absolutely natural. In fact, Baby Start Pre-Seed becomes a favorite for all those couples who try it once as they say that they do not feel they have used anything artificial for wetness.


Pre-Seed is only a lubricant with an additional feature of being sperm friendly. However, it does not guarantee that a woman will definitely become pregnant by using this lubricant. Therefore, it is a folly to blame this product for one’s inability to conceive.


Pre-Seed is first of its kind lubricant being sold in the market. It is surely recommended for couples trying hard to conceive even though it is equally good for proud parents. It is also one of the very few lubricants that have been cleared by the FDA. Buy Baby Start Pre-seed today if you want to increase your chances of conception.

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