Essential features of Anal Lubes

Lubricants or anal lubes are today a must for every couple that intends to make its sex session more thrilling and pleasurable. Even otherwise, a good quality lubricant is a very good choice for all couples to spice up their sex lives.

These lubes come in all sorts of flavors from vanilla and coffee to butterscotch and strawberry to make the mood of the partner so that he or she readily gives in to your demand of anal play or anal sex. Let us find out what are the features that are desired by couples in their anal lubes.


This is the primary requirement of all couples who intend to feel the unexplored region during their sex session. It is a fact that the lubrication produced by the penis of a man is often not sufficient to make the inside and outside of the anus of the female partner wet to be able to take in the hard penis easily. Remember that the lubricant should keep the anus wet but not sticky as no one likes to have a sticky feeling down there.


The anal lube should be slippery once it has been applied on the anus and the penis. This means that your hands should glide over the penis and the anus without any friction. The lube should be able to mimic the leather foam of a soap that makes the body very slippery when it is applied to it.


A lube should be creamy to give a silky feeling to the area over which it has been applied. The creamier it is the better and more enjoyable anal play and anal sex become for both partners.


This is the foremost requirement of all kinds of lubes. They should be completely transparent so that they remain invisible after application. A transparent lubricant does not interfere in any way and helps in enhancing the pleasure during anal sex.


A good quality lube should not have any bad smell coming out from it once it has been applied over the penis and the anus. Instead, it should have a mesmerizing fragrance to make the couple feel good when they are exploring each others body, especially the unexplored region.

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In addition to these basic features, there are many more features that are desirable for an anal lubricant depending upon the liking and the requirement of a couple. 

Also, there are some fragrances that are intoxicating for a woman and she becomes turned on when her man applies them on his body. A man should find out the fragrance loved by his female partner and buy the anal lube accordingly to make his sex session more thrilling and fun filled. It only takes the application of a right lubricant to allow both partners to enjoy anal play and anal sex.

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  1. “if the woman experiences discomfort or pain when her partner tries to penetrate from behind, the lube should be able to desensitize her anal region”
    no, No, NO!
    Telling people to use a desensitizing lube is very bad advice.
    If your partner feels pain then you are doing something wrong.
    Stop what you are doing immediately!!!

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